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Best Training institutes ,Computer education and Coaching classes in Medavakkam as of August 20, 2018



training institutes Ashok Training Center
Medavakkam, Chennai


Best training institute
Address: Medavakkam Chennai-600100

We are the best Data Warehousing Training in Chennai. Data Warehousing Training provided by industry top most experienced persons. Our Data Warehousing trainers are having more than 10+ years. Ashok Training Center conducts OBIEE, Data Warehousing, Endeca, Hadoop, Informatica training classes at Medavakkam in Chennai.
training institutes SimplyAnalytics Pvt Ltd
Medavakkam, Chennai


Best training institute
Address: 11/198,Sathish Tower,Medavakkam Mambakkam Road Chennai-600100

We are a leading training institute with hundreds of talended trainers teaching, guiding and inspiring the people. SimplyAnalytics Pvt Ltd conducts Microsoft Certifications, Cloud Computing, Microsoft BI , JAVA J2EE, Android training classes at Medavakkam in Chennai.
training institutes Kannaas Technologies
Medavakkam, Chennai


training institute
Kannaas Technologies at Medavakkam - 	institute name board photo_15698 
Address: No.10/414 B,1st Floor, VGP Babu Nagar Mambakkam Main Road, Medavakkam Chennai-600100

We are providing the Training for various IT Technologies & Communication in Real Time Manner with Real Time Corporate Trainers. Kannaas Technologies conducts Software Testing, Spoken English, SEO Training, Tally, Web Designing training classes at Medavakkam in Chennai.
training institutes VEL CAREER ACADEMY
Medavakkam, Chennai
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training institute

VEL CAREER ACADEMY conducts Bank PO exam training classes at Medavakkam in Chennai.
training institutes dhaksha technology
Medavakkam, Chennai
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training institute
Address: No 9/204, Patel road, Ranganathapuram, Medavakkam, Chennai

dhaksha technology conducts Cisco Certification, SEO Training, Data Warehousing, E-Learning, Hadoop training classes at Medavakkam in Chennai.
training institutes BuoyancyTechnologies
Medavakkam, Chennai


training institute
Address: Plot No.55, Rohaan Landmark, flat S1 Ramiah Nagar,Chennai - 100 Medavakkam Chennai-600100

We are providing Industry based training for students, freshers, job seekers, working professional by MNC Experts. Our training approach is 80% practical and 20% theory. BuoyancyTechnologies conducts Oracle, Software Testing, Networking, PHP, Cloud Computing training classes at Medavakkam in Chennai.
training institutes Nextgen Techologies
Medavakkam, Chennai
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training institute

Nextgen Techologies conducts Personality Development training classes at Medavakkam in Chennai.
training institutes Xplorant IT Training
Medavakkam, Chennai


training institute
Address: No 87, Radha Nagar first street, Perumbakkam main road, Perumbakkam, Medavakkam Chennai-600100

Xplorant Technologies in Chennai you will be a master with clear and in depth knowledge about the technology. Xplorant IT Training conducts SEO Training, iOS Apple iPhone training classes at Medavakkam in Chennai.
training institutes iQuiz technologies
Medavakkam, Chennai


training institute

iQuiz technologies conducts Hadoop, Bigdata training classes at Medavakkam in Chennai.
training institutes Dhaksha Technology
Medavakkam, Chennai


training institute

Dhaksha Technology conducts Linux, Hadoop, HP UNIX, Software Testing, Bigdata training classes at Medavakkam in Chennai.
training institutes ProGyaan Learning Centre
Medavakkam, Chennai
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training institute
ProGyaan Learning Centre at Medavakkam - institute name board	 photo_16295 
Address: 4/874, III Floor, Perumbakkam Main Road, Medavakkam, Chennai-600100

ProGyaan Learning Centre conducts PLC SCADA training classes at Medavakkam in Chennai.
training institutes B2P Technologies
Medavakkam, Chennai
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training institute
Address: 87 Radha Nagar, 1st Main Road, Perumbakkam. Medavakkam Chennai-600100

B2P Technologies conducts .Net, Food & Healthcare training classes at Medavakkam in Chennai.
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Training centers in medavakkam, chennai - Reviews & Complaints

List of training reviews for institutes located in and around medavakkam in chennai location

