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Best Institutes for Mainframe Administrator training in Salem with Course Fees

List of 3+ Mainframe Administrator training institutes located near to you in Salem as on August 9, 2020. Get access to training curriculum, placement training, course fees, contact phone numbers and students reviews.



training institutes Wings Technocrats
Salem - Alagapuram
No Reviews. Write a Review
training institute
Address: #12/1 Arthanari Nagar New Bus Stand Salem Alagapuram Salem-636004

training institutes BLUESOFT
Salem - Salem City
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training institute

training institutes Softrix Technology
Salem - Salem City
training institute
Softrix Technology at Salem City - interview sessions	 photo_7187 Softrix Technology at Salem City - placement department photo_7186 
Address: #1/11 RS complex, Salem-636004

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Mainframe Administrator Training Institutes in Salem - by Location

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Learning Mainframe Administrator course in Salem - Benefits, Advantages & Placements.

We have identified the benefits of learning mainframe-administrator course in Salem.
Mainframe Administrator training in Salem is part of Mainframe training course class, 1.Introduction to Mainframe system
a.Basic understanding of mainframe systems
b.Characteristics of mainframe systems
c.Different processing(Online, Batch & TSO) in mainframe systems
2.Introduction to z architecture
a.Evaluation of z architecture
b.Basic z architecture
c.Hardware & OS
d.Mainframe Virtual Storage(MVS)
e.Dynamic Address Translation(DAT)
a.Time sharing option(TSO)
b.Basics of Interactive System Productivity Facility(ISPF)
c.Navigating to different ISPF options
d.Different types of datasets used in mainframe
a.Coding a Job Control Language(JCL)
b.Basic Utilities
c.Different parameters used in the JCL
d.Virtual Storage Access Method(VSAM)
a.Catalog types
b.Master Catalog & User catalogs
c.Create, List & Resizing catalog datasets
a.Initial Program Load(IPL)
b.Different startups in IPL
c.SYStem RESident(SYSRES) Volumes
f.Different subsystems
a.Job Entry Subsystem(JES)
c.Start & stop of JES
d.JES processing
8.Storage Management
a.Basics of DASD & TAPE servers
c.Different CLASS parameters
d.Storage Parmlib Member
e.ADRDSSU utility
a.System Management Facility(SMF)
b.SMF MAN datasets
c.SMF Record types
d.SMF dataset status
a.Resource Management Facility(RMF)
b.Different Monitoring
11.Other Subsystems
a.Resource Access Control Facility(RACF)
b.Different Profiles
c.Resource profiles
e.System Modification Program Enhanced(SMPE)
f.Different installation packages
g.Types of SYSMODs
h.Different Zones
i.Temporary datasets
13.DB2 Administration
a.DataBase administration(DB2)
b.DB2 address spaces
c.DB2 components
d.Online & Offline Utilities
14.CICS Administration
a.Basics of CICS transactions

Salem is emerging to be the next boomtown of Tamil Nadu which is also famous for its amazing tourist spots. Salem has taken up the Smart city project. Salem has made some promises for the Smart City project which includes uninterrupted power supply, good roads, wi-fi facilities, portable water around the clock in all areas of Salem. Salem holds several educational institutions and holds the prestige of being home to Government College of Engineering. Literacy rate in Salem is 72.86%. Some popular IT companies such as VSC Infotech, Superfect Solutions, Techforge etc are located in Madurai and also opened doors to multiple Start ups to offer employment for students. Due to the improvised facilities in Salem, it has attracted students from all parts of Tamil Nadu and has offered employment.
You have travel connectivity to mainframe-administrator course educational training institutes in Salem. Salem Airport which is located on the Salem-Bangalore Highway in Kaamalapuram serves domestic flights to reach different airports all over Tamil Nadu. Salem Railway Junction serves frequent trains to travel and arrive from different cities of Tamil Nadu. Salem olds two bus terminus such as MGR integrated bus terminus and town bus station for intercity, intracity and interstate commuting. Also, frequent taxis and autos can be found on the streets of Salem to take you to the nook and corner of Salem.




Mainframe Administrator course Content / syllabus in salem

Below is the Mainframe Administrator course content in salem used by the training institutes as part of the Mainframe Administrator course training. The Mainframe Administrator course syllabus covers basic to advanced level course contents which is used by most of Mainframe Administrator training classes in salem .


IBM mainframes are large computer systems produced by IBM from 1952 to the present. During the 1960 s and 1970 s, the term mainframe computer was almost synonymous with IBM products due to their market share. Current mainframes in IBMs line of business computers are developments of the basic design of the IBM System/360. A very large and expensive computer capable of supporting hundreds, or even thousands, of users simultaneously. In the hierarchy that starts with a simple microprocessor (in watches, for example) at the bottom and moves to supercomputers at the top, mainframes are just below supercomputers. In some ways, mainframes are more powerful than supercomputers because they support more simultaneous programs. But supercomputers can execute a single program faster than a mainframe. The distinction between small mainframes and minicomputers is vague, depending really on how the manufacturer wants to market its machines.

IBM is father of mainframes. Mainframe and IBM are synonyms to each other. Though there are other player as well such as Unisys and Hitachi. But IBM mainframes dominate the mainframe market at well over 90% market share. High end technology with assured career growth. Great Demand in Industry for mainframe trained fresher with starting salary of 25000 per month. Arcus Using a live Mainframe server for hands on practical experience. mainframe trained fresher got placed continuously for past 14 years. Arcus mainframe training course is the visa for you to the entire globe.Mainframes are used by large companies such as banks, insurance companies, manufacturers, Travel & Retail Sector and Telecom Companies to process large data quickly.
Today, thousands of people around the globe book flights,do Electronic Money Transfers, swipe their credit-cards for purchases online.These transactions are processed on-the-fly in a snap by a Mainframe Computer. Mainframes were one of the first computers used by businesses; they are capable of processing millions of instructions per second and have access to trillions characters of data.

In larger IT organizations, the system administrator maintains the system software environment for business purposes, including the day-to-day maintenance of systems to keep them running smoothly. System administrators perform more of the day-to-day tasks related to maintaining the critical business data that resides on the mainframe, while the system programmer focuses on maintaining the system itself. One reason for the separation of duties is to comply with auditing procedures, which often require that no one person in the IT organization be allowed to have unlimited access to sensitive data or resources. While system programmer expertise lies mainly in the mainframe hardware and software areas, system administrators are more likely to have experience with the applications. They often interface directly with the application programmers and end users to make sure that the administrative aspects of the applications are met. These roles are not necessarily unique to the mainframe environment, but they are key to its smooth operation nonetheless.


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