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Best Training institutes ,Computer education and Coaching classes in Lake Gardens as of September 23, 2018



training institutes Institute of International Training
Lake Gardens, Kolkata
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training institute
Institute of International Training at Lake Gardens - class room photo_18812 Institute of International Training at Lake Gardens - class room	 photo_18811 Institute of International Training at Lake Gardens - class room photo_18813 

Institute of International Training conducts Web Designing, SEO Training, Graphic Designing training classes at Lake Gardens in Kolkata.
training institutes Institute of International Training
Lake Gardens, Kolkata
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training institute

Institute of International Training conducts MySQL, PHP, SEO Training, Web Designing, Digital Marketing training classes at Lake Gardens in Kolkata.
training institutes Docckolkata
Lake Gardens, Kolkata
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training institute
Docckolkata at Lake Gardens - computer lab photo_3248 Docckolkata at Lake Gardens - training lab	 photo_3246 Docckolkata at Lake Gardens - live discussions	 photo_3244 
Address: 1,DR DAUDAR RAHMAN ROAD, LAKE GARDENS, KOLKATA-700045 google map of 12677

Docckolkata conducts MS SQL, MySQL, PHP, Sun Certification, Web Designing training classes at Lake Gardens in Kolkata.
training institutes DOCC Kolkata
Lake Gardens, Kolkata


training institute
DOCC Kolkata at Lake Gardens - experienced trainers	 photo_3252 DOCC Kolkata at Lake Gardens - training lab	 photo_3251 DOCC Kolkata at Lake Gardens - 	student counseling room photo_13685 
Address: 1, dr.daudar rahman road, lake gardens, kolkata-700045

DOCC Kolkata conducts SEO Training, Web Designing, WebLogic, XML, Industrial Training training classes at Lake Gardens in Kolkata.
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Training centers in lake-gardens, kolkata - Reviews & Complaints

List of training reviews for institutes located in and around lake-gardens in kolkata location

Jagannath Samanta 4 Star Rating: Best Training (4-Best Training)
Very good Training Institute , really building the careers of thye students all over India.
Institute reviewed : DOCC Kolkata in Kolkata for training in Kolkata
Rahul DasGupta 4 Star Rating: Best Training (4-Best Training)
The Training is of very good quality and practical-oriented.
Institute reviewed : DOCC Kolkata in Kolkata for training in Kolkata


Training with placement, Course fees and Trainer Profiles in lake-gardens, kolkata

DOCC Kolkata institute located at lake-gardens in kolkata offers 90 Day(s) of PHP training course in Kolkata with 100% Placement Assistance.

Our trainer have more than 5+ Years of experience in PHP Has worked on 6 real time PHPprojects in MNC. Trained 150+ Students so far. Strong Theoretical & Practical Knowledge on PHP Zend certified

History of PHP Installing PHP General Requirements UNIX based Systems Windows based Systems Integrated Development Environment (IDE) PHP Language Basics Programming Basics Comment markers PHP Tags Output Commands Using STDIN STDOUT and STDERR Using Files Include_path Opening files Reading files Writing to Files RTRIM PHP Variables Naming Rules Data Types Numerical Integer Floating Point Numbers Floating Point Precision Single Quoted Strings Double Quoted Strings Creating and Assigning Variables Assigning Values to Variables Type Conversion Variable Scoping Global Keyword Static Keyword Super Globals Constants Variable Variables Operators Assignment Operators Increment/Decrement Operators Arithmetic Operators String Operators Comparison Operators Logical Operators Control Structures Statement Blocks If Construct Else Keyword Elseif Keyword Looping Constructs While Loop Do-while Loop For Loop Foreach Loop Loop Control Words Break Continue Regular Expressions Meta-Characters Backslash Unicode Character Properties Circumflex and Dollar Full Stop Square Brackets Vertical Bar Multipliers Subpatterns Repetition Pattern Matching with ereg and eregi Pattern Matching with preg_match Splitting Text Switch PHP Arrays Syntax Creating/Modifying with Square-Bracket Syntax Array Functions Pitfalls when using Arrays Using a Return value as a Key Converting to Array Sorting an Array Multi-Dimensional Arrays Example Creating a new Multi-Dimensional Array PHP Functions Conditionally Created Functions Functions Created Inside Functions Argument Passing by Value Argument Passing by Reference Returning Values Including External PHP Functions PHP Object Oriented Classes and Inheritance Classes Inheritance Keywords PHP & PEAR What is PEAR? Command Line Package Installer Fully-Automatic Installation Semi-Automatic Installation What is PECL? PHP & HTML HTML/PHP Examples MySQL Installing MySQL Testing MySQL Basic SQL Statements Creating Databases and Tables Inserting Data into Tables Viewing Tables UPDATE Drop Connecting to MySQL mysql_connect mysql_error mysql_select_db Die Using PHP to Perform Database Functions Inserting Data into a Database Creating Queries Executing Queries Processing the Returned Query Data Updating the Database
DOCC Kolkata institute located at lake-gardens in kolkata offers 3 Months of Advanced PHP training course in Kolkata with 100% Placement Assistance.

