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MCSA Training Chromepet Chennai, MCSA Training Institutes & Training Centers Chromepet Chennai, MCSA Certification Training Chromepet Chennai

List of Best MCSA Training Institutes Chromepet Chennai, MCSA Training Centers Chromepet Chennai, MCSA Course Training classes Chromepet Chennai, MCSA Certification Training Chromepet Chennai with address, Phone numbers, course fee, student reviews and training course learning at Chromepet area in Chennai City. As of May 28, 2018, We have total of 10 MCSA training institutes in and around also near to Chromepet in Chennai.



training institutes IICT - Chromepet
Chennai - Chromepet


Best training institute


IICT - Chromepet at Chromepet - training lab photo_6932 IICT - Chromepet at Chromepet - practical approach photo_1083 IICT - Chromepet at Chromepet - training workstations photo_1086 
Address: No.14/22, 3rd Floor,1st Cross Street, New Colony, Chromepet, Chennai-600044 google map of 9553

IICT is a leading Training and Placement company in Chennai managed by MNC Experts with 15+ years experience in leading IT Sectors from India and in Overseas. IICT - Chromepet provides placement MCSA training in Chromepet , MCSA Certification training classes at Chromepet.
training institutes CMS Chrompet
Chennai - Chromepet
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Best training institute
Address: No-7, CLC Works Road, Chrompet, Chennai - 600044

CMS Chrompet provides placement MCSA training in Chromepet , MCSA Certification training classes at Chromepet.
training institute
RRR INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS INDIA PVT LTD provides placement MCSA training in Chromepet , MCSA Certification training classes at Chromepet.
training institutes Training in Chennai
Chennai - Chromepet
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training institute
Address: Chromepet Chennai-600044

Training in Chennai provides placement MCSA training in Chromepet , MCSA Certification training classes at Chromepet.
training institutes Juara It solutions Pvt Ltd
Chennai - Chromepet
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training institute
Address: No:3 Muthumariamman Koil street Lakhsmipuram,Chrompet Chennai-600044
Juara It solutions Pvt Ltd provides placement MCSA training in Chromepet , MCSA Certification training classes at Chromepet.
training institutes SYSCO Info Tech
Chennai - Chromepet


training institute


SYSCO Info Tech at Chromepet - realtime training photo_5367 SYSCO Info Tech at Chromepet - training room photo_5363 SYSCO Info Tech at Chromepet - class room photo_5362 
Address: NO:14/22,SECOND FLOOR,1 ST CROSS STREET, NEW COLONY,CHROMEPET, Chennai-600044 google map of 7981
SYSCO Info Tech provides placement MCSA training in Chromepet , MCSA Certification training classes at Chromepet.
training institutes SK Computers
Chennai - Chromepet


training institute
Address: 9 Ramasamy st,Radha Nagar , Chromepet, Chennai-44
SK Computers provides placement MCSA training in Chromepet , MCSA Certification training classes at Chromepet.
training institutes Hari Om Digital Computers
Chennai - Chromepet
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training institute
Hari Om Digital Computers provides placement MCSA training in Chromepet training classes at Chromepet.
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MCSA Placement training, Course fees, Trainer Profile in chromepet

CMS Chrompet institute located at chromepet in chennai offers 90 Day(s) of MCSA training course in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance.

About CMS Talent Development Center, CHROMPET CMS Talent Development Center is a division of CMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd., a US$ 150 million IT company with real time experience of serving more than a 1

