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AIX Administration Training Swargate Pune, AIX Administration Training Institutes & Training Centers Swargate Pune, AIX Administration Course Realtime & Placement training Swargate Pune

List of Best AIX Administration Training Institutes Swargate Pune, AIX Administration Training Centers Swargate Pune, AIX Administration Course Training classes Swargate Pune, AIX Administration Realtime Project Training Swargate Pune, AIX Administration Placement Training Swargate Pune with address, Phone numbers, course fee, student reviews and training course learning at Swargate area in Pune City. As of June 25, 2018, We have total of 2 AIX Administration training institutes in and around also near to Swargate in Pune.



training institutes Kernel Technologies
Pune - Swargate
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training institute
Address: 983/4. Shukrwar Peth, Vipashyana kendra lane Opp. Nehru Stadium Swargate Pune-411042
Kernel Technologies provides placement AIX Administration training in Swargate , AIX Linux UniX, AIX Tools, AIX System Administration , AIX Shell Programming, IBM AIX training classes at Swargate.
training institutes Helios ERP Systems
Pune - Swargate


training institute
Helios ERP Systems provides placement AIX Administration training in Swargate , AIX Linux UniX, AIX Tools, AIX System Administration , AIX Shell Programming, IBM AIX training classes at Swargate.
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AIX Administration related Training courses in swargate







AIX Administration Placement training, Course fees, Trainer Profile in swargate

Kernel Technologies institute located at swargate in pune offers 1 Months of AIX Administration training course in Pune with 100% Placement Assistance.

About Faculty:  Overall 14 yrs of exp in IT industry  Exp in various Flavors of UNIX like SOLARIS, HP-UNIX & AIX  Worked on SOLARIS & HP-UNIX from 1998 to 2001 


Basic by Musab/Sairam � Support various kernel customer in hyd
� File system of UNIX
� Architecture of UNIX
� Creating, removing, copying, moving files & Directories
� Using Files & Directories
� Wildcard characters
� Input /Output � Redirections
� File/Directory Permissions
� Vi-Editor:
� Usage of filter commands

AIX Introduction
� Introduction to AIX
� Introduction P-Series P5, P6 and P7 Hardware features
� AIX 7.1/6.1 vs AIX 5.3
� Evolution of AIX servers and AIX OS
� Using SMIT(System Management Interface Tool)
� Example of smit usages

� Object Data Manager (ODM)
� Device Terminology
� Device States
� Configuring the devices
� Issues in device in real time-various scenario solving techniques, resolving
ODM issues for Device

Logical Volume Manager
� Benefits of LVM
� Logical Volume Manager components
� Physical storage
� Logical storage
� Volume Groups

� Uses of Logical Volumes
� File Systems
� LVM questionnaire includes real time issue related to LVM
� Real Time Disk replacement procedure with scenario
� File system issues discussion in various global accounts space mgmt, scripts in real time to manage file system
Paging Space
� What is paging space?
� Using Paging Space
� Changing Paging Space
� Paging space scenario, issues, consequence of paging space issues, technique to resolve & maintain, Pg Sp on SAN, Pg space video

Security & User Administration
� User accounts
� Groups
� Security logs
� Security Files
� Changing ownership
� Role based access control (RBAC)
� Login sequence
� Regaining root s password
� Real time discussion on admin task and different users like Sapadm, oradba, db2dba, users of various other application issues like cognos, websphere, automobile applications
Configuring SAMBA in Aix for Windows sharing, scenario in real time

� Cron, scenario of cron issues, solving root & app user cron issues, cron mgmt
� At
AIX Installation New & complete overwrite, migration installation
Problem Determination
� The errpt command various example, scenario based
� The system error log
� Starting and stopping error logging

� Syslog discussion, usage of syslog to troubleshoot
� Various scenario of syslog
� Various example of using diag
� Diagnostics , what is diag , what is diag cd, its usage in real time
Backup and Restore
� mksysb backup � rootvg on NIM, running mksysb scripts like in real time on nim
� fixing backup scripts failure issues
� Performing mksysb like real time through NFS, Run scripts for mksysb through cron, resolving script issues.
� altvg backup and different Methods for alt disk
� Mirroring rootvg
� SAN Boot from EMC
� Multibos, customers using multibos in INDIA
� Real Time discussions on back ups
� Discussion about Datavg & othervg backup
� Backup through TSM, TSM agent issues, solving backup issues
� What is TCP/IP
� Configuring TCP/IP
� What is DNS
� Why DNS, DNS in Global & DNS in Company
� DNS Client Configuration, DNS Server files
� Configuring Ether channel (NIB and Link Aggregation) Physical switch side configuration, on Cisco 4006 series switch
� Real time networking issues with AIX, technique to resolve n/w issues various tools, Vlan in AIX discussion, Vlan configuration in AIX settings needed in switch.
� Configuring router as gateway between two networks
� Discussion on task related for AIX admin in TCPIP
� How to avoid downtime, things you need to take care in real time
Network File Sharing (NFS)
� Configuring NFS Server though command line & smitty & understanding their roles
� Exporting NFS directories
� Mounting an NFS directory at Client, client side issues, import host & DNS
in NFS, issues
� Discussion of real time scenarios, troubleshooting on NFS Using rpcinfo,

