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EC Council Certification Training Begumpet Hyderabad, ENSA ECSA ECIH ECSP certification training institutes Begumpet Hyderabad

List of Best EC Council Certification Training Begumpet Hyderabad, ENSA ECSA ECIH ECSP certification training institutes Begumpet Hyderabad with address, Phone numbers, course fee, student reviews and training course learning at Begumpet area in Hyderabad City. As of May 28, 2018, We have total of 2 EC-Council Certifications training institutes in and around also near to Begumpet in Hyderabad.



training institutes QSEQ INFFO SOLUTIONS
Hyderabad - Begumpet


training institute


QSEQ INFFO SOLUTIONS at Begumpet - course brochures photo_5029 QSEQ INFFO SOLUTIONS at Begumpet - course brochures photo_5040 QSEQ INFFO SOLUTIONS at Begumpet - course brochures photo_5027 
Address: # 8-3-191/164, KOMMANAs, 24/B, Vengala Rao Nagar, S R Nagar X Roads, Hyderabad - 500038 google map of 12157
QSEQ INFFO SOLUTIONS provides placement EC-Council Certifications training in Begumpet , EDRP EC-Council Disaster Recovery Professional, ECSP EC-Council Certified Secure Programmer, ECIH Certified Incident Handler, ENSA EC-Council Network Security Administrator, ECSA EC-CouncilCertified Security Analyst training classes at Begumpet.
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EC-Council Certifications Placement training, Course fees, Trainer Profile in begumpet

QSEQ INFFO SOLUTIONS institute located at begumpet in hyderabad offers 4 Weeks of EC-Council Certifications training course in Hyderabad with Basic Placement Support.

Well qualified and experienced corporate trainers who knows in and out of the industry. You will get digital marketing Training from professionals having years of industry experience. So, you will

Certified Internet Marketing Practitioner (CIMP)