Sowjanya 5 Star Rating: Excellent Training (5-Excellent Training)
One of the best teaching faculty on hadoop and spark
Institute reviewed : iQuiz technologies in Chennai for training in Chennai
Boobalan 4 Star Rating: Best Training (4-Best Training)
Its a very good institute and it have many verticals which makes an employee very flexible and the management is very supportive and motivating.
Institute reviewed : Kannaas Technologies in Chennai for training in Chennai
Arjun Singh 5 Star Rating: Excellent Training (5-Excellent Training)
Am from Rajasthan. I joined in Kannaas Technologies for SPoken English course. Hindi to English Mode.I dont know tamil so they arrange the trainer who knows hindi, Training is Excellent.
Institute reviewed : Kannaas Technologies in Chennai for training in Chennai
Sona 5 Star Rating: Excellent Training (5-Excellent Training)
I did Graphic Designing in KT.I have successfully completed the course.Thank U.
Institute reviewed : Kannaas Technologies in Chennai for training in Chennai
Rahul 4 Star Rating: Best Training (4-Best Training)
Am from Singapore. I came here to learn C C++ for my academic purpose. Its very effective. Thanks to Trainer. Good job guys.
Institute reviewed : Kannaas Technologies in Chennai for training in Chennai
Kalai 5 Star Rating: Excellent Training (5-Excellent Training)
Best training institute for hadoop
Institute reviewed : Dhaksha Technology in Chennai for training in Chennai
Viveka 4 Star Rating: Best Training (4-Best Training)
Joined MS Excel Basic, Intermediate, VB Macro. Superb!!!!!!!
Job Oriented Training
Institute reviewed : Kannaas Technologies in Chennai for training in Chennai


Training with placement, Course fees and Trainer Profiles in medavakkam, chennai

Anee Infotech institute located at medavakkam in chennai offers 2 Months of JAVA J2EE training course in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance.

6 Yrs Exp in JAVA J2EE with Real Time Exposure Trainer from Corporate. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sound Knowledge in Core Java JSP Servlet Spring Hibernate Struts >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Han

JAVA/J2EE Course Contents Core Java:-  Introduction to Java.  Installation of Java S/W.  First Java Program.  Data Types in Java.  Operators in Java.  Control Statements in Java.  Reading the data from Keyboard.  Strings in Java.  Arrays in Java.  OOPS Features.  Syntaxes for creating a class and object.  Examples on OOPS.  Constructors in Java.  Types of methods in Java.  Static keyword importance.  Inheritance in Java.  Super keyword importance.  Final keyword importance.  Polymorphism in Java.  Abstract classes.  Interfaces.  Inner classes and types.  Packages.  Exception Handling in Java.  Multithreading.  Socket/Network Programming.  Wrapper classes.  Garbage Collection.  File Handling.  Serialization and De-Serialization.  Collection Framework.  AWT, Swings and Applets.  Special class with IDE S Like Eclipse and Net beans etc. New Features in Java 1.5:  Generics  Enhanced for Loop  Autoboxing/Unboxing  Typesafe Enums  Varargs  Static Import  Annotations  New features of JDK 1.6 AND JDK 1.7. Servlets:-  Introduction to Web Applications.  Need and importance of Servlets.  Servlet API.  Servlet Lifecycle.  General Programming Structure of Servlet Application.  How to install and run the server.(Tomcat or JBoss)  How to configure the server with Eclipse.  First Hello World Example on Servlet.  Example on Lifecycle Methods Of Servlet.  How to access the values from the UI with validation.(Login Page Example)  Initialization paraments.  Context Parameters.  Using Request Dispatcher interface.  Difference b/w include (), forward (), sendRedirect() methods.  Session Tracking Mechanism.  Filters.  Listeners. JSP S:-  Introduction to JSP S.  Advantages of JSP s Over Servlet.  Model-1 and Model-2 Architectures.  JSP Lifecycle.  Important Tags of JSP S.  First Example on JSP S.  Implicit Objects in JSP S with Examples.  Important Directives in JSP S with Examples.  Action Tags in JSP S with Examples.  Expression Language with Examples.  JSTL with Examples.  JSP and Servlet Communication.  About MVC Framework.  About DAO Design Pattern. Hibernate:-  Introduction to ORM(Hibernate) Framework  Comparing JDBC and Hibernate.  Advantages of Hibernate compared to JDBC  Important classes and interface of Hibernate.  Hibernate Architecture  Steps to develop simple Hibernate Application  Performing CRUD Operations.  HQL(Hibernate Query Language)  Relationships in Hibernate  Inheritance In Hibernate  Criteria API  Caching Spring Framework:-  Introduction to Spring Framework  Spring Modules  IOC Container  Dependency Injection  Constructor Injection  Setter Injection  Auto wiring  Spring AOP  Spring JDBC  Spring with ORM  Spring MVC  Spring with Struts
Anee Infotech institute located at medavakkam in chennai offers 50 Day(s) of .Net training course in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance.

