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Best Training institutes ,Computer education and Coaching classes in Banjara Hills as of August 20, 2018



training institutes Cloud Academy-Hyderabad
Banjara Hills, Hyderabad
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Best training institute
Cloud Academy-Hyderabad at Banjara Hills - 	training room photo_15286 
Address: No.41, BSR Complex, 1st Floor Banjara Hills Hyderabad-500034

Cloud Academy is 100% dedicated Cloud Computing Training Institute and Cloud service providers. Our experts help our students to select best Cloud course based on students profile. Cloud Academy-Hyderabad conducts Salesforce training classes at Banjara Hills in Hyderabad.
training institutes CRACKIIM
Banjara Hills, Hyderabad
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Best training institute
Address: 3rd Floor, Above Balaji Housiery, Opp. Brand Factory, Road No : 2,, Banjarahills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500034

Crackiim is founded by a team of ISB alumni leading the renowned GMAT preparation company crackisb. We are located in Hyderabad. CRACKIIM conducts CAT Exam, GMAT Exam, GRE Exam, SAT Exam training classes at Banjara Hills in Hyderabad.
training institutes Comquest Software
Banjara Hills, Hyderabad


Best training institute

Comquest Software conducts Python, Bigdata, Artificial Intelligence AI, Linux training classes at Banjara Hills in Hyderabad.
training institutes Global Career Counsellor Certification
Banjara Hills, Hyderabad
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training institute

Global Career Counsellor Certification conducts training classes at Banjara Hills in Hyderabad.
training institutes CrackISB - GMAT Coaching
Banjara Hills, Hyderabad
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training institute
Address: Road No. 2, Opp.Lumbini Jweller, Above Balaji Hosieries, Banjarahills, Hyderabad – 500034, India.

CrackISB - GMAT Coaching conducts GRE Exam, SAT Exam, TOEFL, CAT Exam, GMAT Exam training classes at Banjara Hills in Hyderabad.
training institutes Fortune IT Technologies
Banjara Hills, Hyderabad
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training institute

Fortune IT Technologies conducts Basic Computer training, Animation Multimedia, Android, AIX Administration, .Net training classes at Banjara Hills in Hyderabad.
training institutes SynchroServe Skill Development Centre
Banjara Hills, Hyderabad
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training institute
Address: NTR Trust Bhavan Road No 2 Banjara Hills Opp: KBR Park Hyderabad-500034

SynchroServe Skill Development Centre conducts Cisco Certification, CEH - Certified Ethical Hacker, CCNA, CAD CAM CAE, Basic Computer training training classes at Banjara Hills in Hyderabad.
training institutes Zoom Technologies
Banjara Hills, Hyderabad


training institute
Address: Banjara Hills, Hyderabad-500034 google map of 7152

Zoom is a pioneering leader in network and security solutions. For well over a decade, we have designed and built avant-garde secure networks for hundreds of clients. Zoom Technologies conducts Microsoft Certifications, Networking, RHCE, RHCSS, RHCT training classes at Banjara Hills in Hyderabad.
training institutes Delhi School of Internet Marketing
Banjara Hills, Hyderabad
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training institute

Delhi School of Internet Marketing conducts Digital Marketing, SEO Training training classes at Banjara Hills in Hyderabad.
training institutes Kovid Analytics
Banjara Hills, Hyderabad
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training institute

Kovid Analytics conducts iOS Apple iPhone, Hadoop, Final Year Projects, Cloud Computing, Bigdata training classes at Banjara Hills in Hyderabad.
training institutes SYS Com India
Banjara Hills, Hyderabad
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training institute

SYS Com India conducts PHP, SEO Training, Web Designing, Digital Marketing, InPlant Training training classes at Banjara Hills in Hyderabad.
training institutes GNYAN TECHNOLOGIES
Banjara Hills, Hyderabad
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training institute
Address: Near Tahli wala chownk,Rajpura Punjab

