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QTP Training Centers, Institutes & Training Course Classes in Chinchwad East- Listings as of May 20, 2018.

As on May 20, 2018, We have total of 3 QTP training institutes in and around also near to Chinchwad East area in Pune with best training centers, institute address, Phone numbers, course fee, working hours and student reviews listed.



training institutes Blend InfoTech
Pune - Chinchwad East
Best training institute
Address: A3-1st Floor, Sunehara Plaza Ganesh Nagar, Opp Ganesh Mandir, Dange Chowk, Thergown Chinchwad East Pune-411033 google map of 12187

Blend InfoTech is also known as "IT Training Hub", having its Corporate Office at Pune. Blend is a company started by a group of professionals with vision to excel in the field of IT. Blend InfoTech provides best QTP Training, QTP Training classes & Realtime Training Chinchwad East.
training institutes TAGCENT
Pune - Chinchwad East
No Reviews. Write a Review
training institute

TAGCENT provides best QTP Training, QTP Training classes & Realtime Training Chinchwad East.
training institutes NineMinds Technologies
Pune - Chinchwad East
training institute
Address: No.10 &16, Harsh Plaza, Chaphekar Chowk, Chinchwad East, Pune-411033 google map of 7130

NineMinds Technologies provides best QTP Training, QTP Training classes & Realtime Training Chinchwad East.
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QTP Placement training, Course fees, Trainer Profile in chinchwad-east

Blend InfoTech institute located at chinchwad-east in pune offers 1 Months of QTP training course in Pune with 100% Placement Assistance.

Working IT Engineers of Various MNCs who have nearly 8+ experience in development domains which can help u getting a real time knowledge with keyword used in companies,We have trainers on QTP who are

1-Introduction & QTP Test Process

o Overview on Test Automation & Types of Test Tool
 Drawbacks of Manual Testing
 Advantages of Test Automation
 Drawbacks of Test Automation

o Basic Features of QTP
 Supporting Environments
 Types of License
 Built-in features
 Integrated Tools (from HP)
 Integrated Tools (from Others)

2-Key Elements of QTP, Recording & Running
o Key Elements of QTP
 Test Pane
  Active Screen
 Data Table
 Debug Viewer
 Missing Resources
 Information
 
Recording & Running Tests
  Recording Process
  Running Process
 Recording Modes
 Advantages of Recording
  Drawbacks of Recording

3- Object Repository
Software objects
Types of object in QTP
 Runtime Objects
 Test Objects
 Utility Objects
 Automation Objects

Object Repository
  Local Repository
  Shared Repository

Operations on Object Repository
 Adding Objects
  Renaming Objects
 Deleting Objects
 Associating Object Repositories to an Action
 Merging Repositories
 View Options
  Spying Objects
 Defining New Test Objects
 Keyword driven methodology
 Generating Tests Manually through Expert view
 Generating Steps through Keyword view
 Generating statements through Step Generator

4 Object Identification Configuration

Object Identification Configuration
 Normal Identification
 Mandatory Properties
 Assertive Properties
 Smart Identification
 Base filter Properties
 Option filter properties
 Ordinal Identifier

5 -Descriptive Programming

Descriptive Programming
 Advantages of Descriptive Programming
 Static Programming
 Dynamic Programming

6-Checkpoints & Output Values

Inserting Check points
 Standard Checkpoint
 Text Checkpoint
 Text Area Checkpoint
 Bitmap Checkpoint
 Database Checkpoint
 Accessibility Checkpoint
 XML Checkpoint (From Application)
 XML Checkpoint (From Resource)
 Page Checkpoint
 Image Checkpoint
 Table Checkpoint
Inserting Output values
 Standard Output value
 Text Output value
 Text Area Output value
 Database Output value
 XML Output value (From Application)
 XML Output value (From Resource)

7-Parameterization, Synchronization

 Inserting Wait Statement
 Inserting Synchronization Point
 Increasing Tool Default Synchronization Time
 Sync method (only for web)
 Data Driven Testing through Data Table
 Importing Test Data from External files (Text and Excel Files)
 Creating a Database, Tables and Entering Data
 Creating DSN

