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Php MySQL Training Centers, Institutes & Training Course Classes in Vadapalani- Listings as of April 23, 2018.

As on April 23, 2018, We have total of 29 Php MySQL training institutes in and around also near to Vadapalani area in Chennai with best training centers, institute address, Phone numbers, course fee, working hours and student reviews listed.



training institutes CSK Infotech Pvt Ltd
Chennai - Vadapalani
Best training institute
Address: Old No :3/1A New No : 11 2nd Floor Duraisamy Road, Vadapalani Vadapalani Chennai-600026

CSK INFOTECH specializes in offering real-time experience IT training,we wish to start training programs in these fields at your college campus. CSK Infotech Pvt Ltd provides best Php MySQL Training, Php MySQL Training classes & Realtime Training Vadapalani.
training institutes Binary Technologies
Chennai - Vadapalani
Best training institute
Address: No.4, Ellai muthumariamman Street,, 100 Feet Road,, Vadapalani,, Ottagapalayam, Somasundara Bharathi Nagar, Vadapalani, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600026

Binary Technologies provides best Php MySQL Training, Php MySQL Training classes & Realtime Training Vadapalani.
training institutes SLA INSTITUTE
Chennai - K.K. Nagar
Best Institute
Address: NO: 10, P.T.Rajan Salai, K K Nagar, Chennai-600078

Get trained on top grossing platforms to get placed in MNC companies. SLA jobs offers tailor made technical courses on platforms that promises jobs in Chennai SLA INSTITUTE provides best Php MySQL Training, Php MySQL Training classes & Realtime Training K.K. Nagar.
training institutes JMicro Technologies
Chennai - T. Nagar
No Reviews. Write a Review
Best Institute
Address: 68, 2nd FLOOR, THIRUMALAI ROAD, T NAGAR, Chennai-600017 google map of 10673

JMicro Technology is a chennai based training center providing numerous courses to students to tune up their skills in accordance to demand of market. JMicro Technologies provides best Php MySQL Training, Php MySQL Training classes & Realtime Training T. Nagar.
training institutes DLK Career Development
Chennai - Vadapalani
training institute

DLK Career Development provides best Php MySQL Training, Php MySQL Training classes & Realtime Training Vadapalani.
training institutes Infiniti Data Technologies
Chennai - Anna Nagar
training institute


Infiniti Data Technologies at Anna Nagar -  class room photo_14713 Infiniti Data Technologies at Anna Nagar - training room	 photo_13345 Infiniti Data Technologies at Anna Nagar -  class room photo_14712 
Address: F22, Flat-2c, Palm Spring 02nd Main Road, Anna Nagar Anna Nagar Chennai-600040

We are an established company with an excellent track record in the training field over the past 5 years, We are the authorized partners for Hewlett Packard - HP software University & Certiport . Infiniti Data Technologies provides best Php MySQL Training, Php MySQL Training classes & Realtime Training Anna Nagar.
training institutes NINT
Chennai - Vadapalani
No Reviews. Write a Review
training institute

NINT provides best Php MySQL Training, Php MySQL Training classes & Realtime Training Vadapalani.
training institutes Techie Bees
Chennai - Vadapalani
No Reviews. Write a Review
training institute
Address: No.122. Pandurangan Colony, Pillayar Koil Street, Vadapalani Vadapalani Chennai-600026

Techie Bees provides best Php MySQL Training, Php MySQL Training classes & Realtime Training Vadapalani.
training institutes iLogics Technology
Chennai - Vadapalani
No Reviews. Write a Review
training institute

iLogics Technology provides best Php MySQL Training, Php MySQL Training classes & Realtime Training Vadapalani.
training institutes NEO ORANGE TECHNOLOGY
Chennai - Vadapalani
No Reviews. Write a Review
training institute
Address: 174, Arcot Road,Doshi Gardends , D-08,2nd floor Vadapalani Vadapalani Chennai-600026 google map of 15886

NEO ORANGE TECHNOLOGY provides best Php MySQL Training, Php MySQL Training classes & Realtime Training Vadapalani.
training institutes Seed Arise
Chennai - Vadapalani
training institute
Address: No.28 west shivan kovil street vadapalani Near Forum Mall chennai-26

Seed Arise provides best Php MySQL Training, Php MySQL Training classes & Realtime Training Vadapalani.
training institutes VLSA IT Training solutions
Chennai - Vadapalani
No Reviews. Write a Review
training institute
Address: Door No: 214/215,2nd Floor, No. 172, Raahat Plaza, (Shopping Mall) ,Arcot Road, Vadapalani, Chennai-26

VLSA IT Training solutions provides best Php MySQL Training, Php MySQL Training classes & Realtime Training Vadapalani.
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Php MySQL Placement training, Course fees, Trainer Profile in vadapalani

dotexe technologies institute located at vadapalani in chennai offers 30 Day(s) of Php MySQL training course in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance.