GNYAN TECHNOLOGIES conducts training classes at Banjara Hills in Hyderabad.
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Training centers in banjara-hills, hyderabad - Reviews & Complaints

List of training reviews for institutes located in and around banjara-hills in hyderabad location

Suresh 5 Star Rating: Excellent Training (5-Excellent Training)
I have learned Information security course in LearningLynks. I am overwhelmed by the warm gestures rendered by the faculty and the management in responding to our queries. The staff is very helpful in subject related matters. They make sure that the subject to be delivered perfectly to each and every student. I have never seen an institute working with such dedication and commitment in all aspects. I am very thankful to learn subject under PradeepSir's Excellency
Institute reviewed : LearningLynk India Pvt Ltd in Hyderabad for training in Hyderabad
Md asif 5 Star Rating: Excellent Training (5-Excellent Training)
This is good institute for network. Here lab facilities are awesome. Management is very good response for students. Teaching faculty teach very well and here 100 percent provide assistance.
Institute reviewed : Zoom Technologies in Hyderabad for training in Hyderabad
panjala naveen goud 5 Star Rating: Excellent Training (5-Excellent Training)
I joined in zoom tech. for a combo course CCNA and MCSE. It was a great experience learning all the concepts and gaining knowledge.. Thanks to team and faculty for the support. At last i would like to thank Swetha(counselor) for her support and encouragement. thanks..
Institute reviewed : Zoom Technologies in Hyderabad for training in Hyderabad
dandu 3 Star Rating: Good Training(3-Good Training)
It is a genuine institute a which i found through one of my friend! It is good institute for Big data and DB concepts.
Institute reviewed : E-cognosys Information Systems Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad in Hyderabad for training in Hyderabad
RAVIKIRAN 4 Star Rating: Best Training (4-Best Training)
It was indeed detail and hand on experience for me at Ecognosys when i underwent Bigdata Hadoop Training.I joined the course for Hadoop. Post training I feel so confident and comfortable by understanding the aspect of Bigdata and the value associated with them.Ecognosys trainers are very friendly and knowledgeable.
I wish the team all the best and let them keep transferring the knowledge across globe.
Institute reviewed : E-cognosys Information Systems Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad in Hyderabad for training in Hyderabad
ravisai 5 Star Rating: Excellent Training (5-Excellent Training)
Java/j2ee training was excellent.they provide training with real time oriented project after completing the course trainer was give some assignments on course.100% i referred/recommend this institute.
Institute reviewed : Adwitiya Infotech Solutions in Hyderabad for training in Hyderabad
Omais Shameem 5 Star Rating: Excellent Training (5-Excellent Training)
I am thoroughly impressed by the way overall ITIL and CISSp training has been imparted at Jagsar.
Not only has the staff and trainer able to take everyone smoothly on fascinating learning experience, but it was also ensured that learning is fun and knowledge sharing is done.

Highly recommended for anyone looking out for CISSP or ITIL training.
Reach out to Jagsar...and rest assured you have made a right decision!
Institute reviewed : Jagsar Services in Hyderabad for training in Hyderabad


Training with placement, Course fees and Trainer Profiles in banjara-hills, hyderabad

7Sky Solutions institute located at banjara-hills in hyderabad offers 15 Day(s) of Adobe CQ5 training course in Hyderabad with Basic Placement Support.

Adobe Certified Instructor and Adobe Community Professional  12 years of IT industry experience  Successfully delivered trainings on Flash, RoboHelp, Flash Catalyst, CQ5, Flex, Co

