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Oracle Certification training in Delhi-NCR - Top institutes with Course Fees

List of 84+ Oracle Certification training institutes located near to you in Delhi-NCR on July 23, 2019. Get access to training curriculum, course fees, contact phone numbers and students reviews.


Uttam Nagar, Delhi-NCR


Best Oracle Certification training in Delhi-NCR
Selecom Technology at Uttam Nagar - 	computer lab photo_14746 Selecom Technology at Uttam Nagar -  class room photo_14745 
Address: B-2, first floor,kiran garden ,uttam nagar B-2, first floor,kiran garden ,uttam nagar Delhi-NCR-110059

We feel proud to introduce ourselves as Selecom Technology a group of highly qualified professionals in the field of IT Education, IT Solution, Database Administration, Mobile Application Development. Selecom Technology classes are Oracle Certification, Oracle Developer OCA, Oracle DBA OCP, Oracle DBA OCA course fees.
Sector 2, Delhi-NCR


Best Oracle Certification training in Delhi-NCR
Croma Campus - Noida at Sector 2 - institute name board	 photo_18859 Croma Campus - Noida at Sector 2 - class room	 photo_8464 
Address: E-20, DSC Marg, Sector 3, Near Sector 16 Metro Station, Block E, Sector 3, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301

Croma Campus is an ISO 9001-2008 certified Training Organization run by highly technical qualified PROFESSIONALS associated with various Top Level MNCs having 15+ years of experience. Croma Campus - Noida classes are Oracle Certification, Oracle DBA OCA, Oracle Developer OCM, Oracle Developer OCA course fees.
Preet Vihar, Delhi-NCR


Best Oracle Certification training in Delhi-NCR
ENN TECHNOLOGIES at Preet Vihar -  photo_19837 
Address: F- 12 Preet vihar , metro gate no 2, near ICICI bank , Delhi 110092

ENN TECHNOLOGIES classes are Oracle Certificatio course fees.
Delhi Central, Delhi-NCR
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Best Oracle Certification training in Delhi-NCR
P2P System at Delhi Central - class room	 photo_18487 
Address: 4th Floor CDR Complex Delhi City

P2P System classes are Oracle Certification, Oracle Developer OCP, Oracle DBA OCA, Oracle DBA OCP course fees.
Vikas Puri, Delhi-NCR


Best Oracle Certification training in Delhi-NCR
ROOMAN TECHNOLOGIES at Vikas Puri - center entrance photo_18950 ROOMAN TECHNOLOGIES at Vikas Puri - class room	 photo_18949 

Rooman was established in 2000 and it is a premier IT Training company, which has been voted as India's No.1 in Networking and Internet Security with countless international tie-ups. ROOMAN TECHNOLOGIES classes are Oracle Certification, Oracle DBA OCA, Oracle DBA OCM, Oracle Developer OCP course fees.
Mayur Vihar, Delhi-NCR
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Best Oracle Certification training in Delhi-NCR
Address: D-58, Sector-2, Red FM Lane, Mayur Vihar

CETPA Infotech Pvt. Ltd. classes are Oracle Certification, Oracle DBA OCA, Oracle DBA OCM, Oracle Developer OCM course fees.
Rohini, Delhi-NCR
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training institute

bytepillar classes are Oracle Certification, Oracle DBA OCP, Oracle DBA OCM, Oracle Developer OCP course fees.
Preet Vihar, Delhi-NCR


training institute

ENN TECHNOLOGIES classes are Oracle Certification, Oracle DBA OCA, Oracle Developer OCM, Oracle Developer OCP course fees.
Kalkaji, Delhi-NCR


training institute
Address: B29,Second Floor,Kalkaji New Delhi - 110019, India

DBA Lounge was founded in 2012 by IT professionals with the purpose of providing high quality and value accretive services to clients. We are specialist in Oracle technologies. DBALOUNGE classes are Oracle Certification, Oracle Developer OCM, Oracle Developer OCA, Oracle DBA OCM course fees.
Dwarka, Delhi-NCR
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training institute

Aptech LEARNING Dwarka classes are Oracle Certification, Oracle DBA OCP, Oracle DBA OCM, Oracle Developer OCM course fees.
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Reviews and Complaints of Oracle Certification training in delhi-ncr

Below are list of Oracle Certification placement training reviews for institutes offering Oracle Certification training in delhi-ncr, and best Oracle Certification training centers in delhi-ncr.

Devadath 3 Star Rating: Good Training(3-Good Training)
Getting trained in institute is has developed my skills in Oracle Certification. I would like to thank for the good coaching. Thaks Devadath from Delhi-NCR
Institute reviewed : Gautsni Educare



Course content & topics of Oracle Certification Training in delhi-ncr

Oracle Certification course content and key topics covered in delhi-ncr may vary from one training institute to another training provider . However our Oracle Certification course training experts delhi-ncr has identifed the list of topics which helps job oriented course training and most of the course content are focused on Oracle Certification placement training course training. The Oracle Certification course syllabus covers basic to advanced level course contents which is used by most of Oracle Certification training classes in delhi-ncr.