Installation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server 2016
Content of 70-740 - Installation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server 2016
 Windows Server 2016 Introduction
 New Features of Windows Server 2016
 Different Windows Server 2016 Edition
 Windows Server 2016 Installation
 Preparing for upgrade
 Nano Server Introduction
 Deploying Nano Server using Nano Server Image Builder
 Deploying Nano Server using Powershell
 Upload Nano Server VHDX in Hyper-V
 Configuring Nano Server
 Nano Server Windows PowerShell Remoting
 Assiging DNS address
 Adding Nano Server to a domain online
 Understanding Local Storage
 Understanding Partition Table
 Features of MBR & GPT
 Comparing File System Types
 Understanding Basic and Dynamic Disk
 Understanding RAID
 Storage Area Network Introduction
 Understanding SAN Technology
 Configuring iSCSI Target
 Connecting to iSCSI Target
 Understanding Storage Management
 Configuring MPIO
 Describe NAS
 Describe the SMB file-sharing protocol
 SMB shares profile
 Configure SMB shares
 Describe the NFS file-sharing protocol
 Identify configuration options for NFS shares
 Configure NFS shares
 Understanding Storage Spaces
 Understanding Storage Layouts
 Understanding Drive Allocation
 Understanding Data Deduplication
 Implementing Storage Spaces
 Implementing Data Deduplication
 Understanding Hyper-V and Virtualization
 Understanding Hyper-V Role
 Understanding resources required for Hyper-V hosts
 Creating virtual machines on Hyper-V host
 Managing Storage for virtual machines
 Managing Network for virtual machines
 Overview of Windows Server Containers
 Container Architecture
 Windows Containers
 Hyper-V Containers
 Understanding Dockers
 Configuring Containers using Docker
 Understanding Hyper-V Replica
 Understanding Limitations of Alternate Solutions
 Working of Hyper-V Replica
 Learning Hyper-V Replica components
 Learning pre-requisites of Hyper-V Replica
 Types of failover with Hyper-V Replica
 Configuring Hyper-V Replica
 Understanding Failover Clustering
 Understanding Failover Clustering Quorum
 Implementing Failover Clustering
 Configuring iSCSI for Failover Clustering
 Creating Failover Clustering
 Understanding Hyper-V Failover Clustering
 New Features of Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V
 Understanding Cluster Shared Volume
 Implementing Hyper-V VMs on a failover clustering
 Performing Live Migration
 Understanding Network Load Balancing.
 Understanding the Working of Network Load Balancing
 Understanding NLB features in Windows Server 2016
 Learning configuration options of NLB
 Understanding Network consideration for NLB
 Configuring Network Load Balancing
 Understanding Imaging
 Understanding Image Based Installation Tool
 Understanding Windows Deployment Service
 Understanding Microsoft Deployment Toolkit
 Preparing a Windows Server 2016 Image in MDT
 Understanding Windows Software Update Services
 Understanding W SUS database
 Understanding WSUS update management process
 Understanding WSUS system requirement
 Implementing W SUS
 Understanding Monitoring in Windows Server 2016
 Understanding Monitoring Tools
 Understanding Event Viewer
 Understanding Performance Monitor
 Understanding monitoring a server with Server Manager

