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( Bangalore - Marathahalli )

SAP FIORI Course by Uidev5 at Marathahalli in Bangalore

Training Method:Classroom Training Course Duration:50 Day(s)
Batch Size:1 members Placement Support:No Placement Support
Demo Class:Yes, Demo Available Course Discount:5 % Discount

Course Timings

Morning Batch (6am - 9am)
Evening Batch (6pm - 9pm)
Weekend Batch ( Sat/Sun/Hoildays)

Trainer Type

Realtime Working Professionals


Trainer Profile

Myself Venkatesh, having 7+ years of experience as developer in various web technologies and SAP.

Currently working for reputed MNC and working on SAPUI5 custom development projects and SAP FIORI Implementations.

I have been teaching since one year and completed 10 batches for freshers as well as working professionals.



Course Fees

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Course Content

1. SAP UX strategy and SAP Fiori UX.
2. Introduction to SAPUI5 and SAP FIORI and OData
3. Client and server architecture.

HTML/5 Basics:
a. Getting started
b. Tags, Attributes and Elements
c. Page Titles
d. Paragraphs, Headings
e. Lists
f. Links
g. Images
h. Forms
i. Assignment on HTML

a. Applying CSS - Different ways you can apply CSS to HTML
b. Selectors, Properties, and Values
c. Colours
d. Text
e. Margins and Padding
f. Borders
g. Box Model in CSS
h. Assignment on CSS

3. JavaScript
a. JavaScript Basics
ii. JavaScript Syntax
iii. Basic Rules
iv. Accessing Elements
1. Dot Notation
2. Square Bracket Notation
v. Where Is JavaScript Code Written?
vi. JavaScript Objects, Methods and Properties
1. Methods
2. Properties
vii. The Implicit window Object
b. JavaScript Variables and their usage
c. Working with Arrays
Trainer : Venkatesh Mobile:9032370119
?Copyright. All rights reserved
d. Associative Arrays
e. JavaScript Operators
f. JavaScript Functions
i. Global Functions
1. Number(object)
2. String(object)
3. isNaN(object)
4. parseFloat() and parseInt()
ii. User-defined Functions
1. Function Declarations
2. Function Expressions
3. Passing Values to Functions
4. Returning Values from Functions
5. Variable Scope
g. Event Handlers
h. Built-In JavaScript Objects
i. String
ii. Math
iii. Date
iv. The typeof Operator
i. Conditionals and Loops
i. Conditionals
ii. if - else if - else Conditions
iii. Switch / Case
j. Loops
i. while Loop Syntax
ii. do...while Loop Syntax
iii. for Loop Syntax
iv. Loop Syntax
k. JavaScript Form Validation
i. Accessing Form Data
ii. Basics of Form Validation
iii. Cleaner Validation
iv. Validating Radio Buttons
v. Validating Check Boxes
l. CSS Object Model
i. Changing CSS with JavaScript
ii. Hiding and Showing Elements
m. Scope in JavaScript
n. Objects in JavaScript
o. Object-Oriented Programming
p. Prototyping in JavaScript
r. Assignment on JavaScript

4. Introduction to jQuery and AJAX

a. Environment setup for SAPUI5
b. SAP WEB IDE and Eclipse
d. Bootstrapping
e. Architecture of SAPUI5 Application
f. Introduction to Controls in SAPUI5
g. Controls API
i. How to use controls properties, aggregations ,events and methods
h. Different types of Containers and Layouts
i. Coding Guidelines
i. Code Formatting
ii. Variable Naming Conventions
j. Event handling in SAPUI5
i. How to use simple Event Handler
ii. How to use Event Information in Event handling.
k. MVC (Model View Controller)
i. Model
ii. View
iii. Controllers
l. Types of Views
m. View Instantiation and the Controller Lifecycle
n. Types of Models
i. JSON Model
ii. ODATA Model
iii. Resource model
6. Models and Binding
a. Instantiation and Loading of Data
b. Accessing Model values.
c. Property Binding
d. Element Binding
e. Aggregation Binding
f. Expression Binding and Calculated Fields
g. Internationalization(I18n)
h. How to apply filters and sorting.
i. Custom formatters
j. Fragments and Dialogs
k. Lazy loading
l. Types of Binding modes.
m. Assignment on Basics of UI5 and Data binding
7. Routing and Navigation
a. Routing Configuration
b. Router Initialization
c. Routing with and without parameters
d. How to use EventBus
e. Assignment on Routing
8. Mock Data and Mock Server Configuration
9. Performing CRUD operations in the sapui5 app.
a. Create
b. Read
c. Update
d. Remove
10. Debugging SAPUI5 Applications using Chrome Developer Tools
a. Finding the data objects in controller files
b. Tracing network calls in Network tab.
11. Improving the performance of an SAPUI5 Application.
12. SAPUI5 Application Unit testing with QUnit.
a. Understanding Qunit
b. Setting up the Qunit for unit testing sapui5 app
c. Process of writing Qunit tests for formatters.
d. Executing Qunit tests.
13. SAPUI5 Application Integration Testing using OPA5
a. Understanding OPA5
b. Setting up the OPA for Integration testing sapui5 app
c. Process of writing OPA tests for different functionalities
d. Executing OPA tests.
14. Assignment on SAPUI5

SAP Fiori:
1. Overview of Fiori
2. Fiori Design Guidelines
3. Introduction to SAP Fiori Launchpad
a. End user perspective
i. Exploring SAP Fiori Launchpad
ii. Personalizing SAP Fiori
4. Types of Fiori Apps
a. Transactional apps
b. Analytical apps
c. Factsheet apps
5. Types of Deployment options and its pros and cons.
6. Fiori Architecture of different types of apps
7. Explaining the relationship between Roles, Catalogs, Groups and Apps
8. Standard Fiori Launchpad and Application Configuration
a. Activating SAP FIori Launchpad FE and BE services.
b. Creating SAP Fiori Groups
c. Creating SAP Fiori Catalogs
d. Creating LPD_CUST Target Mappings
e. Creating SAPUI5 Target Mappings
f. Creating Roles using PFCG
9. Customizing and extending Standard Fiori Apps in SAP WEB IDE.
10. Fiori Launchpad Designer vs Fiori Launchpad
11. UI Theme Designer
12. Configuring Custom SAPUI5 app in Fiori Launchpad
13. End to End SAPUI5 Application with Code Explanation
14. Interview Guidance topics
OData and SAP NetWeaver Gateway
1. SAP Gateway Overview
2. OData Overview
a. Introduction to REST
b. Introduction to OData
c. Performing OData operations
d. Performing OData Queries
3. SAP Gateway Service Implementation
a. Implementing a Gateway Service
b. Defining a Data Model
c. Implementing Read Operations
d. Implementing Query Options
e. Implementing Write Operations
f. Consuming OData Service
g. Performing CRUD operations in Gateway client.
h. Registering and activating services


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