More than 5 YRS experienced in IT Field as developer/designer., have their own contribution in their professional field.Our Faculties imparting Training to students on varieties Programming Languages

Introduction to PHP Objectives What is PHP? PHP Programs PHP Script Process PHP Features What is Eclipse? The Eclipse Platform The Eclipse Workbench The Eclipse Workspace Team Component & Help Component Toolbars & Coolbars Perspectives PHP Perspectives PHP Debug Perspectives PHP Perspectives Menus PHP Perspectives Main Toolbars PHP Project Editors Summary Lab Activities PHP Fundamentals Objectives PHP Tags My First PHP Program Statement Functions The print Statement The echo Statement The printf Statement The sprint Statement PHP Blocks Comments Keywords Eclipse Code Template Preferences Summary Lab Activities Variables & Data Types Objectives Strongly Typed Vs Loosely Typed Language What is Variable? PHP Data Types Null Byte Checking Variable Data Type isset Vs empty Vs is_null var_dump function PHP Valid Identifiers Float Data Type Literals Integer Literals Real Literals String Data Type String Special Characters heredoc & nowdoc Variable Variables Creating Constants Predefined Constants Summary Lab Activities Expressions & Operators Objectives About Expressions & Operators? PHP Operators Assignment Operators Arithmetic Operators Relational Operators Numeric Comparison Conditional Logical Operators Bitwise Operators Increment & Decrement Operators Compound Assignment Operators Conditional Operators String Operators Execution Operators Order of Operator Precedence Summary Lab Activities Control Structures Objectives Empty Statement Control Structures Sequence Structures Selection Structure If Statement Switch Statement Repetition Structure While Statement Do-While Statement For Statement Foreach Statement Continue Statement Break Statement Goto Statement Summary Lab Activities Arrays Objectives About Arrays Numeric Vs Associative Arrays Creating Single Dimensional Array Creating Array like Variables Using array Construct Creating Associate Arrays Single Dimensional Mixed Indexes Array Multidimensional Array Two Dimensional Arrays 3Dl Rectangular Array & Jagged Array Deleting an Array Element Filling an Array Checking an Array Maintaining Array Elements Accessing Array Elements Array Traversing Obtain Array Length & Uniqueness Array Sorting Combining, Slicing, Removing & Dissecting Other Useful Functions & Array Operators Summary Lab Activities OOP in PHP Objectives Define & understand the principle of OOP Define & understand the principle of class Create object from the class Object Properties Object Methods Methods with Parameters Return Value from Methods Constructors The this Keyword Primitive Type vs Reference Types Primitive Type vs Reference Type � Assignment Primitive Type vs Reference Type � Comparison Polymorphism Inheritance Generalization / Specialization Types of Inheritance Inheritance in Constructor Encapsulation The static Modifier The parent Modifier Abstract Classes Abstract Class Implementation Important Point on Abstract Class Interfaces Interface Implementation Interface Variables Implementing more than one interface Multiple Interfaces Implementation � Name Conflict Interface Inheritance Multiple Interface Inheritance � Name Conflict Interface Implements in Abstract Class Interfaces vs Abstract Classes Important Point on Interfaces Summary Lab Activities Exception Handling Objectives How to declare and implement exception. How to use the catch clause How to implement the nested try How to implement the finally clause How to handle exception in methods How to create user defined exception How to implement chained exception How to re-throw the exception Summary Lab Activities IO Operations Objectives Files and Directories File Ownership and Permissions File I/O Executing Shell Commands Summary Lab Activities Collections Objectives ArrayList LinkedList Stack Quere HashSet HashMap TreeMap Designing the Collection Class Collection Class Basics The addItem Method The removeItem and getItem Methods Other Methods Using the Collection Class Implementing Lazy Instantiation Callbacks The setLoadCallback Method in the Collection Class Using the Collection Class Improving the Collection Class Summary Lab Activities Form Handling Objectives Building Forms Retrieving Submitted Data register_globals Default Values Input Types Summary Lab Activities Session Management Objectives Session management Overview Hidden Fields Query String Cookies Session Session Security Preventing session hijacking Preventing session fixation PHP & HTTP Authentication Summary Lab Activities PHP with MySQL Objectives Steps involved using MySQL with PHP Connecting to MySQL Selecting a database Building and executing a query Fetching a result Fetching a row Closing a connection The $_POST Array The $_GET Array Deleting a Record Displaying the Form Querying the Database Creating a Table using PHP Preventing SQL Injection Preventing HTML Injection Summary Lab Activities Working with Graphics Objectives Creating and Drawing Images Structure of a Graphics Program Changing the Output Format Testing for Supported Image Formats Reading an Existing File Drawing Functions Images with Text Dynamically Generated Buttons Scaling Images Color Handling Summary Lab Activities PHP Extension and Application Repository Objectives Installing PEAR Package Using Pear Package HTML_Table package HTML_Table_Matrix Formatting spreadsheets Create dynamic PDF using File_PDF Structures_DataGrid HTML_QuickForm Database Operation with PEAR Summary Lab Activities PHP Data Objects (PDO) Objectives PHP Database Objects Connecting to MySQL with PDO Selecting Data from a Table Data Fetching Modes Parameters and Prepared Statements Inserting a Row and Getting Its ID Deleting Data Dealing with Errors in PDO Handling Problems When Preparing Handling Problems When Executing Handling Problems When Fetching Transactions and PDO Stored Procedures and PDO Limitation of PDO Summary Lab Activities Wordpress: Introduction to Wordpress Working with Content Type Working with Categories & Tags Working with Page Content Type Working with Appearances Working with Plugins Working with Users Working with Tools & Settings


