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Top Institutes for SQL Server training in Ameerpet, Hyderabad.

Listings of 40+ SQL Server training institutes located near Ameerpet in Hyderabad as on May 15, 2021. Get access to training curriculum, placement training, course fees, contact phone numbers and students reviews.



training institutes JDK Technologies
Best training institute

training institutes AksWave Oracle Trainings
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training institute

training institutes 4bs Technologies
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training institute

training institutes Focus Training Services
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training institute


Focus Training Services at Ameerpet - institute building photo_6571 Focus Training Services at Ameerpet - class room photo_6570 Focus Training Services at Ameerpet - class room photo_6569 

Located at #301 3rd floor Nagasuri Plazza Satyam Theatre Rd Srinivasa Nagar Ameerpet Telangana 500082
training institutes QEdge
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training institute

training institutes Bhilva Tech Solutions
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training institute


Bhilva Tech Solutions at Ameerpet - class room	 photo_13708 Bhilva Tech Solutions at Ameerpet - 	COMPUTERlab photo_13707 Bhilva Tech Solutions at Ameerpet - center entrance	 photo_13706 

We are located in Hyderabad and provide best IT training in ameerpet. Our concentration is mainly on the courses, that have a wide range of openings in the market. Located at FLAT 202 SIRI TOWERS BESIDES PRIME HOSPITAL Ameerpet Kumar Basti Srinivasa Nagar Ameerpet Telangana 500082
training institutes UNIRAC
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training institute

Located at Ameerpet 500081
training institute

training institutes Learn IT Hub
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training institute

Located at Balaji TowersFlat no 2012nd Floor Prime Hospital lane Ameerpet 500038
training institutes 1StSolve Technologies
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training institute

Located at 102. Suraj Mansion Near Lalbunglow Ameerpet 500016
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Reviews & Complaints of SQL Server course providers in ameerpet

List of top SQL Server training centers in ameerpet with training reviews and complaints.


Rakesh K 5 Star Rating: Excellent Training (5-Excellent Training) Date Reviewed
Good one, best place for SQL Server and MSBI Trainings
Institute reviewed : SQL School
Vamshi N 5 Star Rating: Excellent Training (5-Excellent Training) Date Reviewed
Very Good Training Institute.

Best place for SQL Server cum SQL DBA Training
Institute reviewed : SQL School
Pankaj Mishra 5 Star Rating: Excellent Training (5-Excellent Training) Date Reviewed
Took Project in Banking Domain. The LIVE Server access really helped me a lot in my Project and I confidently attended my first SQL DBA Interview today.
Mr Sai, the way you organized your trainings and make us understood the things simple and straight is really amazing sir. So kind and truthful.

Thought of sharing this as my feedback.
Institute reviewed : SQL School


SQL Server Placement training, Course fees, Trainer Profile in ameerpet

Learn SQL Server training within 3 Weeks with 100% Placement Assistance in Ameerpet

- Course Offered by SQL School
Mr. Sai Phanindra Tholeti is a Database Consultant working for his own company - SequelGate Innovative Technologies Pvt. Ltd. With more than 9 years of expertise and passion for SQL Server, Administra

All Our Training Sessions are COMPLETELY PRACTICAL & REALTIME with Hands-On Lab.
Course includes: Study Material, Practice Material, 24x7 LIVE Server Access and a Real-time Project

Chapter 1: SQL Server Introduction & Installation
SQL Server 2012 & 2014 Installation
Services, Service Accounts and Usage
Authentication Modes, Security, Logins
Instance Configuration Options & Rules
SQL Server Components and Features
Configuration Tools, Services and Use
Naming Conventions & Collation Settings
Using Management Studio (SSMS) Tool
Post Installation Procedures and WMI
Firewall Settings, Remote Configuration

Chapter 2: SQL Server 2012/2014 Database Design
SQL Server Database Architecture
SQL Server Database Creation using GUI
Database Creation using T-SQL Scripts
DB Design using Files and File Groups
Filegroups For Capacity Planning (Storage)
File Locations and File Size Parameters
Database Log Files, Growth and Placement
DB Structure Modifications and Ownership
UI Limitations and ALTER Command Options

Chapter 3: SQL Server Tables and T-SQL Queries
Table creation using T-SQL Scripts
SQL Server Tables and Filegroup Routing
Single Row and Multi-Row Insert Statements
Table Aliases, Column Aliases & Usage
Table creation with Schemas & Filegroups
DELETE Versus TRUNCATE Statements
SELECT Queries, Variants and Sub Queries
Schemas and Nested Queries with Aliases
Temporary Tables & Usage, Performance

Chapter 4: Constraints, Keys and Data Validation
Data Integrity and Normal Forms (BCNF)
Tables with Keys & Constraints (BCNF)
NULL and IDENTITY Properties - Usage
UNIQUE KEY Constraint and NOT NULL
PRIMARY KEY Constraint & Importance
CHECK and DEFAULT Constraints, Usage
Duplicating Identity, Disabling Constraints

Chapter 5: Joins, Sub Queries and Nested Queries
Sub Queries, Nested Queries and EXISTS
Inner Joins - Purpose and Performance
Outer Joins - Types, Advantages and Usage
Cross Joins - Advantages and Limitations
Self Joins, Merge Joins and Sub Queries

Chapter 6: Joins, Views and Nested Queries
Benefits of Views - End User Access
Defining Views on Tables and Views
CHECK OPTION Usage & View level Cascades
ALTER TABLE Issues and Solutions with Views
System Views & Management Views : Audits
Orphan Objects, Table Synchronizations
Joins and Nested Sub Queries in Views