Our trainer is 5 Yrs Exp in Microsoft Dotnet Real Time Training Microsoft Certified Trainer. More than 250 students has been executed by our trainer. More than 15 Corporate batches has been execut

MS Dotnet Introduction to Dot Net � .Net Framework Architecture � Compiling Source Code � Program Execution � The Overall Process � Common Language Runtime (CLR) � Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) � Common Type System (CTS) � Common Language Specification (CLS) � Intermediate Language (IL) � Base Class Library (BCL) � .Net Framework Features � Introduction to .Net Framework & OOPS concepts Visual Studio.Net Framework & C# Language � Why .Net & what is .Net? � Introduction to .Net Framework � Overview of Visual Studio 2010 � Introduction to C# Programming Language � Introduction to C#.Net Programming Fundamentals � Control Flow Structure in C#.Net � Working with Object Oriented Programming � Understanding Delegates & Events � Understanding Collections & Generics � Understanding .Net Assemblies � File Handling in � Multi-Threading in � Serialization Windows Application Development using Visual Studio.Net � Programming Windows Forms � Configuring Standard Controls � Building Menus � Working with DataBound Controls � Dialog Boxes & Forms Inheritance � Working with MDI Application � Customizing Forms & Controls � Reflection � Threading � Application Domains � Windows Services � Remoting Data Access Applications using Visual Studio.Net � Introduction to ADO.Net � Introduction to Transact SQL Programming � Connected & Disconnected Architecture � Working with ADO.Net Commands � Working with ADO.Net Datasets � Working with using Stored Procedure � Working with ADO.Net Transactions � Introduction to LINQ � Working with LINQ to Classes � Working with LINQ to Objects � Working with LINQ to SQL � Working with ADO.Net Entity Framework Web Applications Development using Visual Studio.Net � Overview of ASP.Net Framework � Working with Page Object Model � Working with ASP.Net Server Controls � Validation for ASP.Net Pages � Master Pages , Skins & Themes in � State Management in ASP.Net � Datagrid, DataList, & Repeater Control � User Control & Custom Control in � Data Binding in ASP.Net � Personalization � Working with XML in ASP.Net � State Management in � Caching � Modules & Handlers in ASP.Net � Configuration & Instrumentation � ASP.Net Security � ASP.Net Ajax � Working with Web parts in ASP.Net � Working with Web Services in ASP.Net � Deployment Windows Foundation 3.5 Features � WCF � WWF .Net Framework 4.0 Features � Types & Members � MVC 3
Anee Infotech institute located at medavakkam in chennai offers 25 Day(s) of Adobe Photoshop training course in Chennai with Basic Placement Support.

Trainer s from Corporate. Experience in same domain more than 6 Years. Has been executed more than 260 students. Adobe Photoshop, Pagemaker, Coreldraw, Illustrator, 2D & 3D animation, Games

Photoshop Module 1: Introduction and Overview of Photoshop  About Photoshop  Pixels and vector images  User Interface  Creating new workspace  Opening existing workspace  Closing workspace  Exploring Toolbox Module 2: Working with Selection  Moving a selected area  Using Rectangular marquee tool, Elliptical marquee tool  Selecting with Lasso tools  Using the quick selection tool  Using the magic wand tool Module 3: Resizing & Cropping Images  Understanding Pixels & Resolution  Adjusting Image size  Cropping an Image  Adjusting Canvas Size and Canvas Rotation  Working with Rulers, Guides Module 4: Photo Retouching  Spot healing brush tool  Patch and Healing brush tool  The Red eye tool  Color Replacement tool  The Clone stamp & Pattern stamp tools  The history brush tool & art history brush tool  Using Blur, Sharpen, Smudge tool  Using Dodge, Burn, Sponge tool Module 5: Panting in Photoshop  Using the Brush tool  Working with color and Swatches  Using Gradients  Working with Brushes  Using the Pencil & Eraser tools Module 6: Vector Image Creation in Photoshop  Using the Pen tool  Pen tool modifier Keys  Path Selection  Modifying paths  Creating Vector Shapes  Creating Custom Shapes Module 7: Working with Text  Text Layers  Creating & Modifying Text  Styling texts  Character & Paragraph Adjustment  Creating path outlines from text  Wrapping text Module 8: Working with Layers  Understanding the Background Layer  Creating, Selecting, Deleting Layers  Locking & Merging Layers  Copying layers, Duplicate Layers & Layers style  Filling & Grouping Layers  Blending Modes, Opacity & Fill Module 9: Working Adjustment Layers  Levels, Auto Levels, Auto Contrast  Change the brightness or Contrast of Image etc., Module 10: Creating Special Effect  Working with Photoshop Filter  Smart Filter  Creating Text Effect  Creating Effect on Image Module 11: Importing & Exporting Images  Saving with Different File Format  Saving for Web & Devices  Printing option Module 12: Design Logo, Banners, Business Card & Website Layout, Brochures, Leaflets etc..
Anee Infotech institute located at medavakkam in chennai offers 50 Day(s) of Web Designing training course in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance.

