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( Mumbai - Goregaon West )


Python Course by XSYSER INFOSYSTEM PVT LTD at Goregaon West in Mumbai

Training Method:Classroom Training Course Duration:10 Day(s)
Batch Size:10 members Placement Support:Basic Placement Support
Demo Class:Yes, Demo Available Course Discount:10 % Discount

Course Timings

Morning Batch (6am - 9am)
Daytime Batch (9am - 6pm)
Weekend Batch ( Sat/Sun/Hoildays)

Trainer Type

Realtime Working Professionals


Trainer Profile

IBM Certified Python Developer. Well experienced trainer to deliver Python training. Trainer is also an Android Application developer. Apart from Android and Python our trainer also works on many technologies such as Web Development.



Course Fees

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Course Content

1. Course Introduction
a. Course Introduction
b. Python3 vs python2
c. How the Exercises Work
d. Where Should you start?
e. How the course is Structured
2. Windows Commands Line Fundamentals
3. Number, Operator and Comments
a. Section Introduction
b. Numbers: Ints and Floats
c. Numbers: Basic Math
d. Quick Note: Comments
e. Numbers: Weirders Operators
f. Introduction to the python Documentation
4. Variables and Strings
a. Variable and Data types
b. Introduction to variables
c. Variables Naming Restrictions and Conventions
d. Data type Overview
e. The Special Value NONE
f. Make Some Variables!
g. String Escape Sequences
h. String Concatenation
i. String Formatting
j. Formatting Strings
k. String and Indexes
l. Converting Data Types
m. Building Mileage Convertor with User Input
5. Boolean and Conditional Logic
a. Section Introduction
b. Getting User Input
c. Intro to Conditional
d. Number is Odd
e. Multiple Elifs
6. The Joy of Comparison Operators
a. Logical AND & OR
b. Logical NOT
c. Boolean Logic Principles
d. Boolean & Conditional
f. The break keyword
g. While loop exercise
8. Lists
a. Introduction to List and Objectives
b. Creating lists
c. Accessing data in lists
d. Iterating over lists
e. List methods
f. Swapping values in lists
9. Dictionaries
a. Intro to Dictionaries
b. CRUD on Dictionaries
c. Iterating over dictionary
10. Tuples and Sets
a. Section Introduction
b. Tuple looping and methods
c. Introduction to sets
d. Sets Methods and Set Math
e. Tuple and set Exercise
f. Set Comprehension and Recap
11. Functions
a. Introduction to Defining Functions
b. Defining Functions
c. First Functions
d. The Magical Return Keyword
e. Writing a coin flip function using Random
f. Super Quick Return Exercise
g. Generating Evens Exercise
h. Parameters functions
12. Functions Exercise
a. Product
b. Return_day
c. Last_element
d. Number_compare
e. Single_letter_count
f. Multiple_letter_count
g. List_manipulation
h. Is_palindrome
i. Frequency
j. Multiply_even_numbers
k. Capitalize
l. Compact
m. Intersection
n. Partition
13. Functions Part 2

a. Introductions to *args
b. *args Exercise : the purple Test
c. **kwargs
d. **kwargs Exercise
e. Ordering parameters
f. Tuple unpacking
g. Dictionary Unpacking
h. Calculate problem
14. Lambdas and Built -in Functions
a. Lambdas
b. Sorted
c. Min and Max
d. Reversed
e. Len() and special sneak peak of OOP!
f. Abs(),sum() and Round()
g. Sum_even_values
h. Sum_floats
15. Debugging and Error Handling
a. Introduction
b. Common types of errors in python
c. Raising our own errors
d. Try and except block
e. Try, except, else and finally block
f. Debugging with PDB
g. Debugging and error handling exercise
16. Making HTTP requests with Python
a. HTTP introduction
b. HTTP verbs and api
c. Writing first python request
d. Requesting JSON with python
e. Sending Requests with Param
f. API project
17. File I/O
a. Introduction
b. Reading text files: Open and read
c. Reading files: Seek and cursors
d. The with statements
e. File modes
f. Copy
g. Copy_and_reverse
h. Statistics
i. Find_and_replace


Course Eligibility

No any prerequisites to learn Python. Python is the best language to start with.



Contact Information

Goregaon West Mumbai-400062
Call : 8169193168 , 8169193168


High Technologies Solutions - Delhi,Noida,Gurgaon

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