Course Content in Detailed

Module 01: Introduction to E-Commerce and Internet Marketing
� Discusses e-business and e-commerce
� Discusses evolution of e-commerce
� Explains retail e-commerce growth rates
� Explains skills required for a successful marketer
� Discusses e-commerce classification
� Explains e-business models
� Discusses introduction to internet marketing
� Explains why to use internet for marketing
� Describes the impact of internet on businesses
� Explains the benefits of internet marketing
� Discusses SBM�s most important digital marketing objectives
� Explains the stages of internet marketing planning
� Discusses internet marketing techniques
� Explains most important B2B digital marketing activities
� Discusses the limitations of internet marketing
� Explains the guidelines for a successful internet marketing
� Discusses the overview of policies required for e-commerce and internet marketing
� Explains U.S. Can-Spam act
� Explains 18 U.S.C. � 2252a
� Explains the laws against e-mail spam
� Explains the minnesota law against e-mail spam
� Discusses U.S. Communications Decency Act (CDA)
� Discusses the Lanham (trademark) act (15 USC �� 1051 - 1127)
� Explains Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)
� Explains european union directive on privacy and electronic communications regulations 2003
� Discusses coppa- children s online privacy protection act of 1998
� Discusses ftc act, 15 U.S.C. � 45 (n)
� Explains the Gramm-Leach-Bliley act
� Discusses U.S. securely protect yourself against Internet Trespass act (Spy act)
� Discusses Australia: Spam Act 2003
� Discusses Canada: the personal information protection and electronic documents act (Pipeda)
� Discusses Argentina: Personal Data Protection Act
� Discusses Norway: The Marketing Control Act
Module 02: Building E-Commerce Websites
� Explains the considerations before setting up an e-commerce website
� Discusses the introduction to e-commerce websites
� Explains the key elements of a good e-commerce site
� Discusses steps to create an e-commerce website
� Discusses how to plan your website
� Discusses how to select and buy an e-commerce template
� Explains the list of top ecommerce solutions
� Discusses how to select the right domain name
� Defines the domain name registrars
� Discusses how to select a web hosting company
� Discusses the process involved in developing a website
� Explains the steps involved in developing a website
� Defines web usability
� Defines web accessibility
� Explains navigation scheme
� Explains what is landing page
� Explains how to create landing pages
� Discusses the best practices while creating a landing page
� Discusses how to develop a website content
� Discusses information architecture
� Explains components of an information architecture
� Discusses importance of web content
� Explains web content writing
� Explains content engineering
� Explains Content Management System (CMS)
� Discusses the guidelines for creating effective web content
� Discusses the guidelines for designing good website
� Explains e-commerce CMS
� Explains Content Management Systems
� Discusses how to secure a website
� Discusses how to integrate online payment processing systems
� Explains electronic payment systems
� Explains e-payment concepts
� Explains working of payment gateway
� Explains various online payment services
� Discusses the list of online payment systems
� Explains how to add paypal to a website
� Discusses how to test a website
� Discusses the tools to test website
� Explains A/B testing & why is it important
� Discusses how to promote a website
Module 03: Seo and Increasing Website Traffic
� Explains what is a search engine
� Discusses the classification of search engines
� Explains search engine market share
� Explains what is seo
� Explains why search engine optimization is important
� Explains the evolution of seo
� Explains how search engines work
� Explains google universal search and seo
� Defines pagerank
� Explains how search engines rank pages
� Explains search engine indexing
� Explains the seo process
� Explains the sample process
� Discusses how to define objectives and goals
� Discusses how to research and analyze using various keyword suggestion tools
� Discusses how to tune the pages - incorporate keywords into relevant content
� Explains how to incorporate seo in website design process
� Discusses how to generate seo friendly urls using url rewriting
� Explains how to develop site structure, navigation and site map
� Discusses how to report, analyze and maintain
� Defines trustrank
� Explains leverage local seo with google places/listings
� Explains web content syndication
� Discusses online reputation management
� Explains domain authority
� Describes sandbox effect
� Discusses controversial seo practices
� Explains various factors that influence website traffic
� Explains the advantages of buying website traffic
� Explains how to analyze website traffic
� Explains how to make money from website traffic
� Explains various seo tools
� Defines submission & linking tools
� Explains maintenance and reporting tools
Module 04: Advertising on Search Engines
� Explains what is Search Engine Advertising (SEA)
� Discusses Search Engine Advertising
� Explains how SEA differs from SEO
� Explains why search engine advertising important
� Explains the objectives of search engine advertising
� Explains advertisings with SEM programs
� Discusses how to target the right customer
� Explains interactive ad formats
� Explains the types of paid search advertising
� Explains PPC advertising campaign
� Discusses bid management
� Discusses content promotion
� Explains search engine advertising
� Explains why selecting proper landing page is so important for effective search engine advertising
� Explains landing page optimization (LPO)
� Explains what makes a good landing page
� Explains search retargeting
� Explains advertising on Google
� Discusses various types of Google ads
� Explains how Adwords work
� Explains Google Adwords editorial guidelines
� Defines benefits of Adwords
� Discusses things to be avoided in an Adwords campaign
� Explains setting up an effective Google Adwords campaign
� Discusses various campaign types and ad formats
� Discusses Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI)
� Discusses Adwords ad policies
� Explains Adwords targeting
� Discusses performance monitoring and conversion tracking
� Explains what is ad-sense
� Explains Google Ad-sense ad formats
� Discusses the features of ad-sense
� Explains Google Adsense approval process
� Explains Google Adsense secrets, tips and tricks
� Discusses tips for getting more relevant ads in Adsense
� Explains how to make money with Google Adsense
� Discusses the best practices for advertising on Google
� Explains Yahoo! Search marketing
� Explains how to set up sponsored search account
� Explains local listings
� Explains search submit
� Explains how search submit basic works
� Explains how search submit pro works
� Discusses directory submit
� Explains advertising on
� Explains Microsoft Adcenter (Bing ads)
� Explains how does ad-center work
� Discusses how to get started with the ad - center
� Explains Microsoft ad-center API
� Discusses Microsoft Adcenter labs
� Explains editorial guidelines
� Discusses click quality
� Discusses Ad-center targeting
� Discusses Ad-center tracking performance
� Discusses Ad-center budgeting and billing
Module 05: Web Analytics
� Explains introduction to web analytics
� Discusses importance of web analytics
� Explains limitations of web analytics
� Discusses user data
� Explains various types of web analytics
� Explains data collection methods
� Discusses web analytics process
� Explains web analytics vendors
� Explains web analytics tools
� Discusses what is Google analytics
� Explains why Google analytics is important
� Discusses framework of Google analytics
� Explains statistical analysis with Google analytics
� Describes demographic analysis
� Discusses behavior analysis
� Explains technology analysis
� Explains traffic sources overview
� Explains traffic sources analysis
� Explains digital analytics association
� Discusses the best practices for web analytics
Module 06: Advertising Campaign
� Discusses online advertising
� Explains various types of ads
� Discusses advertising on websites (affiliate marketing)
