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Top Accounting & Finance course training providers in Jaipur

List of 39+ best Accounting & Finance course training centers located near to you in Jaipur with course curriculum, training fees, contact phone numbers and students reviews on January 22, 2022


Gopalpura, Jaipur


Best Accounting & Finance training in Jaipur
Samyak Computer Classes at Gopalpura - institute name board photo_22807 Samyak Computer Classes at Gopalpura - institute name board photo_22804 
Address: 5A-5B, 2nd Floor, Gautam Marg, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur - 302021

Samyak Computer Classes - + Branches Worldwide is started in year , with the sole aim of providing end-to-end IT solutions and integration services through a unique onshore and offshore delivery model. Samyak Computer Classes classes are Accounting & Finance, IFRS-International Financial Reporting Standards, CFP - Certified Financial Planner, CFA - Chartered Financial Analyst course fees.
Gopalpura, Jaipur
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training institute
Nice College at Gopalpura - 	institute name board photo_24759 

Nice College classes are Accounting & Finance, MYOB Accounting, Quickbooks, ACCA course fees.
Gopalpura, Jaipur
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training institute

Techno Globe classes are Accounting & Finance, Taxation course, CFA - Chartered Financial Analyst, Accounting Course course fees.
Sanganer, Jaipur
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training institute
DM Engineers at Sanganer - institute name board photo_22744 DM Engineers at Sanganer - institute name board photo_22743 

DM Engineers classes are Accounting & Finance, ACCA, MYOB Accounting, CIMA Certification course fees.
Gopalpura, Jaipur
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training institute

Indian Digital Academy of Skills classes are Accounting & Finance, Certified internal auditor (CIA), Accounting Course, Goods & Service Tax (GST) course fees.
Vaishalinagar, Jaipur
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training institute

TECHNOGLOBE INSTITUTE classes are Accounting & Finance, Peach Tree, Quickbooks, Financial Advisor course fees.
Jhotwara Road, Jaipur
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training institute

SHREE RAM TALLY ACADEMY classes are Accounting & Finance, Financial Training Course, Accounting Course course fees.
Amba Bari, Jaipur
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training institute
ICTI at Amba Bari - 	institute name board photo_21705 
Address: S-63, Second Floor, Agarsen Tower, Centeral Spine, Vidyadhar Nagar, Jaipur Amba Bari Jaipur-302039

ICTI classes are Accounting & Finance, ACCA, Investment Banking, Goods & Service Tax (GST) course fees.
Mansarovar, Jaipur
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training institute
DAAC at Mansarovar - 	training room photo_21032 DAAC at Mansarovar - computer lab photo_21030 
Address: 104 / 75, Second Floor, Near Harishanker Dhaba, Vijay Path, Mansarovar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302020

DAAC classes are Accounting & Finance, Financial Advisor, Financial Market, Peach Tree course fees.
Shastri Nagar, Jaipur
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training institute
Address: 37 Ram Nagar Shopping Center Kawantiya Circle Near Apollo Pharmacy Shastri Nagar, Jaipur - 302016

AIT COMPUTER INSTITUTE classes are Accounting & Finance, CIIA - Certified International Investment Analyst, CFP - Certified Financial Planner, Peach Tree course fees.
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Course content & topics of Accounting & Finance Training in jaipur

Accounting & Finance course content and key topics covered in jaipur may vary from one training institute to another training provider . However our Accounting & Finance course training experts jaipur has identifed the list of topics which helps job oriented course training and most of the course content are focused on Accounting & Finance placement training course training. The Accounting & Finance course syllabus covers basic to advanced level course contents which is used by most of Accounting & Finance training classes in jaipur.


Module 1- Financial Accounting – An Introduction: Introduction , Meaning of Accountancy, book-keeping and Accounting , Accounting Process, Objectives for accounting , Differences between book-keeping and accounting Users of accounting information , Limitations of Accounting , Basic terminologies

Module 2- Accounting Concepts, Principles, Bases and Policies: Introduction , Accounting Concepts, Principles, Policies and Standards, Types of accounting concepts - Business Separate entity concept - Going concern concept - Money measurement concept - Periodicity concept - Accrual concept, Accounting Principles - Principle of Income recognition - Principle of expense - Principle of matching cost and revenue - Principle of Historical costs - Principle of full disclosure - Double aspect principle - Modifying Principle - Principle of materiality - Principle of consistency - Principle of conservatism or prudence, Accounting Policies - Changes in Accounting Policies - Disclosure in case of changes in Accounting Policies, Accounting Standards - Scope and functions of Accounting Standards Board - International Financial Reporting System