Freelancer Sound Knowledge in PHP MYSQL CSS HTML JAVASCRIPT JQUERY More than 3 years of experience in Web designing. More than 200 students has been executed by trainer.

PHP & MYSQL PHP  PHP Install  PHP Syntax  PHP Variables  PHP Echo / Print  PHP Data Types  PHP Strings  PHP Constants  PHP Operators  PHP If...Else...Else if  PHP Switch  PHP While Loops  PHP for Loops  PHP GET & POST  PHP Functions  PHP Arrays  PHP Sorting Arrays  PHP Superglobals  PHP Forms  PHP Form Handling  PHP Form Validation  PHP Form Required  PHP Form URL/E-mail MYSQL  MYSQL Database  MYSQL Connect  MYSQL Create DB  MYSQL Create Table  MYSQL Insert Data  MYSQL Insert Multiple  MYSQL Prepared  MYSQL Select Data  MYSQL Delete Data  MYSQL Update Data  MYSQL Limit Data PHP MYSQL Application Development  MYSQL functions in PHP  Querying a database  User-Driven Querying  Previous and Next Browsing  Inserts, Updates and Delete  User authentication and Management HTML CSS JAVASCRIPT HTML  HTML Introduction  HTML Editors  HTML Basic  HTML Elements  HTML Attributes  HTML Headings  HTML Paragraphs  HTML Styles  HTML Formatting  HTML Quotations  HTML Comments  HTML CSS  HTML Links  HTML Images  HTML Tables  HTML Lists  HTML Blocks  HTML Classes  HTML Layout  HTML Responsive  HTML frames  HTML Color Names  HTML Color Values  HTML Color Shades  HTML JavaScript  HTML Head  HTML Entities  HTML Symbols  HTML Charset  HTML URL Encode  HTML XHTML  HTML Forms  HTML Form Elements  HTML Input Types  HTML Input Attributes CSS  CSS Introduction  CSS Syntax  CSS Selectors  CSS How To Use  CSS Backgrounds  CSS Text  CSS Fonts  CSS Links  CSS Lists  CSS Tables  CSS Box Model  CSS Border  CSS Outline  CSS Margin  CSS Padding  CSS Dimension  CSS Display  CSS Positioning  CSS Floating  CSS Align  CSS Combinators  CSS Pseudo-class  CSS Pseudo-element  CSS Navigation Bar  CSS Image Gallery  CSS Image Opacity  CSS Image Sprites  CSS Media Types  CSS Attr Selectors Java Script  JS Introduction  JS Where To  JS Output  JS Syntax  JS Statements  JS Comments  JS Variables  JS Operators  JS Data Types  JS Functions  JS Objects  JS Scope  JS Events  JS Strings  JS String Methods  JS Numbers  JS Number Methods  JS Math  JS Dates  JS Date Methods  JS Arrays  JS Array Methods  JS Booleans  JS Comparisons  JS Conditions  JS Switch  JS Loop For  JS Loop While  JS Breaks  JS Type Of  JS Conversion  JS Regular Exp  JS Errors  JS Debugging  JS Hoisting  JS Strict Mode  JS Style Guide  JS Mistakes  JS Performance  JS Reserved Words
Anee Infotech institute located at medavakkam in chennai offers 30 Day(s) of MS Excel 2007 training course in Chennai with No Placement Support.