� Discusses advertising on blogs
� Explains various advertising programs for blogs
� Explains advertising on Ezine
� Explains advertising on social networks
� Discusses advertising on search engines
� Explains popular PPC advertising networks
� Defines advertising campaign
� Discusses the things to be considered before opting for advertising campaigns
� Explains key elements of advertising campaign
� Discusses common mistakes in ad campaigns
� Explains steps in planning an ad campaign
Module 07: E-Mail Marketing
� Discusses email marketing
� Explains strengths and limitations of email marketing
� Discusses biggest challenges in email marketing
� Explains types of email marketing
� Discusses email campaign management
� Explains steps in email campaign management
� Discusses campaign briefing and success criteria
� Discusses how to select an email marketing software
� Discusses how to build an email list
� Explains creating an opt-in form using vertical response
� Explains building email lists: opt-out /unsubscribe
� Explains creating an opt-out form using vertical response
� Explains creating a new email list: vertical response
� Discusses how to create an effective sign-up process
� Explains segregating mail lists
� Discusses legal issues involved in building email lists
� Discusses CAN-SPAM Act
� Explains how to avoid spam filters
� Discusses email template designing
� Explains methods used in email testing
� Discusses key elements of email testing
� Defines Autoresponders
� Explains campaign performance analysis
� Explains how reply mechanism increases deliverability of email
� Explains email dashboard template
� Discusses the challenges in email marketing
� Discusses common mistakes in email marketing
� Discusses the best practices for email marketing
Module 08: Mobile Marketing
� Discusses advantages of mobile advertising
� Explains mobile advertising ecosystem
� Discusses mobile advertising buying patterns
� Explains Real-Time Bidding (RTB)
� Describes mobile advertising campaign approaches
� Explains mobile advertising metrics
� Discusses steps for creating a mobile campaign
� Explains strategies for successful mobile campaign
� Discusses Short Message Service (SMS) marketing
� Discusses Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS)
� Discusses mobile web
� Explains importance of mobile-optimized websites
� Discusses mobile web advertising
� Explains the difference between mobile ads and web ads
� Discusses Google mobile advertising
� Discusses how to develop mobile sites
� Explains how mobile web pages are different from regular web pages
� Discusses mobile search marketing
� Explains mobile SEO process
� Discusses the factors that determine successful mobile search marketing
� Discusses mobile social networking
� Discusses various mobile applications
� Discusses mobile app advertising opportunities
� Explains mobile application ad considerations
� Discusses proximity marketing
� Defines Quick-Response (QR) codes
� Defines mobile TV advertising
� Defines location-based marketing
� Explains emerging trends of mobile marketing
� Discusses the mobile future � 4g, smartphones, mobile payment
� Discusses the code of conduct
Module 09: Advertising on Social Networking Sites
� Explains types of online marketing
� Discusses how to plan for your social media ads
� Explains Facebook marketing
� Discusses building a presence on Facebook
� Discusses Facebook marketing
� Discusses setting up your Facebook page for business
� Explains how to build your audience
� Discusses about marketing your page
� Explains planning Facebook marketing
� Explains Facebook marketing tactics
� Explains how to promote Facebook page
� Discusses Facebook groups for Facebook marketing
� Explains how to promote your Facebook group
� Discusses advantages of Facebook marketing
� Discusses the best practices for effective Facebook marketing
� Explains potential pitfalls on effective Facebook marketing
� Discusses twitter concepts
� Explains twitter marketing steps
� Discusses twitter marketing best practices
� Explains various steps involved in LinkedIn marketing
Module 10: Video Marketing
� Discusses percentage of internet users watching product videos on social networks
� Defines video advertising
� Explains types of video ads
� Discusses steps for creating video ad campaign
� Defines YouTube analytics
� Explains YouTube analytics reports
� Discusses common metrics used in online video advertising
� Discusses how to track ads
Module 11: Affiliate Marketing
� Defines affiliate marketing
� Explains affiliate marketing process
� Discusses the advantages of affiliate marketing
� Explains limitations of affiliate marketing
� Discusses the changes seen in affiliate marketing
� Discusses the secrets of affiliate marketing
� Explains SWOT analysis of affiliate marketing
� Explains the key players in affiliate marketing
� Defines the role of affiliate merchant
� Defines affiliates
� Explains the example of an affiliate website
� Defines affiliate networks
� Explains how to advertise with affiliate network
� Explains pricing and payment models
� Explains how to earn money through affiliate marketing
� Explains how to join amazon associates program
� Discusses guidelines to raise affiliate commission
� Explains exchange of ads between business owners
� Explains designing an affiliate marketing system
� Explains setting objectives
� Explains how to create a budget
� Discusses how to recruit affiliates
� Explains how to create an affiliate friendly site
� Explains how to build an affiliate program
� Explains how to evaluate an affiliate program
� Explains how to track affiliate programs
� Explains how to evaluate network providers
� Explains how to protect your brand
� Discusses how to generating sales
� Explains how to increase traffic
� Explains the advanced methods in affiliate market
� Discusses the strategies for affiliate marketing
� Discusses affiliate marketing and banner ads
� Discusses the best practices for affiliate marketing
Module 12: Blog Advertising and Marketing
� Discusses various types of blogs
� Explains the key characteristics of a good blog
� Explains blogging for merchants
� Explains blog advertising
� Explains how to select a publisher
� Explains different types of pricing models for ads
� Discusses how to join an affiliate network
� Discusses common blogging platforms
� Explains how to create a WordPress blog
� Explains how to post ads in a blog
� Explains content writing and outsourcing for blogs
� Explains considerations for outsourcing content
� Explains how to earn money by selling ad space
� Discusses publisher pricing
� Discusses the best practices for blogging
� Explains blog marketing strategies
Module 13: Podcast Advertising
� Explains podcasting
� Discusses the benefits of podcasting
� Explains media devices used for podcasting
� Discusses the podcasting process
� Explains association for downloadable media
� Discusses various tools required to create, stream, archive and promote your podcasts
� Discusses various tips for promoting your podcast
� Discusses the best practices for podcast advertising
Module 14: Generating Leads and Converting Them to Business
� Discusses how to generate leads and convert them to the business
� Defines conversion rate
� Explains the factors affecting online conversion rate
� Discusses the tactics for converting visitors into customers
� Explains tips to optimize website and convert visitors into customers
� Explains the strategies for converting visitors into customers
� Explains what is lead generation
� Explains various ways to generate leads
� Explains what is lead funnel
� Discusses adopting correct marketing strategy for lead funnel
� Discusses how to nurture leads
� Discusses how to convert leads into sales
� Explains the lead nurturing strategies to convert leads into sales
� Explains how to convert dead leads
� Discusses A/B testing & why is it important
� Discusses Supply Chain Management (SCM)
� Explains impact of e-commerce on SCM
� Discusses CRM for e-commerce
� Explains why CRM is useful for online business
� Describes the benefits of CRM to business
� Explains how to implement CRM
� Explains how to maintain customer relationships
� Discusses importance of maintaining customers
� Describes the challenges in maintaining customers
� Describes customer types
� Explains the steps to improve CRM