Adobe CQ5 5.6.1 Developer Training Course CQ5 Course Content ➔ Product and Platform Architecture. ➔ CQ5 Installation. ➔ Deployment Options. ➔ Consoles and Administrative Interfaces. ➔ Using the CRXDE Lite embedded development environment ➔ Creating and using templates and page-rendering components ➔ Creating pages ➔ Installing and using CRXDE ➔ Rendering page-specific content ➔ Apache Sling concepts ➔ Inheritance and component hierarchy ➔ Template and Content re-use concepts ➔ CQ5 Designer ➔ Using APIs for dynamic navigation ➔ ExtJs, Dialogs, and taking input from authors and Design dialogs ➔ Customizable Components ➔ Supporting Drag-and-Drop from Content Finder ➢ Complex Components ➔ Persistence Managers ➔ Search Concepts ➔ Creating Custom Client Library ➔ Creating a custom Widget ➔ OSGi bundles ➔ Workflow basics ➔ Custom workflow process step ➔ CQ Packages ➔ Performance optimization concepts ➔ Replication Agents ➔ Activation and Deactivation of content ➔ DAM and Managing the Assets ➔ VLT
7Sky Solutions institute located at banjara-hills in hyderabad offers 1 Months of ColdFusion training course in Hyderabad with Basic Placement Support.

 Only Adobe Certified Instructor and Adobe Certified Professional in INDIA and Middle East  Successfully delivered trainings on Flash, RoboHelp, Flash Catalyst, CQ5, Flex, Coldfusion

Course Outline Unit 1: Introducing the Course � Meeting the Prerequisites � Understanding the Course Format � Reviewing the Course Outline Unit 2: Introducing ColdFusion � Dynamic HTML generation � CFML and ColdFusion � ColdFusion Administrator � ColdFusion datasources Unit 3: Getting started with ColdFusion Builder � Eclipse and ColdFusion Builder � Exploring the ColdFusion Builder interface � Creating a project and your first application � Debugging Applications � Accessing help in Adobe ColdFusion Builder � Advanced ColdFusion Builder features Unit 4: Fundamentals � Creating ColdFusion Variables � Using variables from HTML forms � Displaying variable values � Commenting Code � If statements � Reusing code with Unit 5: Publishing database content � Connecting to a Database � Querying a Database Table � Viewing Debug Data � Dumping a Recordset to a Browser � Displaying Database Data � Using the Resultset Structure Data � Introducing CurrentRow � Using URL Data in Dynamic Queries � Creating Dynamic SQL for Multiple Search Criteria � Query Params and Caching Unit 6: Complex variables � Using ColdFusion functions � Looping over data � Working with lists � Working with arrays � Working with structures Unit 7: ColdFusion Components � Reusing code � Using Custom Tags � Creating user defined functions � Introduction to components Unit 8: Introducing Object Oriented ColdFusion � Instance based Components � Caching instances � Variables and scopes � Adding methods to a component � Property getters and setters Unit 9: The Application Framework � Handling Request Events � Locking Shared Scope Variables � Handling Session Events � Using session events � onServerStart() � applicationStop() Unit 10: Tags Galore � Using � Using � Creating PDFs with � Using � ColdFusion forms � File system tags � Email tags �
7Sky Solutions institute located at banjara-hills in hyderabad offers 15 Day(s) of Flash training course in Hyderabad with Basic Placement Support.

 Only Adobe Certified Instructor and Adobe Certified Professional in INDIA and Middle East  Adobe Certified Professional ACP in INDIA & Middle East  Till now he executes mi

