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Best Institutes for Cryptography Stagnography training in Raipur with Course Fees

List of 4+ Cryptography Stagnography training institutes located near to you in Raipur as on December 15, 2019. Get access to training curriculum, placement training, course fees, contact phone numbers and students reviews.



training institutes IANT
Raipur - Nayapara
No Reviews. Write a Review
training institute

training institutes Awizom tech pvt ltd
Raipur - Raipur City
No Reviews. Write a Review
training institute

training institutes IANT
Raipur - Raipur City
training institute
Address: iant computer education near yaswant hospital Raipur-492001

training institutes A-1 Info System
Raipur - Raipur City
No Reviews. Write a Review
training institute
Address: First Floor, 101, Krishna Plaza Opposite of Binda Sonkar School and Shiv Vatika Raipur-492001

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Cryptography Stagnography Training Institutes in Raipur - by Location

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Learning Cryptography Stagnography course in Raipur - Benefits, Advantages & Placements.

We have identified the benefits of learning cryptography-stagnography course in Raipur.
Cryptography Stagnography training in Raipur is part of IT Security & Ethical Hacking training course class, The process of hiding the information from a third party and communicating with the other partner without leaking of information using certain techniques is known as cryptography. Formally, Cryptography is defined as constructing and analysing protocols that prevent third parties or the public from reading private messages. Cryptography deals with information security through data confidentiality, data integrity, authentication, and non-repudiation. In general cryptography converts the information into a non-meaningful text using a key. This process of conversion of information to a non-meaningful text is known as encryption and the process of conversion of non-meaningful text back to information is known as decryption. Modern Cryptography generally deals with mathematical theory and computer science practice. The algorithms that are generally used in this technique is surrounded by computational hardness assumptions. The modern Cryptography techniques are Symmetric-key cryptography, Public-key cryptography, Cryptanalysis, Cryptographic primitives, Cryptosystems.
The process of encapsulating and hiding the message or any other information is known as Steganography. The word Steganography is a Greek word where Steganos means “Hiding” and graphien means “writing”. The main advantage of Steganography is that the intended secret message does not attract attention to itself as an object of scrutiny. The cryptography deals with the practise of protecting the contents of a message alone, whereas the Steganography deals with the concealing of fact that a secret message is being sent, as well as concealing the contents of the message. The software tools that are used in steganography are S Tools, MP3Stego, Steganos Suite, Camouflage 2.0,Dmagic, Hermetic Stego, jpeg-jsteg, Snow, Steghide, wbStego.

The 2nd largest city and the capital of Chhattisgarh until Chhattisgarh was split in 2000.the city takes place in the history with Dakshina Kosala Kingdom and later with the Maurya Empire. It is considered to be the hub of education and central government as it has lots of reputed national institutes like IIM, NIT, AIIMS, Hidayatullah National Law University, and IIIT. This city attracts a lot of students for education as the fees are reliable and the cost of living is affordable. The city is culturally active and is a home for lot of central government aided industries and a lot of job opportunities in the city.
You have travel connectivity to cryptography-stagnography course educational training institutes in Raipur. The city is connected by many national and express highway like Raipur Bilaspur Expressway and Raipur-Naya Raipur Expressway. Raipur and Naya Raipur BRTS is the bus transit system with AC and NON AC busses where it connects all the states and cities . the Swami Vivekananda Airport or Mana Airport connects to scheduled international flights and domestic flights to all the major cities in the country




Cryptography Stagnography course Content / syllabus in raipur

Below is the Cryptography Stagnography course content in raipur used by the training institutes as part of the Cryptography Stagnography course training. The Cryptography Stagnography course syllabus covers basic to advanced level course contents which is used by most of Cryptography Stagnography training classes in raipur .


I.History and overview of cryptography
II.Basic symmetric-key encryption
1.One time pad and stream ciphers
2.Block ciphers
3.Block cipher abstractions: PRPs and
4.Attacks on block ciphers
III.Message integrity
1.Message integrity: definition and applications
2.Collision resistant hashing
3.Authenticated encryption: security against active attacks
IV.Public key cryptography
1.Arithmetic modulo primes
2.Cryptography using arithmetic modulo primes
3.Public key encryption
4.Arithmetic modulo
V.Digital signatures
1.Digital signatures: definitions and applications
2.More signature schemes and applications
VI.Final topics
1.Identification protocols
2.Authenticated key exchange and SSL/TLS session setup
3.Zero knowledge protocols
4.Advanced topics. TBD
1.Introduction to Steganography
3.Transposition and Substitution Ciphers
4.Rotor Machine and Polyalphabetic Ciphers
5.Digital Signatures and Authentication
6.Public Key Systems
7.RSA System
8.Stream Ciphers
9.Pseudorandom generators
11.Steganographic tools
12.Digital watermarking


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