Chapter 7: User Defined Functions and Joins
Functions - Syntax, Usage and Importance
Scalar Valued Functions and Examples
Table Valued Functions and Examples
System Functions and Joins - CROSSAPPLY
Date, Time and Conversion Functions
String Functions and Meta-data Functions
Joining Functions and Tables / Views

Chapter 8: Indexes and Query Tuning
Need for Indexes, Index Types & Usage
Indexing Table and View Columns
Index SCAN, SEEK and LOOP Operations
Composite Indexed Columns & Keys
Materializing Views (Indexed Views)
RIDs, KEYs and Column Constraints
PRIMARY KEYS and Non Clustered Indexes
INCLUDED Column Indexes & Tuning
Tuning Joined Data Sets: Tables/Views

Chapter 9: Stored Procedures and Benefits
Need for Stored Procedures & Syntax
Use of Variables and Query Parameters
Stored Procedures with Loops & IF .. ELSE
System Stored Procedures and Nesting
Dynamic SQL Queries and Parameters
Stored Procedures , Data Validation Options
OUTPUT Parameters and Resultset Options

Chapter 10: Triggers and Memory Limitations
Triggers - Architecture, Types & Usage
DML Triggers and Performance Impact
INSERTED and DELETED Memory Tables
Data Validations with Triggers & Cloning
Triggers for Audit Operations (Memory)
Triggers for Data Sampling & Table Cloning
Database Triggers and Usage Options
Server Triggers (DDL) and Usage Options
Triggers for Bulk Operations (SELECT..INTO)
Triggers for Data Audits and MSDTC

Chapter 11: Cursors, Stored Procedures, CTE
Cursor Declaration and Fetch Options
STATIC and DYNAMIC Cursor Types
LOCAL and GLOBAL Cursors - Scope
KEYSET Cursors and Temp Objects
Embedding Cursors in SPs and Functions
Temp Tables and Procedures with Cursors
Common Table Expressions (CTE) and Queries
Stored Procedures with CTE : Tuning Options

Chapter 12: Understanding Real-time Databases
Real-time Project Implementation
Requirement Analysis & OLTP Modelling
Identifying Entities and DB Objects
ER (Entity Relation) Models for OLTP
Database Diagrams and Scripting
Data Sheets and DB Documentation
Normal Forms and Types in DB Design
Advantages of BCNF Normal Form
Technical Specifications and DB Design
Relations, Coding Notations, Process
Data Type Checks and Column Integrity
Schema and Filegroup Implementation
Synonyms and Object Level Access
System Objects and Metadata Access
MERGE, PIVOT, Clone Operations

Chapter 13: Data Access in Multi Server Environment
Linked Servers and Data Distribution
Configuring Linked Servers (Remote)
sp_addlinkedserver & sp_addsrvlogin
SQL Server & Non-SQL Server Products
Using MSDTC for Remote Queries
Using OPENROWSET for Remote Queries
Multi User and Multi Database Access
Real-world Query Blockings & Solutions
Self Joins and CTEs - Query Tuning
Using CTE and Temp Tables in SProcs

Chapter 14: Transactions in Procedures , Functions
Understanding Transactions Concepts
ACID Properties, Transaction Types
EXPLICIT Transactions and Usage
IMPLICIT Transaction Types, Options
AUTOCOMMIT Transaction Advantages
Transactions Nesting - Rules & Usage
SAVEPOINT, Query Blocking Scenarios
Lock Hints and Remote CTE Queries

Chapter 15: XML Data and Full Text Search
XML Formats and Query Options
Sub Queries in T-SQL with XML
Related Sub Queries with XML
XML PATH and Custom ROOT Options
Indexing XML Data for Performance
XML Operations on Views, Synonyms
Nested Queries & XML Limitations
KEYSET Cursors with XML Options
Full Text Search Service Options
Full Text Catalog and FT Indexes
Storing BLOB / CLOB Data (Docs, Pdf)
BULK..INSERT Commands - Options
OPENROWSET and Bulk Data Loads

Chapter 16: SQL Server Architecture
Gearing for 70-461 Certification
Client Server Architecture - Detailed
TCP/IP, Named Pipes, Shared Memory
TDS Packets and Network Options
Storage Architecture, Transaction, IO
Query Parse, Optimizer, Mini LSN
Write Ahead Log, Lazy Writer Threads
SQL Engine and SQL Manager @ Query
SQLOS and Thread, Log Schedulers

Course Highlights:
Normal Forms, Joins, Views, Stored Procedures, CTEs, Indexed Views, Execution Plans, Triggers, Linked Servers, Query Blocking, Remote Queries and Sub Queries, Nested Queries, Tuning Recursive Queries, Query Hints, FTS, Architecture and lot more..!

SQL Server course Content / syllabus at ameerpet.

We gathered most widely used SQL Server course content used by training institutes in ameerpet. The SQL Server course syllabus covers basic to advanced level and it may vary based on SQL Server training classes offered in ameerpet.


1.Learn Database models
2.Overview of SQL Server Management Studio and Transact-SQL language
3.Master writing simple and complex queries that retrieve data from the database
4.Calculate information across result sets using aggregate queries (sum, min, max, avg, etc.)
5.Insert, update, and delete data
6.Retrieve data from tables
9.Working with Data Types
10.Procedure and Functions
11.Understand the different Views
12.Working with Triggers
13.Design a database
14.Maintain databases, tables, and sequences with SQL statements
15.Create and manage views
16.Ensure the integrity of multiple, related database updates by using transactions
17.Retrieve data using cursors
18.Manage binary data using BLOBs


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