Networking with Windows Server 2016
Content of 70-741 - Networking with Windows Server 2016
 Introduction to DNS
 Understanding DNS Hierarchy
 Understanding DNS name resolution process
 Understanding DNS infrastructure components
 Understanding prerequisites of DNS server
 Understanding DNS Zone Types
 Implementing and configuring DNS server role
 Understanding Aging and Scavenging
 Understanding Advanced DNS Settings
 Understanding Zone Transfers and Zone Replication
 Configuring Secondary DNS Zone
 Understanding Forwarders and Conditional Forwarders
 Understanding DNS Delegation
 Configuring DNS Forwarder
 Understanding Global Names Zone
 Understanding DNS Security
 Understanding DNS Cache Locking
 Understanding DNS Socket Pool
 Understanding DNSSEC
 Configuring DNSSEC
 Evolution of Internet Protocol (IP) Addressing
 Understanding IPv4 addressing
 Implementing IPv4 addressing through various interfaces
 Configuring IPv4 routes
 Troubleshooting IPv4 Network
 Understanding IPv6 addressing
 IPv6 Unicast Address types and Prefix
 Implementing IPv6 addressing
 Understanding requirement of IP address assignment
 Understanding evolution of Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
 Understanding Benefits of DHCP
 Understanding IP address assignment process of DHCP
 Understanding DHCP Server authorization
 Understanding DHCP Configuration options
 Implementing DHCP server
 Implementing DHCP for IPv6
 Understanding DHCP database Maintainance
 DHCP Database Backup and Restore
 Understanding Migration of DHCP Server
 Understanding Superscopes and Split scopes
 Understanding need of DHCP Relay Agent
 Implementing DHCP Relay Agent
 Understanding DHCP Failover
 Implementing DHCP Failover
 Understanding IP Address Management
 Understanding IPAM Components
 Understanding IPAM Topologies
 Understanding IPAM deployment requirements
 Implementing IPAM
 Understanding Web Application Proxy
 New Features of W AP in Windows Server 2016
 Authentication options for Web Application Proxy
 Publishing applications with Web Application Proxy
 Implementing Web Application Proxy
 Understanding Direct Access
 Understanding Direct Access Components
 Understanding prerequisites for Direct Access
 Understanding Direct Access Tunneling Protocol
 Implementing Direct Access
 Understanding Virtual Private Network
 Understanding VPN tunneling protocols
 Understanding VPN authentication
 Understanding RADIUS
 Implementing VPN
 Understanding Network Address Translation
 Understanding DHCP Allocator
 Understanding Address and Port Translation
 Understanding NAT
 Configuring Address Pool on NAT Server
 Understanding Routing
 Understanding Default Gateway
 Understanding Routing Table
 Understanding Static Route
 Implementing Static Route
 Understanding Distributed File System
 Understanding DFS Namespace
 Implementing DFS Namespace
 Understanding DFS Replication
 Implementing DFS Replication
 Understanding BranchCache
 Understanding BranchCache Modes
 Understanding BranchCache Working
 Implementing BranchCache
 Understanding NIC Teaming
 Understanding Load Balancing and Failover
 Understanding NIC Teaming configuration
 Understanding Network Adapter capabilities
 Implementing NIC Teaming
 Software Defined Networking Introduction
 Understanding Network Virtualization
 Understanding Network Virtualization Generic Route Encapsulation
 Understanding Network Controller
 Understanding Network Function Virtualization

Identity with Windows Server 2016
Content of 70-742 - Identity with Windows Server 2016
 Introduction to Active Directory Domain Service
 Understanding Features of Microsoft AD DS
 Understanding Components of Active Directory
 Implementing AD DS
 Understanding User Account
 Understanding Group and Group Membership
 Understanding Default Groups with Administrative Privileges
 Understanding User Templates
 Adding Domain Membership to Client Object
 Understanding Computer Account Secure Relationship
 Understanding Organizational Units
 Introduction to Group Policy
 Understanding Group Policy Objects (GPO)
 Understanding Group Policy Process
 Understanding Group Policy Inheritance
 Troubleshooting Group Policy
 Understanding Administrative Templates
 Understanding Folder Redirection
 Implementing Folder Redirection
 Understanding Group Policy Scripts
 Implementing Logon Scripts
 Understanding Software Deployment through Group Policy
 Implementing Software Deployment through Group Policy
 Understanding Group Policy Loopback
 Enabling Group Policy Loopback
 Understanding Group Policy Modeling and Results
 Performing Group Policy Modeling
 Performing Group Policy Results
 Understanding Audit Policies
 Understanding Basic Audit Policies
 Understanding Advanced Audit Policies
 Understanding Auditpol
 Configuring authentication-related audit policies
 Understanding Service Account
 Benefits of Service Account
 Challenges of using service accounts
 Understanding Managed Service Accounts (MSA)
 Understanding Group MSAs
 Create a gMSA Account
 Understanding AD DS domain environment
 Understanding Domain and Forest structure
 Understanding Active Directory functional levels
 Creating Child Domain
 Understanding Additional Domain Controller (ADC)
 Deploying Additional Domain Controller (ADC)
 Understanding Read-Only Domain Controllers (RODC)
 Deploying Read-Only Domain Controllers (RODC)
 Understanding Operation Masters
 Understanding Transfering and seizing roles
 Understanding Global Catalog
 Understanding AD DS Trusts
 Working of AD DS Trusts
 Configuring advanced AD DS trust settings
 Understanding Name suffix routing
 Configuring the Forest Trust
 Introduction to Active Directory Replication
 Understanding Replication Topology
 Understanding Sites
 Understanding Replication Protocols
 Implementing Sites
 Understanding Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
 Understanding AD CS in Windows Server 2016
 Understanding Certificate Authorities
 Understanding Cryptographic Service Provider
 Implementing Enterprise Root CA
 Understanding Certificate Template versions
 Understanding Key Archive and Recovery
 Configuring a CA for key archival
 Understanding Digital signatures
 Implementing Digital signatures
 Introduction to Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS)
 Understanding AD FS Features in Windows Server 2016
 Understanding Claim-based Identity and Claim-based authentication
 Understanding AD FS Requirement
 Implementing AD FS
 Understanding Active Directory Rights Management Services (AD RMS)
 Understanding AD RMS Components
 Understanding AD RMS Certificates
 Understanding AD RMS Deployment
 Implementing AD RMS
 Understanding AD DS database
 Understanding Restartable AD DS
 Performing Offline defragmentation of Active Directory database
 Understanding Active Directory Snapshots
 Understanding Tomstone
 Understanding Active Directory Recycle Bin
 Understanding Windows Server Backup
 Performing Active Directory Backup and Restore