Lesson 1 - Using Code Snippets and Navigating the Flash Timeline Adding ActionScript using code snippets Placing code on the Flash Timeline Lesson 2 - Working with Events and Functions Working with event-handling functions Using code snippets to create navigation Creating event listeners Lesson 3 - Creating Animation with ActionScript Reviewing the Starting File Controlling MovieClip Properties Creating Animation with ActionScript tweens Lesson 4 - Creating ActionScript in External Files Creating and ActionScript file Creating instances of a class file in Flash Lesson 5 - Using ActionScript and Components to Load Content Creating a List component instance and setting its parameters Adding an instance of the UILoader component Creating the gallery file Adding a scroll bar to the text field Lesson 6 - Creating Preloaders in ActionScript Tools in the testing environment Creating a text field and progress bar to track loading Inserting Actionscript to track progress of the UILoader component Controlling the frames of a movie clip to reflect loading progress Lesson 7 - Using Arrays and Loops in ActionScript 3.0 Examining the starting file Adding MovieClip instances to the Stage from the Flash Library Adding the initial variables Generating multiple instances with a for loop Generating drag-and-drop functionality Creating the game play in an ENTER_FRAME listener Using hitTestObject() to check for collisions Lesson 8 - Creating and Formatting Text with ActionScript Examining the starting file Creating a TLF text field with ActionScript Loading and external text file into a TLF text field Using the TextFormat class Giving the user a custom panel to format text Creating a scroll bar using ActionScript Lesson 9 - Controlling Sound with ActionScript Adding sliders to the project The Sound, SoundChannel, and SoundTransform classes Setting the song titles using a for loop Making the sliders invisible until needed Programming the buttons to select songs Controlling the visibility of the volume and pan controls Adding a listener for the ID3 tags of an MP3 file Lesson 10 - Working with an XML Playlist Understanding the basic structure of an XML file Replacing the SongList Array with an XML Instance Loading with the URLLoader Class Responding to COMPLETE and IO_ERROR Events Moving the Event Listeners into a Function Creating Hyperlinks Using XML Data Navigating Through the Song List Lesson 11 - Using ActionScript and Components to Control Video in Flash Adding the FLVPlayback Component Setting the FLVPlayback Properties in Flash Adding ActionScript control of FLVPlayback properties Working with Color Using cue points with Flash video Adding the FLVPlaybackCaptioning component Playing Multiple Video Files from an XML Playlist Using the Full-Screen Publish Settings Lesson 12 - Delving Deeper into Graphics and Animation with Actionscript Inverse kinematics in Flash CS5 Working with IK animation in ActionScript Playing and Stopping the Sound Effects Creating Sound and SoundChannel instances Accessing the user�s webcam or video camera using ActionScript Using the Bitmap and BitmapData classes Examining the Pixel Bender Toolkit Lesson 13 Printing and Sending Email with ActionScript Adding a Simple Email Link Sending Email from Flash Adding Printing Capabilities with the PrintJob Class Lesson 14 Creating Adobe AIR Applications with Flash and ActionScript 3.0 AIR-Specific ActionScript Specifying Flash Publish Settings for an AIR Project Including a File in the AIR Application Creating an AIR Application Controlling printing with AIR Listening for Drag Events Lesson 15 Using Third-Party Libraries to Extend ActionScript Downloading and installing third-party ActionScript libraries Examining the starting files Using the Papervision 3D BasicView class Creating the constructor function for the Cube3D class Creating and modifying a 3D cube Animating the 3D cube Adding a movie clip as a material on a 3D object
7Sky Solutions institute located at banjara-hills in hyderabad offers 30 Day(s) of Adobe Flex training course in Hyderabad with Basic Placement Support.

 Only Adobe Certified Instructor and Adobe Certified Professional in INDIA and Middle East  12 years of IT industry experience  Successfully delivered trainings on Flash, Rob