Trainer from Corporate. Handled Number of Clients Project. Sound Knowledge in the following Module >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Programming in Excel VBA Object Models Advanced Techniques in Excel VB

ALPHA INFO MATRIX VB Macros Module I: Programming in Excel VBA  The Basics  Variables, Arrays, Constants and Data types  Modules, Functions, Subroutines  Programming Basics: Decisions and Looping  Strings and Functions and Message Boxes  Operators  Debugging  Errors and the error function  Dialogs  Common Dialog Control  Command Bars and Buttons Module II: Object Models  The Excel Object Model  The Excel Object Model-Main Objects  Using Excel to Interact with other office programs Module III: Advanced Techniques in Excel VBA  Charts and Graphs  Working with Databases  API Calls  Class s  Animation  Working with XML Files  The Ribbon  Pivot tables Module IV: VBA in Action  Converting Labels to Numbers and Numbers to Labels  Transposing a Range of Cells  Adding formula Details into Comments  Calculating a Range  Reversing a Label  Who Created the Workbook?  Evaluating a Cell  Sorting Worksheets into Alphabetical Order  Replacing Characters in a String  Timed Events  Auto-Totaling a Matrix of Numbers  Absolute and Relative Formulas  Coloring Alternate Rows and Columns of the Spreadsheet  Coloring Cells Containing Formulas  Summing Cells by Reference to a Master Cell  Globally Changing a Range of Values  Displaying Hidden Sheets without a Password  Searching Multiple Sheets and Workbooks  Brighten Up Your Comments  Importing a CSV File Containing Leading Zeros  Working with Shapes  Turning Your VBA Code into an Add-In
B2P Technologies institute located at medavakkam in chennai offers 30 Day(s) of .Net training course in Chennai with Basic Placement Support.

More than 10 Years of experience in DotNet® Technologies Has worked on multiple realtime Dot Net projects Working in a top MNC company in Chennai Trained 2000+ Students so far. Strong Theoretical

.Net Framework CLR, CLS & CTS Compilation process in .NET Assemblies & Versioning C# Language Syntax Data Types, Variables & Operators Conditional Statements & Looping Structures Garbage Collection and Finalization Exception Handling Classes & Objects Classes and Objects Abstract Classes and Interfaces Constructors and Destructors Structures, Enumerations Boxing & Unboxing OOPS Encapsulation Inheritance Polymorphism Data Abstraction Namespace Namespace, Nested Namespace Delegates & Events Properties, Indexer & Indexer Overload Errors and Exceptions Arrays, Collections & Generics Single Dimension Array, Multi Dimension Array Collections Generic Collections File I/O and Streams Working with Directories and Files Read and write file Remoting & Reflection Application Domain MarshalByRef Object Typeof SQL Server Introduction DML DDL Functions Jins & Views Functions & Stored Procedure Triggers & Cursors ADO.NET (Working with Database) Overview of ADO.NET Connected vs Disconnected Architecture Data Connection Object Data Command Object Data Adapter Object Data Readers Data Sets & Data Adapters Structure of Dataset Execute Non Query Execute Reader Execute Scalar ASP.NET 4.0 Introduction to Web Programming Client / Server Technology Understanding Web Server IIS Page Life Cycle Global.asax Web.config Intrinsic Objects in ASP.Net Web Form Web Control Class Creating Web Forms Application Handling Images Navigating between Pages Managing Server Controls Server Control Events Using HTML Controls Using Data Controls Repeater Control Validation Controls:- ASP.Net validation controls Configuring validation controls State Management Preserving State in Web Applications Using Cookies to Preserve State ASP.NET Session State Application State User Controls Creating User Controls Interacting with User Controls Loading User Controls Dynamically Master Pages & Themes Simple Master Page Nested Master Page Configuring Master Page Creating Themes Applying Themes Applying Stylesheet Uploading Files Using FileUpload Control Setting the location and filename to upload the files Handling Emails Protocols for Email Sending Mails Managing Attachments ASP.NET Web Services Introduction to XML Web services Creating Web Service Setting the Web Service Attribute Test and Run Your Web Service Consuming a Web Service in Client Application Consuming a Third Party Web service Deployment Publishing Web Applications. Create Web Setup Project.
Xplorant IT Training institute located at medavakkam in chennai offers 2 Months of PHP training course in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance.