EC-Council Certifications course Content / syllabus at begumpet, hyderabad.

We gathered most widely used EC-Council Certifications course content used by training institutes in begumpet,hyderabad. The EC-Council Certifications course syllabus covers basic to advanced level and it may vary based on EC-Council Certifications training classes offered in begumpet.


1.Certified EC-Council Instructor (CEI)
2.Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)
3.Certified Network Defense Architect (CNDA)
4.Certified Secure Computer User (CSCU)[4]
5.Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI)
6.EC-Council Certified Chief Information Security Officer (CCISO)
7.EC-Council Certified Computer Investigator (ECCI)
8.EC-Council Certified Encryption Specialist (ECES)
9.EC-Council Certified Incident Handler (ECIH)
10.EC-Council Certified Secure Programmer-Java (ECSP)
11.EC-Council Certified Security Analyst (ECSA)
12.EC-Council Certified VOIP Professional (ECVP)
13.EC-Council Network Security Administrator (ENSA)
14.Licensed Penetration Tester (LPT)
15.EC council Certified Secure Computer User (CSCU)

II.Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
1.EC-Council Disaster Recovery Professional (EDRP)

III.Programming Certifications
1.Certified Secure Application Developer (CSAD)
2.EC-Council Certified Secure Programmer (ECSP)

IV.Entry Level Security Certifications
1.Security 5 (Security|5)
2.Network 5 (Network|5)
3.Wireless 5

V.Graduate Level Certifications
1.Fundamentals in Computer Forensics
2.Fundamentals in Information Security
3.Fundamentals in Network Security
4.EC-Council Certified Security Specialist (ECSS)

VI.E-Business Certifications
1.Certified e-Business Professional (CEP)



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