Course Outline Introducing Adobe Flex 4.5 Introducing the Adobe Flash Platform � Introducing the technologies � Building Flex applications � Experiencing applications � Learning more about Flex Understanding Flex development technologies � Understanding the Flex framework, SDK and tool � Understanding Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 � Understanding Flash Player Debugger Version Understanding Flex application deployment Exploring the Flash Builder interface � Grouping projects with workspaces � Understanding the workbench � Understanding editors � Understanding views � Understanding perspectives � Adding and configuring components in Design mode Creating a Flex project � Using the New Flex Project wizard Understanding Flex 4.5 Fundamentals � Understanding Adobe Flex namespaces � Understanding how namespaces translate into Flex libraries � Understanding Flex components � Assigning component properties � Adding images � Laying out and styling with Flash Builder � Setting component properties � Setting styles using a CSS style sheet � Compiling and running an application � Compiling the application in Flash Builder � Running the application � Creating custom components � Controlling component layout in containers � Defining and using a custom component � Introducing skinning � Defining a skin class � Applying a skin class � Accessing and using structured data within a custom component � Declaring non-visual objects in MXML � Defining inline event handlers � Generating event handler functions � Introducing data binding � Implementing data binding � Declaring and using bindable properties � Passing data to an embedded control through a custom component property � Updating visual controls using dynamic data � Capturing the current item in a list control � Using data binding to dynamically update visual controls � Adding and removing event listeners using ActionScript Introducing Object Oriented Programming � Introducing OOP terminology � Understanding classes � Understanding instances and objects � Understanding class relationships � Understanding MXML classes � Exploring the Flex framework classes � Creating class instances � Extending the Flex framework classes � Creating a class property � Creating the property � Controlling access � Creating and using a public property � Writing a class definition in ActionScript � Creating a class � Packaging a class � Naming a class � Understanding the constructor � Creating class properties � Assigning property values through the constructor � Making properties or classes bindable � Creating instances of an ActionScript class � Creating class methods Understanding Components and Layouts � Introducing visual components � Introducing Spark vs MX components � Understanding components � Introducing Spark layout classes � Defining the layout property � Understanding the BasicLayout class � Understanding the HorizontalLayout class � Understanding the VerticalLayout class � Understanding the TileLayout class � Custom layout classes � Introducing the Spark container classes � Understanding how the containers work � Understanding the Spark containers � Reviewing the Application container � Introducing the Group container � Introducing the Panel container � Introducing the BorderContainer � Sample application layout � Defining layout properties � Using constraints to control component layout � Understanding constraint-based layout basics � Rules to control component layout � Constraint-based vs. traditional container layout � Visually assigning anchors � Adding scrollbars to containers � Implementing the Scroller class Handling Events � Understanding events � Handling framework events � Handling user events � Implementing event handlers � Using inline ActionScript in MXML � Creating ActionScript event handler functions � Defining a function in an MXML document � Creating functions in external files � Understanding the event object � Introducing the event object � Exploring event object properties � Datatyping the event object � Understanding event bubbling � Distinguishing currentTarget and target � Introducing event bubbling � Adding event listeners with ActionScript Using the Form Container � Using the Form container � Introducing the Form components � Creating a Form custom component � Customizing the FormItem container display � Using sequence labels � Using help content � Using prompts with text controls � Using a custom required icon � Displaying the Spark Form in a stacked layout � Creating a Form with the stacked layout using CSS � Validating and Formatting Data � Using formatters � Introducing MX formatters � Introducing Spark formatters � Defining formatters � Using formatters Validating form data � Introducing MX validators � Introducing Spark validators � Creating a validator with MXML � Creating a validator with ActionScript � Handling required values � Triggering validation with events � When validation fails � Using a custom error icon � Using the Spark NumberValidator class � Triggering validation with ActionScript � Suppressing automatic validation � Using the validate() method � Triggering multiple validators Controlling Navigation � Understanding MX navigator containers � Controlling container display � Introducing the MX navigator containers � Using the ViewStack container � Understanding ViewStack basics � Navigating with the MX LinkBar control � Navigating with the Spark TabBar and ButtonBar controls � Displaying and resizing the ViewStack child containers � Deferring instantiation of ViewStack child containers � Using a Spark container inside MX navigator containers � Creating custom navigation for the ViewStack container � Setting the active ViewStack child container � Enabling buttons dynamically � Using the TabNavigator container � Using the Accordion container Controlling Application State � Understanding view states � Introducing view states � Creating view states in Design mode � Creating view states with code � Controlling view states � Introducing the currentState property � Switching between states Animating Components