8- Actions, Environment Variables

Types of actions
 Non-reusable Actions
 Re-Usable actions
 External Actions
 Creating an Action
 Splitting Actions
 Renaming an Action
 Deleting an Action
 Making an Reusable/Non-Reusable
 Calling an existing Action
 Copying an Actions
 Action Parameters

Environment Variables
Built-in Variables
User Defined Variables
Defining, modifying and associating environment variables
Loading Environment file during run-time

9 Transaction Points

Inserting Transaction Points
 Start Transaction & End Transaction
 Timer Function
 Defining Test Results

10- Debugging Tests

Debug Commands & Break Points
  Step Into
  Step Over
 Step Out
o Inserting/Removing Brake Points
o Watching variables
o Changing Variable values

11- Recovery Scenarios

Recovery Scenarios
Trigger events

Pop-Up window
Object State
Test Run Error
Application Crash

Recovery Operations

Keyboard or Mouse Operation
Close Application Process
Function Call
Restart Microsoft Windows
Creating Recovery Scenarios

13 �VBScript

VB Script Fundamentals & Features
o Scripting Languages vs. Programming Languages
o Basic Features of VBScript
o Hosting Environments & Script Engines
o Crating & Running a Script
Data Types, Variables
o VBScript data types
o Declaring Variables and Option Explicit Statement
o Assigning Values to Variables
o Scalar Variables and Array Variables
o Dynamic Arrays, Dimensional Arrays

o Operator Precedence
o Arithmetic Operators
o Comparison Operators
o Concatenation Operators
o Logical Operators

Control flow statements
Loop statements
User Defined functions
Built �In Functions

14 �Regular Expressions

 Understanding & Using Regular Expressions
 Handling Dynamic Objects
 Defining Regular Expressions
 Regular Expression Object

15 �Introduction, Basic Framework
Automation Framework
Data Driven Framework
Keyword Driven Framework

Hybrid Framework

Best QTP training institutes in chinchwad-east, pune - Training Requirements

List of best QTP training institutes in chinchwad-east, pune training requests recently recieved from students, training seekers and users of


Prabhakaran (chinchwad-east Pune on 05-Nov-2013 )
i need to get Certification on QTP. Software Testing training for QTP course - qtp training in pune (chinchwad-east)

QTP course Content / syllabus at chinchwad-east, pune.

We gathered most widely used QTP course content used by training institutes in chinchwad-east,pune. The QTP course syllabus covers basic to advanced level and it may vary based on QTP training classes offered in chinchwad-east.



2. Demo of Recording and Playback
3. Familiar with the feature
3.1.Record and Run Time Setting
3.2.Expert View
3.3.Keyword View
3.4.Test Setting

4. Types of recording
4.2.Low Level &
4.3.Analog Recording

5. VB Script
5.1.Variable Declaration
5.3.Loop statement
5.4.Conditional Statement
5.5.Data Types in VB Script
5.6.Arrays in VB Script
5.7.Option Explicit

6. Working with Datatable
6.1.Method and Properties
7. Working with Actions
8. Types of Actions
9. Working with Functions
10. Types of functions and arguments
11. Parametrization
11.1.Data Table
11.2.Environment Variable
11.4.Random Number
11.5.Action Parametrization
12. Object Properties and Method
13. Objects in UFT - Test, Run Time and Utility Object
14. Object Repository
14.1Local & Shared Repository
15. Object Identification
16. Object Spy
17. Smart Identification
18. Descriptive Programming
19. Ways of writing Descriptive Programming
20. Checkpoints
21. Types of Checkpoints
22. Output Value
23. Types of Output value

24. Error Handling
24.1.Test Setting
24.2.On error resume next
24.3.Exit Statement
24.5.Err Object
25. Recovery Scenario
26. Sync, Wait, Exist Methods
27. SystemUtil and InvokeApplication Method
28. Reporter Event
29. AOM (Automation Object Model)
30. Important Functions available in UFT and VB Script
31. Dictionary Objects
32. Regular Expression
33. Debug Viewer
34. File System Object
35. Working With Excel
36. UFT Certification Guidelines
37. Absolute and Relative path
38. Repositories Collection Object
39. Object Models in UFT
40. Virtual Objects
41. Framework in UFT
42. Automation Test Life Cycle Management
43. Test Planning and Estimation
44. Live Project - 1
45. Live Project - 2



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