Bala (Senior PHP Developer) - 5 Years Industry Experience. Versatile in development of all server-side logic, database architecture and ensuring high performance of the application with experience in

Learn PHP training in chennai from beginner level to advanced expert level with our professional trainers. PHP is a server-side scripting language designed primarily for web development but also used as a general-purpose programming language. Our training program is very much mixed both practical and interview point of questions. It will helpful for the companies and students who are willing to learn PHP with live projects. If you are looking for Best PHP training Institute in Chennai � Call us 9940344422. PHP Training in Chennai Syllabus 1. Introduction of Web & PHP 2. Exploring Data Types 3. Control Structures: Logical Expressions 4. Control Structures: Loops 5. User-Defined Functions 6. Debugging 7. Building Web Pages with PHP 8. Working with Forms and Form Data 9. Working with Cookies and Sessions 10. MySQL Basics 11. Using PHP to Access MySQL 12. Building a Content Management System (CMS) 13. Using Site Navigation to Choose Content 14. Application CRUD 15. Building the Public Area 16. Regulating Page Access 17. Advanced PHP Techniques 18. Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) 19. OOP in Practice 20. Working with Files and Directories 21. Sending Emails
Dhaksha Technology institute located at medavakkam in chennai offers 45 Day(s) of Oracle Developer training course in Chennai with Basic Placement Support.

Our Oracle trainer is working in Oracle Database development for more than 9 years in MNC’s. Trainer offering industry needs and we are offering Oracle Training in Chennai. Our Oracle trainers offer

Course Syllabus Oracle course Concepts • History of Oracle Database • Oracle Database version history • Advantage and Disadvantage of Database • Oracle Datatypes DDL -Data Definition Language • Create, Alter, Rename, Drop, Truncate DML-Data • Select, Insert, update, Delete TCL- Transaction Control Language • Commit, Rollback, Save point DCL-Data Control Language • Grant, Revoke Constraints • Definition of SQL Constraints • Types of Constraints • NOT NULL, UNIQUE, PRIMARY KEY, FOREIGN KEY, CHECK • ADDING, DROPPING, ENABLING and DISABLING of Constraints SQL-Clauses • SELECT Clause • WITH Clause • DISTINCT Clause • FROM Clause • WHERE Clause • ORDER BY Clause • GROUP BY Clause • HAVING Clause SQL Aliases SQL – JOINS • Overview of JOINS • Types of JOINS • INNER join, OUTER join, EQUI join, SELF join, CROSS join, ANTI join, SEMI join SQL – Conditions • AND, OR, AND & OR, LIKE, IN, NOT, IS NULL, IS NOT NULL, BETWEEN, EXISTS conditions Single -Row Functions • String / Char Functions • ASCII, CHR, NCHR, CONCAT, CONVERT, INITCAP, INSTR • LENGTH, LOWER, UPPER, LPAD, RPAD, SUBSTR, • TRIM, LTRIM, RTRIM, REPLACE, TRANSLATE • REGEXP_INSTR, REGEXP_REPLACE, REGEXP_SUBSTR Numeric / Math Functions • MIN, MAX, AVG, COUNT, SUM, MOD, LEAST, MEDIAN, TRUNC(Numbers) • FLOOR, POWER, REMAINDER, ROUND(numbers), ROWNUM Date and Time Functions • SYSDATE, SYSTIMETAMP, ADD_MONTHS, • CURRENT_DATE, CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, LAST_DAY, LOCALTIMESTAMP • MONTHS_BETWEEN, NEXT_DAY, ROUND(dates), TRUNC(dates) Conversion Functions • TO_CHAR, TO_CLOB, TO_DATE, • TO_NCLOB, TO_NUMBER, TO_TIMESTAMP SQL Analytic Functions • RANK,DENSE_RANK • FIRST_VALUE,LAST_VALUE • LAG, LEAD SQL Advanced Functions • CASE, DECODE • LNNVL, NANVL • NULLIF, NVL, NVL2 SQL Index SQL Views Materialized View Set operators • Discussion of SET Operator • Types of SET Operator • UNION, UNION ALL, INTERSECT, MINUS SQL Loader SQL Sequences Synonym Table Partition Global Temporary Table ORACLE – PLSQL Course Content • Overview of PLSQL • Basic Syntax of PLSQL • PLSQL-Data types • PLSQL-Variable • PLSQL-Operators • PLSQL-Constants • PLSQL-Conditions • PLSQL-Loops • PLSQL-String • PLSQL-Arrays • PLSQL-Procedure • PLSQL-Functions • PLSQL-Packages • PLSQL-Cursor • PLSQL-Records • PLSQL-Triggers • PLSQL-Collections • PLSQL-Transactions • PLSQL-Date & Time • PLSQL-DBMS Output • PLSQL-Exception Handling
Dhaksha Technology institute located at medavakkam in chennai offers 45 Day(s) of Bigdata training course in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance.