and States � Applying effects to components � Interacting with users using animated effects � Understanding effect basics � Reviewing available effects � Defining an effect � Playing an effect � Creating composite effects � Applying transitions to application state changes � Creating transitions � Adding and removing components during animations Controlling Visual Display with Styling � Creating global application styles � Generating the styles using the Appearance view in Design mode � Flash Builder automatically creates CSS file � Global vs Application selector � Defining styles and skins for components � Creating Flex component selectors � Create custom component selectors � Applying a component skin via CSS � Introducing Advanced CSS selectors � Descendent selector � id selector � Class selector � Pseudo selector Skinning Spark Components � Introducing skinning � Understanding Spark skins � Setting styles inline in the MXML tags � Introducing the skinnable Spark container classes � Creating a skin for Spark components � Incorporating visual elements drawn in other programs � Introducing FXG � Changing the default display of skin parts � Reviewing the contentGroup skin part for containers � Understanding a Button control�s skin part � Understanding the Panel container�s skin parts � Finding skin parts for any component � Choosing a component to display the skin part Implementing Advanced Skinning Techniques � Implementing different visual states for a skin � Understanding skin states in Button component � Assigning properties for each state � Adding transitions in skin states � Animating the button states � Accessing custom component properties from a skin � Defining the custom property in the custom component � Creating the skin and component contract � Referencing the properties in the skin � Adding scrollbars to skins � Using the Scroller with nonskinnable containers � Using the Scroller with skinnable containers Accessing Remote Data � Using HTTPService to load remote data � Using the HTTPService class � Process for making HTTP requests � Retrieving data with lastResult � Understanding the ArrayCollection results � Using results in data bindings � Handling returned data and faults � Handling results � Handling faults � Displaying messages with an Alert pop-up � Using result and fault handlers example � Making HTTP requests with parameters � Using explicit parameter passing � Using parameter binding � Using the Flash Builder wizards � Understanding the CallResponder class � Creating a master/detail form Creating a Typed Data Model � Understanding the need for a typed data model � Working with a model of generic data � Creating a model of typed data � Understanding value objects � Creating value objects � Creating an ActionScript class for typed data � Reviewing classpaths and packages � Creating class files � Defining class access modifiers � Creating class constructors � Defining class properties � Instantiating an ActionScript class � Populating an ArrayCollection with value objects � Comparing ArrayCollection with ArrayList � Understanding data bindings with value objects � Making ActionScript class properties bindable � Binding the view to the model � Binding two-way � Refactoring value objects � Downcasting object references Extending Events � Understanding the problem with bindings � The problem of using bindings � Creating loosely coupled components � Defining the event type � Defining the event in the dispatching component � Triggering the event from a user or system event � Instantiating the event � Dispatching the event to the main application � Handling the event in the main application � Extending the Event class � Creating the extended class � Extending the Event class � Adding properties � Creating the constructor � Using the extended event class � Using the Metadata compiler directive � Dispatch the extended event � Handling the event in the main application � Dispatching a value object with the extended event � Accommodating a value object in the extended event � Overriding the clone method � Passing a parameter to toggle event bubbling Rendering Content with the DataGroup Container � Displaying string data in an item renderer � Understanding DataGroup container basics � Implementing the DataGroup container � Using the default item renderer � Passing UI components in the data provider � Rendering visual controls � Mixing data item types � Creating a custom item renderer � Understanding the limits of the default item renderer � Creating a custom item renderer � Creating a nested item renderer � Referencing an external item renderer class � Using data in an item renderer � Specifying how to visually render items � Determining a renderer at runtime � Using the Scroller with a DataGroup � Using the SkinnableDataContainer � Implementing the SkinnableDataContainer � Creating the skin component Displaying Data Using the DataGrid � Using the DataGrid control � Supplying data to a DataGrid control � Specifying DataGrid control columns � Formatting DataGrid control columns � Setting column widths with a typical item � Formatting data in a label function � Creating reusable label functions � Using item renderers and item editors � Understanding Item renderers versus item editors � Introducing the types of item renderers and item editors � Creating custom item renderer and item editor components � Using events and selected items with a DataGrid component � Customizing the DataGrid skin Deploying Flex and AIR Applications � Compiling the Flex application � Compiling automatically � Modifying compiler settings � Embedding the SWF in the HTML wrapper � Understanding the runtime shared libraries � Creating a Flex application production build � Creating a release build � Creating a desktop application � Creating an AIR project � Understanding some differences between Flex and AIR applications � Exporting a release build
Zoom Technologies institute located at banjara-hills in hyderabad offers 30 Day(s) of CCNA Certification training course in Hyderabad with 100% Placement Assistance.