I.Introduction to Oracle Database
1.List the features of Oracle Database 11g
2.Discuss the basic design, theoretical, and physical aspects of a relational database
3.Categorize the different types of SQL statements
4.Describe the data set used by the course
5.Log on to the database using SQL Developer environment
6.Save queries to files and use script files in SQL Developer

II.Retrieve Data using the SQL SELECT Statement
1.List the capabilities of SQL SELECT statements
2.Generate a report of data from the output of a basic SELECT statement
3.Select All Columns
4.Select Specific Columns
5.Use Column Heading Defaults
6.Use Arithmetic Operators
7.Understand Operator Precedence
8.Learn the DESCRIBE command to display the table structure

III.Learn to Restrict and Sort Data
1.Write queries that contain a WHERE clause to limit the output retrieved
2.List the comparison operators and logical operators that are used in a WHERE clause
3.Describe the rules of precedence for comparison and logical operators
4.Use character string literals in the WHERE clause
5.Write queries that contain an ORDER BY clause to sort the output of a SELECT statement
6.Sort output in descending and ascending order

IV.Usage of Single-Row Functions to Customize Output
1.Describe the differences between single row and multiple row functions
2.Manipulate strings with character function in the SELECT and WHERE clauses
3.Manipulate numbers with the ROUND, TRUNC, and MOD functions
4.Perform arithmetic with date data
5.Manipulate dates with the DATE functions

V.Invoke Conversion Functions and Conditional Expressions
1.Describe implicit and explicit data type conversion
2.Use the TOCHAR, TONUMBER, and TODATE conversion functions
3.Nest multiple functions
4.Apply the NVL, NULLIF, and COALESCE functions to data
5.Use conditional IF THEN ELSE logic in a SELECT statement

VI. Aggregate Data Using the Group Functions
1.Use the aggregation functions in SELECT statements to produce meaningful reports
2.Divide the data in groups by using the GROUP BY clause
3.Exclude groups of date by using the HAVING clause

VII.Display Data From Multiple Tables Using Joins
1.Write SELECT statements to access data from more than one table
2.View data that generally does not meet a join condition by using outer joins
3.Join a table by using a self join

VIII.Use Subqueries to Solve Queries
1.Describe the types of problem that subqueries can solve
2.Define subqueries
3.List the types of subqueries
4.Write singlerow and multiplerow subqueries

IX.The SET Operators
1.Describe the SET operators
2.Use a SET operator to combine multiple queries into a single query
3.Control the order of rows returned

X.Data Manipulation Statements
1.Describe each DML statement
2.Insert rows into a table
3.Change rows in a table by the UPDATE statement
4.Delete rows from a table with the DELETE statement
5.Save and discard changes with the COMMIT and ROLLBACK statements
6.Explain read consistency

XI.Use of DDL Statements to Create and Manage Tables
1.Categorize the main database objects
2.Review the table structure
3.List the data types available for columns
4.Create a simple table
5.Decipher how constraints can be created at table creation
6.Describe how schema objects work

XII.Other Schema Objects
1.Create a simple and complex view
2.Retrieve data from views
3.Create, maintain, and use sequences
4.Create and maintain indexes
5.Create private and public synonyms

XIII.Control User Access
1.Differentiate system privileges from object privileges
2.Create Users
3.Grant System Privileges
4.Create and Grant Privileges to a Role
5.Change Your Password
6.Grant Object Privileges
7.How to pass on privileges
8.Revoke Object Privileges

XIV.Management of Schema Objects
1.Add, Modify and Drop a Column
2.Add, Drop and Defer a Constraint
3.How to enable and disable a Constraint
4.Create and Remove Indexes
5.Create a Function-Based Index
6.Perform Flashback Operations
7.Create an External Table by Using ORACLELOADER and by Using ORACLEDATAPUMP
8.Query External Tables

XV.Manage Objects with Data Dictionary Views
1.Explain the data dictionary
2.Use the Dictionary Views
4.Table and Column Information
5.Query the dictionary views for constraint information
6.Query the dictionary views for view, sequence, index and synonym information
7.Add a comment to a table
8.Query the dictionary views for comment information

XVI.Manipulate Large Data Sets
1.Use Subqueries to Manipulate Data
2.Retrieve Data Using a Subquery as Source
3.Insert Using a Subquery as a Target
4.Usage of the WITH CHECK OPTION Keyword on DML Statements
5.List the types of Multitable INSERT Statements
6.Use Multitable INSERT Statements
7.Merge rows in a table
8.Track Changes in Data over a period of time

XVII.Data Management in Different Time Zones
1.Time Zones
3.Compare Date and Time in a Session’s Time Zone
5.Difference between DATE and TIMESTAMP
6.INTERVAL Data Types

XVIII.Retrieve Data Using Subqueries
1.Multiple Column Subqueries
2.Pairwise and Nonpairwise Comparison
3.Scalar Subquery Expressions
4.Solve problems with Correlated Subqueries
5.Update and Delete Rows Using Correlated Subqueries
6.The EXISTS and NOT EXISTS operators
7.Invoke the WITH clause
8.The Recursive WITH clause

XIX.Regular Expression Support
1.Use the Regular Expressions Functions and Conditions in SQL
2.Use Meta Characters with Regular Expressions
3.Perform a Basic Search using the REGEXPLIKE function
4.Find patterns using the REGEXPINSTR function
5.Extract Substrings using the REGEXPSUBSTR function
6.Replace Patterns Using the REGEXPREPLACE function
7.Usage of Sub-Expressions with Regular Expression Support
8.Implement the REGEXPCOUNT function



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