nfsstat, nfsthread
� Discussing thread concept, conse vence of reaching max thread for nfs, how to resolve
Software Installation
� Packaging definitions, lpp, package, fileset, apar etc
� Software Installation and Maintenance
� Software different states, scenario to be used
� Life cycle of TL, downloading TL from fix central
� nfs usage in TL upgrade
� Upgrading TL to latest levels like
� TL-11, TL-12
� Known Issues during TL upgrade Pre-requisite for TL upgrade, software broken issues, fixation
Real time tools
� Installing SSH, various of SSH, SSL
� Generating SSH keys, enabling SSH in different hosts for password less login for ROOT, real time issues, how to resolve them
� SCP, SFTP, RSYNC, SUDO, BASH, scenario to used rsync, scp, sftp
� Usage of this tools in real time
� Upgrading SSH, SSL
� Configure send mail in AIX , entries in issues etc.

Performance Tuning
� Issues with CPU, most known issues, how to deal them
� Issues with Memory, collection of data through tools, like nmon, sar, topas, vmstat memory issues, paging role in issues
� Issues with I/O
� Real time Perf issue discussion, running perfpmr. Sh on AIX
Real Time Monitoring Tools
� Filemon, Netmon, Svmon, Nmon, Nmon Analyser, Netmon, Tcpdump, Lparstat, Mpstat, vmstat, iostat, sar
� How to log call with IBM
� Configuring nmon analyzer to generate, report, usage of LPARirrd tools in real time

� Usage of Ganglia in reports
� Types of Printer in AIX
� AIX and System V print sub system
� Configuring HP Network printer, various issues in printing, H/W &
software issues, printer P1 issues scenario
� Various Troubleshooting methods
Storage usage in AIX
� Discussing EMC Storage in AIX, various other storage like Hitachi, NetApp
Configuring Power path, Integrating of Clarion Luns in AIX*
� Real time issues related with Storage in AIX, how to work with powerpath
� Configuring Netapp SAN through iSCSI using Netapp disk
� How to use vlan & etherchannel in NetApp with cisco switch
Discussions on LPAR
� How to create lpar, min-desire & max setting, how to settings
� How to Reboot lpar, determine correct
� Increasing Memory, CPU, Adapters on Lpars Dynamically- DLPAR
Usage of HMC
� How to activate Lpar through HMC, profile in lpar, modifying profile
� Shutting down Lpar through HMC, collecting dumps,
� It�s usage in Industry.
� Creating WPAR & using WPAR
� How to create a File System in WPAR, assigning IP add losing to WPAR, client using wpar
Basic of NIM Configuration & installing LPAR
Discussion on real time scenarios around 100 real time tickets, problem mgmt, change management
Configuring Ground Works Monitoring Agent, ITIL Processes
Generate & simulate real time Tickets, solve them, ticketing system, closing
tickets, industry best practices. Resume Preparation for AIX
Placement Assistance.


Best AIX Administration training institutes in swargate, pune - Training Requirements

List of training requirements recieved for Best AIX Administration training centers in swargate, pune.

Nita Bhalerao (swargate Pune on 19-Jun-2017 )
IBM AIX NIM LPAR & VIO training cost with job assurance support - aix-administration training in pune (swargate)


AIX Administration course Content / syllabus at swargate, pune.

We gathered most widely used AIX Administration course content used by training institutes in swargate,pune. The AIX Administration course syllabus covers basic to advanced level and it may vary based on AIX Administration training classes offered in swargate.