Our Trainers are highly experienced and extremely driven senior technical instructor and network consultant. They had been training networking courses for more than 10 years, teaching on Routing a

CCNA Certification Introduction: The CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) certification is the first in Cisco�s line of certifications that an aspiring networking professional must acquire in order to add value to their IT career. The CCNA certification validates a firm foundation of networking skills that include fundamentals like the OSI Reference Model, Networking Protocols, Layer 2 Switching Concepts and Protocols, Routing Concepts and Protocols, and Wide-Area Networking (WAN) Connectivity. Thus a person who is aiming to qualify for the CCNA certification should be proficient in their abilities to provide basic network installations and troubleshooting. CCNA Training Details: Skills and knowledge gained through the CCNA training are valuable in the networking field as the topics covered during the CCNA training program provide the basis for all networking topologies and protocols. The CCNA training covers all aspects of the 200-120 curriculum in detail. The course also provides practical hands-on training on Cisco Routers and Cisco Switches, as no WAN setup is complete without Leased line / Wireless / VSAT / DSL etc. Telecom devices like CSU/DSU, Telco MUX, are also covered in the Practical setup. The training for CCNA Certification is provided by Senior Network/WAN engineers who have several years of field experience. Students preparing for the CCNA certification have a choice of writing the CCNA exam as a single paper or as two papers together. The details of paper codes and their descriptions are mentioned in the table below. Cisco Training - CCNA Course Contents Introduction to Wide Area Networks Internetwork Operating System (IOS) IP Routing (Static & Dynamic) LAN Switching IPv4 & IPv6 STP, PVSTP & RSTP Virtual Private Network - VPN Redundancy Protocols Network monitoring tools NAT & PAT Cisco Express Forwarding Network Device Security WAN Technologies Troubleshooting
Rachnoutsav Events Academy institute located at banjara-hills in hyderabad offers 24 Months of Leadership Training training course in Hyderabad with 100% Placement Assistance.

Rachnoutsav - we focus on action in education, diverse and quality learning environment that engenders experiential learning, innovation and creative development towards producing entrepreneurs and l

Bachelor in Business Administration-BBA + GPEM The BBA programme of the Institute introduces and exposes the students to various industry-specific management functions such as those in the areas of marketing, finance, human resource and systems. This bridges the gap between the student s skills, knowledge and attitude with that of the corporate expectations. Interactive Class room discussions, case studies assignments, group presentations with formative feedback will motivate the students to hone their skills of: 1. Leadership 2. Collaboration 3. Creativity and Innovation 4. Communication and Research BBA provides you with the scope to enter a wide range of business fields, reflected in the various specializations designed to enhance your ability to understand new developments, pursue further studies and become a leader in your field such as- 1. Corporate 2. Government 3. Nonprofit Organizations 4. Entrepreneurship 5. Higher Studies in India or Abroad All the above efforts culminate in what a Manager has to know, or understand, in order to efficiently handle his tasks and responsibilities. Since management of any industry is intrinsically skill-focused, discipline focused and as well as function-focused, the BBA programme trains a student to better meet the managerial expectations of the corporate sector. Graduates from other disciplines are unlikely to possess this distinctive edge over a BBA graduate to foresee and resolve issues from a holistic perspective. Distinctive Features 1. Globally Relevant Curriculum 2. Assignments with Formative Feedback 3. Industry Based Project Work 4 Experiential Learning through Internships 5. Workshops on Interpersonal Skills 6. Skills in Job Search and Placements
Delhi School of Internet Marketing institute located at banjara-hills in hyderabad offers 3 Months of Digital Marketing training course in Hyderabad with 100% Placement Assistance.