Module 3- Double Entry Accounting: Introduction , Meaning of double entry accounting, Classification of accounts under Traditional approach, Classification of accounts under Accounting Equation approach, Comparison of traditional approach with Modern approach equal approach, Accounting Trail , Transactions and events , Meaning and roles of debit and credit , Accounting equation

Module 4- Secondary Books: Introduction , Secondary books , Purchases Book/Purchases Day book - Cash discount, Trade discount - Difference between cash discount and trade discount, Sales Book or Sales Day book - Purchase Returns Book - Sales Returns Book, Bills receivable book - Bills payable book - Cash book , Posting to Ledger accounts Posting to Ledger

Module 5-Trial Balance: Introduction , Meaning , Objectives of preparing a trial balance , Methods of preparing a trial balance, Preparation of Trial balance, Adjusting Entries , Errors and their rectification, Errors disclosed by Trial Balance , Errors not disclosed by Trial Balance , Steps to locate the errors

Module 6- Final Accounts: Introduction , Adjustments before preparing final accounts , Depreciation , Bad Debts and accounting treatment of bad debts , Provision for doubtful debts , Reserves for Discount on Debtors , Reserve for Discount on Creditors , Closing Stock, Trading Account , Profit and Loss Account, Balance Sheet

Module 7- Introduction to Management Accounting: Introduction, Meaning of Management accounting ,The Role of Management Accounting , Management Accounting Framework , Functions of Management Accounting ,Tools of Management Accounting ,The Balanced Scorecard , Cost Management System , Value Added Concept , Merits of Management Accounting , Demerits of Management Accounting , Distinction between Management Accounting and Financial Accounting

Module 8- Financial Statement Analysis: Introduction , Meaning of Ratio , Steps in Ratio Analysis ,Classification of Ratios , Du Pont Chart , Solved Problems , Advantages of Ratio Analysis , Limitation of Ratio analysis

Module 9-Funds Flow Analysis: Introduction, Meaning of Funds Flow Statement, Ascertainment of flow of funds, Technique of preparing funds flow statement, Schedule of Changes in Working Capital, Adjusted Profit and Loss account, Funds Flow Statement

Module 10- Cash Flow Analysis: Introduction, Meaning of Cash Flow Statement , Purpose of Cash Flow Statement , Preparation of Cash Flow Statement , Format of Cash Flow Statement (AS3: Revised Method) , Cash Flow from Operating Activities , Cash Flow Statement under Direct Method , Different between Cash Flow Analysis and Fund Flow Analysis, Uses of Cash Flow Statement

Module 11-Understanding Cost: Introduction, Meaning of Cost, Objective of Costing, Methods of Costing, Technique of Costing, Classification of Cost, Elements of Cost, Statement of Cost Sheet, Solved Problems

Module 12- Marginal Costing and Break Even Analysis: Introduction , Concept of Marginal Costing , Characteristics of Marginal Costing , Difference between Absorption Costing and Marginal Costing , Marginal Cost, Contribution , Cost Volume Profit (CVP) Analysis , Break Even Chart , Break Even Point, Profit Volume ratio or MCSR , Target profit , Margin of Safety , Application of Marginal cost , Limitations of Marginal cost , Solved Problems

Module 13- Decisions Involving Alternative Choices: Introduction, Decision Making, Types of Costs, Types of Choices Decisions, Make or Buy Decisions, Addition / Discontinuance of a Product line, Sell or Process Further, Operate or Shut down, Exploring New Markets, Maintaining a desired level of profit

Module 14- Budgetary Control: Introduction , Meaning of a Budget , Budgetary control , Objectives of budgetary control , Merits of budgetary control, Essential features of Budgetary Control , Steps in budgetary Control , Types of Budgets , Cast Budget , Flexible Budget , Limitation of Budget Control

Module 15- Standard Costing: Introduction , Definition of Standard Costing, Meaning, Difference between Standard cost and Budgetary Control, Establishment of standards, Variance analysis, Material cost variance, Material price variance, Material usage variance , Material Mix variance, Material Yield variance, Direct labor variance, Labor Efficiency Variance, Labor Rate variance, Labor mix variance, Labor Yield Variance



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