Best MCSA training institutes in chromepet, chennai - Training Requirements

List of training requirements recieved for Best MCSA training centers in chromepet, chennai.

Venkadeswaran (chromepet Chennai on 09-Dec-2017 )
MCSA Certification training with placement wanted. - mcsa training in chennai (chromepet)
John (chromepet Chennai on 28-May-2015 )
Can I know how much fees for mcsa course training and certification - mcsa training in chennai (chromepet)


MCSA course Content / syllabus at chromepet, chennai.

We gathered most widely used MCSA course content used by training institutes in chromepet,chennai. The MCSA course syllabus covers basic to advanced level and it may vary based on MCSA training classes offered in chromepet.


Module 1
a.Configuring and Troubleshooting Domain Name System
b.Configuring DNS Zones
c.Configuring DNS Zone Transfers
d.Managing and Troubleshooting DNS

Module 2
a.Overview Active Directory
b.Implementing Virtualized Domain Controllers
c.Implementing Read Only Domain Controllers
d.Managing Read Only Domain Controller Credentials
e.Administering Active Directory Domain Services
f.Managing Active Directory Domain Services Database
g.Active Directory Recycle Bin

Module 3
a.Configuring Password Policy and User Lockout Settings
b.Configuring Managed Service Accounts

Module 4
a.Introduction to Group Policy
b.Group Policy Scope and Processing
c.Group Policy Filtering
d.Group Policy Troubleshooting

Module 5
a.Configuring Group Policy Settings with Administrative Templates
b.Configuring Administrative Templates
c.Configuring Folder Redirection with Group Policy
d.Configuring Scripts with Group Policy
e.Using Group Policy Preferences

Module 6
a.Install Network Policy Server
b.Configure Network Policy Server
c.Configure RADIUS Clients and Servers
d.Configure a Connection Request Policy

Module 7
a.Configuring Network Access Protection Health Policy Server
b.Configuring DHCP Server for Network Access Protection
c.Configuring Workstations for Network Access Protection
d.Monitoring and Troubleshooting Network Access Protection

Module 8
a.Installing and Managing Remote Access Role
b.Configuring Direct Access
c.Understanding Direct Access Settings
d.Modifying DirectAccess Infrastructure
e.Monitoring DirectAccess Connectivity
f.Implementing VPN
g.VPN Connections
h.Web Application Proxy Role Service
i.Web Application Proxy Websites

Module 9
a.File Server Resource Manager Role
b.Using File Server Resource Manager to Manage Storage
c.File Server Resource Manager File Management
d.Installing and Configuring DFS
e.Configuring DFS Replication

Module 10
a.Configuring BitLocker
b.Encryption with EFS
c.Advanced Auditing

Module 11
a.Using DISM with Images
b.Windows Deployment Services Disk Images

Module 12
a.Windows Server Update Services

Module 13
a.Performance Monitor Data
b.Working with Alerts
c.Performance Monitor Reports
d.Working with Event Logs



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