Foreign Exchange Markets | 11 hours Training
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Foreign Exchange Markets [Course Id:3395]
Training Method:E-Learning Course Duration:11 Hours
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Course Information

KESDEE is the world’s largest financial e-Learning company. KESDEE's e-learning solutions are relevant for the providers of financial services, as well as for users, regulators and advisors of financial services.

KESDEE's e-learning catalog consists of 750 accredited e-Learning courses on various topics such as Banking, Finance, Accounting, Insurance, Risk Management, Financial Planning and Wealth Management. is an Authorized channel Partner of KESDEE Inc.

Foreign Exchange Markets (Course - Overview)

Course Overview

Different foreign exchange products; their pricing and applications are comprehensively dealt with in this course group. Discussions include the foreign exchange market risks. All foreign exchange derivatives such as currency futures / swaps / options and second-generation forward contracts are explained. FX trading controls, as given in ACI code of conduct are dealt with. Real case studies are also incorporated. Pricing, structuring and application can be practiced with calculators/simulations.

Learning Objective

»  Nuances of foreign exchange markets
»  Foreign exchange derivative products
»  Second-generation forward contracts
»  FX trading controls

Target Audience

Every professional involved in the global financial services industry (as a provider, user, regulator or advisor of product/services, marketplace/exchange) would benefit from KESDEE’s innovative solutions.

»  Supervisory Agencies
»  Central Banks
»  Financial Institutions
»  Commercial Banks
»  Investment Banks
»  Housing Societies/Thrifts
»  Mutual Funds
»  Brokerage Houses
»  Stock Exchanges
»  Derivatives Exchanges
»  Insurance Companies
»  Multinational Corporations
»  Accountancy Firms
»  Consultancy Firms
»  Law Firms
»  Rating Agencies
»  Multi-lateral Financial Institutions
»  Others

Course Details

1. Overview of Foreign Exchange Market

Topics covered include:
»  Meaning of Foreign Exchange
»  Market Size
»  Reasons to Trade FX
»  Market Timings
»  History
»  Market Participants
»  Dealing Methods
Duration: 1 hour

2. Spot Market

Topics covered include:
»  Spot Foreign Exchange Transactions
»  Structure of Spot Rates
»  Direct and Indirect Quotes
»  Bid-Offer Spread
»  Cross Rates
Duration: 1 hour s

3. Forward Market

Topics covered include:
»  Outright Forward Transactions
»  Determination of Forward Rates
»  Forward Cross Rates
»  Short Dates
Duration: 1 hour

4. Determination of Exchange Rates

Topics covered include:
»  Interest Rate Parity
»  Purchasing Power Parity
»  The Fisher Effect
»  Balance of Payments Approach
»  Monetary Approach
»  Portfolio Balance Approach
»  Forecasting Exchange Rates
Duration: 1 hour

5. Currency Futures

Topics covered include:
»  Futures vs. Forward Contracts
»  Currency Futures Market
»  Futures Contract Specifications
»  Marking to Market
»  Futures Quotation
»  Pricing Currency Futures
»  Hedging with Currency Futures
»  Speculation with Currency Futures
Duration: 1 hour

6. Currency Options

Topics covered include:
»  Currency Options
»  Basic Option Strategies
»  Covered Strategies
»  Spread Strategies
Duration: 1.5 hours

7. Currency Swaps

Topics covered include:
»  FX Swaps
»  Currency Swaps
»  Currency Swap vs. FX Swap
»  Quoting Conventions
»  Types of Swaps
»  Uses of Currency Swaps
Duration: 1 hour

8. Second Generation Forward Contracts

Topics covered include:
»  Second Generation Forwards
»  Range Forwards
»  Participating Forwards
»  Break Forwards
»  Forward Sale Agreement
Duration: 1 hour

9. Fx Trading Controls

Topics covered include:
»  ACI Model Codes regulations
Duration: 2 hours


»  Measurement Tools
* Disclosures
* Scope and Structure of FX and Derivatives Markets
* Global Best Practices
* Policy Templates
* Regulations


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Additional Information

Financial markets have evolved over the past few years and become very robust and complex in nature. To be able to succeed, it requires specialized knowledge and skills of both the functioning of the markets and the financial instruments.

These e-learning modules on financial markets and instruments not only offer the readers a basic understanding of the various markets and instruments but also provide detailed knowledge covering the qualitative and quantitative aspects of all markets and the instruments traded therein


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