Trainers here are industry experts and offers industry-driven knowledge to learners. They will provide you full practical exposure with updated course content. Interactive sessions conveying th

Delhi School of Internet Marketing, DSIM is a Delhi based institute & provides training in digital marketing and has an inclusive course educational program covering 17 modules of the subject. The program is design for job seekers, Entrepreneur and working professionals of all levels that will prepare you to take up a more specialist role within the overall marketing domain. The institute is a certified Google Premier Partner Company and trainers here are industry-experienced. Training sessions are of in-class and instructor-led online types, subject to the preference of an individual. The training offers industry-driven knowledge to learners and popularly called as “Advanced Digital Marketing Training Program’. Who can join? Appropriate for professionals of all levels and will make you to take up a more professional role within the whole marketing field. What you will achieve? • Complete insights of Digital Marketing • Complete practical exposure • Scale your startup • Give your career a new hike • Training Sessions by experts • Learn with live examples • Free 100% placement assistance


Training Requirements for Best Training centers in banjara-hills, hyderabad

Requirements for List of best training institutes in banjara-hills, hyderabad City.

prakash (banjara-hills Hyderabad on 18-Aug-2018 )
UNIX Shell Scripting peofessional training duration - please inform. - linux training in hyderabad (banjara-hills)
Sajal goswami (banjara-hills Hyderabad on 16-Aug-2018 )
Laptop repair courses peofessional training duration - please inform. - laptop-service training in hyderabad (banjara-hills)
Venkat (banjara-hills Hyderabad on 12-Aug-2018 )
Cisco CCIE Routing & Switching course fee and duration details - cisco-certification training in hyderabad (banjara-hills)
Shruthi (banjara-hills Hyderabad on 10-Aug-2018 )
Accounting & Finance training for CFP - Certified Financial Planner course - accounting--finance training in hyderabad (banjara-hills)
sunny (banjara-hills Hyderabad on 09-Aug-2018 )
Adobe Illustrator course fee and duration details - animation-multimedia training in hyderabad (banjara-hills)
Ganuga Hussain VALI (banjara-hills Hyderabad on 05-Aug-2018 )
Hai sir Im studying the date base administration but the course u can fee tell me now sir Course details needed for Oracle DBA - oracle training in hyderabad (banjara-hills)
Sandeep reddy (banjara-hills Hyderabad on 31-Jul-2018 )
IT Security & Ethical Hacking peofessional training duration - please inform. - it-security--ethical-hacking training in hyderabad (banjara-hills)
POOJITHA (banjara-hills Hyderabad on 29-Jul-2018 )
Rhinoceros 3D peofessional training duration - please inform. - animation-multimedia training in hyderabad (banjara-hills)
B.Anilkumar (banjara-hills Hyderabad on 25-Jul-2018 )
I want sap fico detail Couse details needed for SAP FICO - sap training in hyderabad (banjara-hills)
Asagoni santosh (banjara-hills Hyderabad on 23-Jul-2018 )
Salesforce Administrator training class timings needed. - salesforce training in hyderabad (banjara-hills)




Unix Academy Delhi Training

High Technologies Solutions - Delhi,Noida,Gurgaon

Embedded Technosolutions Mumbai


GRRAS Institute Ahmedabad Jaipur Pune

Sun Infosystems Surat

Indian Institute of Technocrafts, Kolkata

Core Mind Technologies Chennai

HB Services Adyar Training InstituteITBMS chennai Best Training Institute

Best Oracle PHP Java Training chennaiCareer Innovation Technologies Velachery

Peridot Systems Chennai

Mazenet SolutionAMEKS Infotech Ekkattuthangal, Chennai

vgit kilpauke learning, e-publishing, technical writting courses

IIHT Bangalore

7 Eleven Arthashastra Chennai

HITS computer Education chennai

IIHT Vadapalani Chennai

Dallas Technologies Bangalore

JITS Training

Systems Domain Bangalore

IICT Chrompet - SAP Training in ChennaiPMP Training in India

RIA Institute of Technology Bangalore

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