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Shlok Institute,Khadki Pune



Address : 185 Old bazaar Khadki Pune-3 ,Near police station

Location : Khadki - Pune

Postal Code : 411003

Phone :9595610311

Enquiry (24/7):80941 56781


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Learn selenium just in Hrs

Specially designed Week-end Course for Working Professionals

Contact person : Abhishek Naik /

Time : Sat -Sun 9:am - 1: Pm

Batch starting from : th June ,

Address : Old bazaar khadki Pune-3
Near police station
Selenium training syllabus

What is automation testing
When to go for Automation
Different Automation Tools (vendor & open source tools)
Advantages of Automation
Criteria for Automation
Difference between Manual Testing & Automation Testing Process

Introduction to Selenium
What is selenium Tool
Use of selenium tool in automation
Features of Selenium tool
Differences between Selenium and other Tools

Selenium Components
Selenium IDE
Selenium WebDriver
Selenium Grid

Configuring IDE for Java & Selenium
How to Create new java project
How to create a new java class
Running java class
Viewing the results of java program

Learning Java
Introduction to Java programming
Data Types in Java
Primitive Data types
Declaring Variables
Writing java program and running

Object Oriented Programming

What is class
What are fields and methods
How to create object for the class
How to access fields and methods in the class
What is abstract, final class
Variable Types (instance, local, static)

What is polymorphism
Method overloading
Constructor overloading
Passing arguments to methods
Calling methods in the class
Return values from method
Return objects from method

Why to do Inheritance
How to reuse the fields and methods of parent class
Overriding fields and methods of parent class
Single Inheritance
Multi level Inheritance

What is Interface
Difference between class and interface
When to use Interfaces
Abstract class

Encapsulation and abstraction
What is hiding data
Using access specifiers public, private, protected, default
Accessing the public methods outside the class
Difference in accessing in same package
/ different package

What is package
How to create a package
How to import package into a different class

Use of collections
Advantage of collection using Array
How to add, remove, and insert value / elements into collections
Using the collections like List, Set, ArrayList, HashTableLinked List
Reflection API-Into

Web Driver
Introduction to Web Driver
Configure Eclipse IDE (Adding selenium Libraries)
Using FirefoxDriver API
Working with Different Elements and programming
Text boxes
Checkbox, Radio Buttons
Selecting values from a Dropdown list
Working with Table Elements
Using Actions API
Handling keyboard, mouse events ,Drag and drop
Scrolling the window
Use of javascript Executor

Handling Windows

Handling alerts /pop-ups
Handling windows alerts usingAutoIT
Handling Frames
Handling multiple tabbed windows

XPATH and CSS in detail
Using Xpath, DOM, CSS
How to recognize dynamically changing elements
Using Regular expressions

Configuring other Browsers
Configure IE browser
Configure Chrome browser
Running scripts on different browsers
Comparison of Selenium RC
What is a Framework
Types of Frameworks
Modular framework
Data Driven framework
Keyword driven framework
Hybrid framework

TestNG Framework
What is TestNG
Create TestNG.xml file
Integrate the Selenium Scripts
Running scripts at xml, package level
Reporting Results &Analyse
Run Scripts from MultipleBrowsers
TestNG Annotations
Tags in TestNG xml file
Data provider annotation
Use of properties file
Reporting Results

Data Driven Framework
What is Data Driven Testing
How to parameterize the data to the script using Excel
Reading, writing data into Excel


Selenium Grid
Configuring hub
Configuring node
Running scripts on remote computer

Auto IT Tool
Installing & configuring
Handling file upload operations
Use of different scripts



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