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Adobe Dreamweaver training course content


Adobe Dreamweaver Course Content

Introducing the Interface

» Getting Started
» The Insert Bar & Properties Inspector Panel
» The Menu Bar
» The Status Bar
» Preferences

Creating Your First Website

» Setting Up a New or Existing Site
» Creating a New Document
» Adding & Formatting Text
» Setting Fonts for a Web Page
» Creating Lists, Indenting, & Changing Text Color

Adding Images & Links

» Saving Images for the Web
» Inserting & Aligning Images on a Web Page
» Creating Links & Previewing in a Browser
» Creating an Email Link
» Creating a Jump Link & Testing Links

Creating Sites Using Templates

» Browsing Templates
» Creating a Website from a Template
» Adding Images to a Starter Page
» Updating Files & Changing Background Colors

Designing with Tables

» Creating Tables on a Web Page
» Altering Tables Using the Properties Inspector
» Creating a New Site
» Placing Images & Graphics into Tables
» Aligning Text & Graphics in Tables
» Adding a Background Color
» Using Tracer Images in Layout Mode
» Building Pages over Tracer Images
» Inserting Text from Other Files
» Tweaking Layouts to Create Perfect Pages

Creating Online Forms

» Setting Up an Online Form
» Adding Radio Buttons & List Menus
» Creating Text Fields & Areas
» Adding Checkboxes & Submit Buttons
» Setting Properties for Form Submission

Saving Time with Libraries, Assets, & More

» Getting Started with Site Setup & Linking
» Creating & Using Library Items
» Editing Library Items
» Using the Assets Panel
» Using the Find and Replace Command
» Checking Spelling & Editing a Dictionary

Creating Websites with Frames

» Introducing Frames & Framesets
» Creating Frames & Framesets
» Saving Framesets
» Tricks for Inserting Images & Setting Scroll Bars
» Using Tables with a Frameset
» Linking Thumbnail Images with Full-Size Images
» Dos & Don'ts about Using Frames

Adobe Dreamweaver Tips & Tricks

» Integrating Photoshop? with Dreamweaver?
» Setting Display Options
» Saving Features as Favorites
» Organizing Files & Folders
» Targeting Links
» Adding Metatags
» Using the History Panel
» Adding PDFs to Web Pages
» Using Rollovers for Fun & Games
» Using Animated GIFs
» Backing It Up
» Closing Comments & Credits

Rollovers & Other Image Tricks

» Creating & Inserting Rollover Images
» Drawing Image Maps
» Cropping Images on a Page
» Resizing & Slicing Images in Fireworks?

Saving Time with Templates

» Creating a Template from an Existing Page
» Setting Editable & Uneditable Regions
» Setting Repeating & Optional Regions
» Creating New Pages Based on Templates
» Placing Links in a Tamplete Updating Templates
» Nesting, Exporting & Using Contribute?

Designing with Cascading Style Sheets

» Introducing Cascading Style Sheets
» Creating a New Class Style
» Creating an External Style Sheet
» Applying External Style Sheets
» Modifying External Style Sheets
» Editing Style Properties
» Defining Rules for Styles
» Working with Predefined Styles

Creating Precise Designs Using Layers

» Loading & Organizing Images
» Creating a Tracing Image
» Drawing Layers & Inserting Images
» Inserting Text & Using Styles
» Sizing & Aligning Layers Precisely
» Using Tables within Layers
» Stacking Multiple Layers
» Adding Background Images
» Arranging Layers Using the Z Index

Using Behaviors to Add Interactivity

» Introducing Behaviors
» Using the Behaviors Panel
» Applying & Changing Behaviors
» Creating a Pop-Up Window
» Creating Status Bar Text
» Combining Image Maps & Behaviors
» Getting More Behaviors

Adding Audio, Video, & Flash? to a Page

» Viewing a Website Made in Flash
» Inserting & Embedding a Flash Site
» Exploring the Flash Properties Panel
» Inserting Flash Buttons & Text
» Learning about Streaming Media File Formats
» Creating Links to Video Files
» Embedding a QuickTime? Video in a Page
» Using the QuickTime Parameters
» Embedding a Windows Media? Video into a Page
» Adding Audio to a Web Page
» Changing the Audio Parameters
Testing Your Website
» Setting Up Your Site for Testing
» Checking Links
» Identifying & Dealing with Orphaned Files
» Changing Links Sitewide
» Using the Check Accessibility Function
» Testing Your Work with the Site Reports Option
» Recreating Site Cache
» Visualizing Your Site in Map View
» Using the Locate in Site Feature
» Checking for Browser Compatibility

Publishing & Managing Your Website

» Setting Up a Site
» Setting Up the Server Information for FTP
» The FTP File Panel Options & Viewing Remote Files
» Transferring Files to & from a Server
» Working with the Synchronize Button
» Alternative Dedicated FTP Programs
» Activating Team Management Features
» Using the File Check In & Check Out Features
» Working with Design Notes
» Setting Options in the File View Columns Dialog Box
» Enabling Cloaking
» Using the Compare with Remote Function
Working in the Code
» Introducing HTML
» Previewing Code in a Browser
» Editing HTML
» Exploring Code View Options
» Setting Preferences
» Using Code Hints
» Editing Tags & Creating Snippets
» Using the Code Inspector & Cleaning Up HTML

Building a Dynamic Website: Getting Started

» Introducing Database Websites
» Installing Internet Information Services (IIS)
» Installing a Testing Server
» Setting Up a Data Source Name (DSN)
» Selecting Security Options
» Preparing to Create a Dynamic Website
» Creating an ASP JavaScript? Page

Building a Dynamic Website: Setting Up Pages

» Viewing Database Structures
» Accessing Dynamic Content Data Sources
» Adding Server Scripts & Reusable Code
» Creating Record Sets
» Inserting Record Sets into Tables
» Creating & Formatting Repeating Regions
» Adding a Dynamic Image
» Binding a Dynamic Image
» Adding Navigation to a Dynamic Page

Troubleshooting Your Website

» Using Layers & Tables Appropriately
» Converting Layers to Tables
» Linking Images to Pages
» Setting Up the Check Browser Behavior
» Replacing HTML Code Using Find and Replace
» Final Comments & Credits

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