Our Hadoop trainer working in MNC’s. Trainer offering industry needs and we are offering Hadoop training in Chennai. Our Hadoop trainers offers classroom training and Big data Online Training. We H

Hadoop Course Content HBase HBase Overview HBase Architecture HBase Shell HBase General Commands HBase Admin API HBase Create Table HBase Listing Table HBase Disabling a Table HBase Enabling a Table HBase Describe & Alter HBase Exists HBase Drop Table HBase Shutting Down HBase Client API HBase Create Data HBase Update Data HBase Read Data HBase Delete Data HBase Scan HBase Count & Truncate HBase Security Hive Hive Introduction Hive Data Types Hive Create Database Hive Drop Database Hive Create Table Hive Alter Table Hive Drop Table Hive Partitioning Hive Built-in Operators Hive Bulit-in Function Hive View and Indexes HiveQL HiveQL Select Where HiveQL Select Order By HiveQL Select Group By HiveQL Select joins Pig Pig Overview Pig Architecture Pig Execution Types Pig Grunt Shell Pig Installation Load & Store Operators Pig Reading Data Pig Storing Data Diagnostic Operators Pig Diagnostic operator Pig Describe Operator Pig Explain Operator Pig illustrate Operator Grouping & Joining Pig Group Operator Pig Cogroup Operator Pig Join Operator Pig Cross Operator Combining & Splitting Pig Union Operator Pig Split Operator Filtering Pig filer Operator Pig Distinct Operator Pig Foreach Operator Sorting Pig Oder By Pig Limit Operator Bulit -in Function Pig Eval Function Pig Load & Sotre Function Pig Bag & Tuple Function Pig String Function Pig Date-Time Function Pig Math Function Other Modes Of Execution Pig User Defined Function Pig Running Scripts SQOOP SQOOP Overview SQOOP Import Data Full table Only Subset Target Directory Protecting Password, File format other than CSV Compressing,Control Parallelism All tables Import SQOOP Incremental Import Import only New data Last Imported data Sstoring Password in Metastore Sharing Metastore between Sqoop Clients SQOOP Free Form Query Import SQOOP Export data to RDBMS,HIVE and HBASE


Training Requirements for Best Training centers in medavakkam, chennai

Requirements for List of best training institutes in medavakkam, chennai City.

Arun Chandran (medavakkam Chennai on 15-Aug-2018 )
Learn Oracle Forms and Reports Couse details needed for Oracle Forms & Reports - oracle training in chennai (medavakkam)
Vaishnavi Chandrasekar (medavakkam Chennai on 14-Aug-2018 )
I want to learn the concepts and complete the certification. Looking for a job change. Hope this will be useful. Want some guidance on other certification as well which will be useful. Am currently working as Quality and Compliance Analyst - itil-foundations training in chennai (medavakkam)
Ponnusamy (medavakkam Chennai on 06-Jul-2018 )
Acupuncture training cost with job assurance support - food--healthcare training in chennai (medavakkam)
saranya (medavakkam Chennai on 25-Jun-2018 )
MS Excel 2007 peofessional training duration - please inform. - ms-office training in chennai (medavakkam)
Joan I (medavakkam Chennai on 03-Jun-2018 )
Security Event Management training cost with job assurance support - seim training in chennai (medavakkam)
Monika (medavakkam Chennai on 01-Jun-2018 )
Bank Exam Coaching course fee and duration details - bank-po-exam training in chennai (medavakkam)
Gopika (medavakkam Chennai on 01-Jun-2018 )
Bank Exam Coaching peofessional training duration - please inform. - bank-po-exam training in chennai (medavakkam)
sharmi (medavakkam Chennai on 30-May-2018 )
Bank Exam Coaching training class timings needed. - bank-po-exam training in chennai (medavakkam)
Kaviya A (medavakkam Chennai on 17-May-2018 )
Bioinformatics peofessional training duration - please inform. - biotechnology training in chennai (medavakkam)
sharadha priya (medavakkam Chennai on 16-May-2018 )
To be placed in good company Couse details needed for SAP HR - sap training in chennai (medavakkam)




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Peridot Systems Chennai


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