1.System Administration Concepts
a.Lecture objectives
b.Who is the system administrator
c.What does the system administrator do
d.What a system administrator must know
e.Using the root login id
f.Aix configuration files
g.System security
h.Lecture summary

2.The System Management Interface Tool
a.Lecture objectives
b.Unix system management -- the old way
c.Aix system management
d.The philosophy -- "smit happens"
e.High level commands
f.Smit tasks
g.Smit screens
h.Smit screen symbols
i.Smit function keys
j.The log and script files
k.The smit graphical user interface
l.Executing smit
m.Lecture summary

3.Managing AIX User Accounts and Groups
b.Lecture objectives
c.Attributes of a user accounts
d.Managing aix groups

4.Managing AIX User Accounts and Groups (Contd)
a.Aix user and group management files
b.The /etc/passwd file
c.The /etc/security/passwd file
d.The /etc/group file
e.The /etc/security/group file
f.Group administrators
g.The /etc/security/user file
h.The /etc/security/limits file
i.The /etc/security/login.cfg file
j.User management tasks
k.Adding a new user
l.The /usr/lib/security/user.default file
m.Removing a user
n.Adding a group
o.Setting port attributes
p.User services
q.Lecture summary

5.AIX Device Management
a.Lecture objectives
b.Aix devices
c.Aix device management strategy
d.Device management tasks
e.The configuration manager (/etc/cfgmgr)
f.The object data manager
g.Methods and device states
h.A word about scsi devices
i.Device management through smit
j.Adding devices
k.Removing a device
l.Changing a device
m.Device management commands
n.Lecture summary

6.The AIX Queueing System
a.Lecture objectives
b.Queueing system concepts
c.Queue configurations
d.Components of the aix queueing system
e.The qdaemon program
f.The /etc/qconfig file
g.Backend programs
h.Adding a printer and queue
i.Managing queues
j.Queueing system files
k.Correcting a configuration problem
l.Using the queueing system
m.Specifying the destination queue and printer
n.Creating a batch queue
o.Configuring a print server
p.Configuring a print client
q.Working with virtual printers
r.Lecture summary
s.Additional information

7.File System Basics
a.Lecture objectives
b.File types
c.Ordinary files
f.Pathnames -- the big picture
g.The global file system
h.Physical file systems
i.Virtual file systems
j.Aix file system device names
k.Mounting file systems
l.Seeing whats mounted
m.The /etc/filesystems file
n.Unmounting file systems
o.Mounting over a non-empty directory
p.The fuser command
q.Listing file systems
r.File system groups
s.Monitoring file system space -- the df command
t.Files that grow
u.Other file system commands
v.Hard links
w.Tracing hard links
x.Symbolic links
y.Additional information
z.Lecture summary

8.The Journaled File System
a.Lecture objectives
b.Features of the journaled file system
c.The structure of the jfs
d.Data block access schemes
e.Jfs control files
f.The jfs log
g.Creating a journaled file system
h.Extending a journaled file system
i.Removing a journaled file system
j.Jfs data block fragmentation
k.Setting the number of inodes
l.File system defragmentation -- the defragfs command
m.Additional information
n.Lecture summary

9.The Logical Volume Manager
a.Lecture objectives
b.The aix disk i/o strategy
c.Features of the logical volume manager
d.Physical volumes
e.Volume groups
f.Physical partitions
g.Logical volumes
h.Logical partitions
i.An introduction to mirroring
j.The volume group descriptor area
k.The rootvg
l.Adding a physical volume to the system
m.Creating a volume group
n.Varying on a volume group
o.Varying off a volume group
p.Logical volume strategies
q.Creating a logical volume
r.Additional information
s.Lecture summary

10.AIX Backup and Restore
a.Lecture objectives
b.Reasons for doing backups
c.Types of backups
d.Tools for backups and restores
e.Archive files and tape drive attributes
f.Tape device names
g.Creating and using a stacked tape
h.Restoring from a stacked tape
i.Backing up the root volume group
j.Restoring from a system image backup
k.The backup command
l.Backing up filesystems
m.Backing up filesystems, cont.
n.Filesystem backup strategy
o.Restoring a filesystem
p.Backing up individual files
q.Additional information
r.Lecture summary

11.AIX Backup and Restore
a.Lecture objectives
b.The aix boot process
c.The configuration manager
d.Run levels
e.The /etc/inittab file
f.Start-up shell scripts
g.The /sbin/rc.boot file
h.Changing run levels
i.The init command
j.Halting the system
k.The shutdown command
l.Lecture summary

12.Basic AIX Problem Determination
a.Lecture objectives
b.Aix problem determination
c.The operator panel
d.The aix boot process
e.Potential boot problems
f.The problem solving guide
g.Booting the system in service mode
h.Hardware diagnostics
i.The error log
j.Error reports
k.Cleaning the error log
l.System dumps
m.Lecture summary



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