Training Requirements for Best Training centers in lake-gardens, kolkata

Requirements for List of best training institutes in lake-gardens, kolkata City.

asit kumar raul (lake-gardens Kolkata on 17-Sep-2018 )
If it is online its good for me,I need spring ,hibernate, spring boot Couse details needed for Spring - java-j2ee training in kolkata (lake-gardens)
Subhadip Ghosh (lake-gardens Kolkata on 10-Aug-2018 )
Nothing Couse details needed for Excel & Advanced Excel - ms-office training in kolkata (lake-gardens)
Abhijit roy chowdhury (lake-gardens Kolkata on 13-Feb-2018 )
Would like to the details of this course and on line interview option - cloud-computing training in kolkata (lake-gardens)
ishan chauhan (lake-gardens Kolkata on 08-Feb-2018 )
being able to develop app and host it on servers, using other apps api and integrating it in one app - android training in kolkata (lake-gardens)
Shital Agarwal (lake-gardens Kolkata on 07-Dec-2017 )
Accounting & Finance training for CFP - Certified Financial Planner course - accounting--finance training in kolkata (lake-gardens)
Ahmed Wasi (lake-gardens Kolkata on 16-Sep-2017 )
I require coaching centres which provide courses on Adobe photoshop and web designing. Animation Multimedia training for Adobe Photoshop course - animation-multimedia training in kolkata (lake-gardens)
Siddharth Gupta (lake-gardens Kolkata on 19-May-2017 )
reasonable crash course Personality Development training for Personality Development course - personality-development training in kolkata (lake-gardens)
Dhrubojyoti sinha (lake-gardens Kolkata on 09-Mar-2017 )
interested in the 14 days fast track course for obiee. kindly let me know the fee structure - obiee training in kolkata (lake-gardens)
TARUN MRIDHA (lake-gardens Kolkata on 01-Mar-2017 )
I want to learn seo course yours institute so pls send yours couse details - seo-training training in kolkata (lake-gardens)
Anamika khamaru (lake-gardens Kolkata on 26-Jan-2017 )
I am interested in the captioned course. Kindly let me know the details. Couse details needed for Manual Testing - software-testing training in kolkata (lake-gardens)




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