In our training Institute we have in house training as well as realtime working professional. Our trainer has been execute more than 25 batches and having experience of more than 6 years. Trainers a

Introduction to PHP

PHP & MySQL Course Syllabus

Introduction of Web & PHP
 What is PHP?
 The history of PHP
 Why choose PHP?
 Installation overview
First Steps
 Embedding PHP code on a page
 Outputting dynamic text
 The operational trail
 Inserting code comments
Exploring Data Types
 Variables
 Strings
 String functions
 Numbers part one: Integers
 Numbers part two: Floating points
 Arrays
 Associative arrays
 Array functions
 Booleans
 NULL and empty
 Type juggling and casting
 Constants
Control Structures: Logical Expressions
 If statements
 Else and elseif statements
 Logical operators
 Switch statements
Control Structures: Loops
 While loops
 For loops
 Foreach loops
 Continue
 Break
 Understanding array pointers
User-Defined Functions
 Defining functions
 Function arguments
 Returning values from a function
 Multiple return values
 Scope and global variables
 Setting default argument values
 Common problems
 Warnings and errors
 Debugging and troubleshooting
Building Web Pages with PHP
 Links and URLs
 Using GET values
 Encoding GET values
 Encoding for HTML
 Including and requiring files
 Modifying headers
 Page redirection
 Output buffering
Working with Forms and Form Data
 Building forms
 Detecting form submissions
 Single-page form processing
 Validating form values
 Problems with validation logic
 Displaying validation errors
 Custom validation functions
 Single-page form with validations
Working with Cookies and Sessions
 Working with cookies
 Setting cookie values
 Reading cookie values
 Unsetting cookie values
 Working with sessions
MySQL Basics
 MySQL introduction
 Creating a database
 Creating a database table
 Populating a MySQL database
 Relational database tables
 Populating the relational table
Using PHP to Access MySQL
 Database APIs in PHP
 Connecting to MySQL with PHP
 Retrieving data from MySQL
 Working with retrieved data
 Creating records with PHP
 Updating and deleting records with PHP
 SQL injection
 Escaping strings for MySQL
 Introducing prepared statements
Building a Content Management System (CMS)
 Blueprinting the application
 Building the CMS database
 Establishing your work area
 Creating and styling the first page
 Making page assets reusable
 Connecting the application to the database
Using Site Navigation to Choose Content
 Adding pages to the navigation subjects
 Refactoring the navigation
 Selecting pages from the navigation
 Highlighting the current page
 Moving the navigation to a function
Application CRUD
 Finding a subject in the database
 Refactoring the page selection
 Creating a new subject form
 Processing form values and adding subjects
 Passing data in the session
 Validating form values
 Creating an edit subject form
 Using single-page submission
 Deleting a subject
 Cleaning up
 Assignment: Pages CRUD
 Assignment results: Pages CRUD
Building the Public Area
 The public appearance
 Using a context for conditional code
 Adding a default subject behavior
 The public content area
 Protecting page visibility
Regulating Page Access
 User authentication overview
 Admin CRUD
 Encrypting passwords
 Salting passwords
 Adding password encryption to CMS
 New PHP password functions
 Creating a login system
 Checking for authorization
 Creating a logout page
Advanced PHP Techniques
 Using variable variables
 Applying more array functions
 Building dates and times: Epoch/Unix
 Formatting dates and times: Strings and SQL
 Setting server and request variables
 Establishing global and static variable scope
 Making a reference assignment
 Using references as function arguments
 Using references as function return values
Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
 Introducing the concept and basics of OOP
 Defining classes
 Defining class methods
 Instantiating a class
 Referencing an instance
 Defining class properties
OOP in Practice
 Understanding class inheritance
 Setting access modifiers
 Using setters and getters
 Working with the static modifier
 Reviewing the scope resolution operator
 Referencing the Parent class
 Using constructors and destructors
 Cloning objects
 Comparing objects
Working with Files and Directories
 File system basics
 Understanding file permissions
 Setting file permissions
 PHP permissions
 Accessing files
 Writing to files
 Deleting files
 Moving the file pointer
 Reading files
 Examining file details
 Working with directories
 Viewing directory content
Sending Emails
 Configuring PHP for email
 Sending email with mail()
 Using headers
 Reviewing SMTP
 Using PHP Mailer

Php MySQL course Content / syllabus at vadapalani, chennai.

We gathered most widely used Php MySQL course content used by training institutes in vadapalani,chennai. The Php MySQL course syllabus covers basic to advanced level and it may vary based on Php MySQL training classes offered in vadapalani.


1.PHP Basics
a.How PHP Works
b.The php.ini File
c.Basic PHP Syntax
i.PHP Tags
ii.PHP Statements and Whitespace
iv.PHP Functions
v.Hello World!
i.Variable Types
ii.Variable Names Identifiers
iii.Type Strength
iv.Hello Variables
v.Variable Scope
viii.Variable-Testing and Manipulation Functions
e.PHP Operators
f.Creating Dynamic Pages
g.Single Quotes vs. Double Quotes
h.Howdy World

2.Flow Control
a.Conditional Processing
i.If Conditions
i.while while
iv.break and continue

a.Enumerated Arrays
i.Initializing Arrays
ii.Appending to an Array
iii.Reading from Arrays
iv.Looping through Arrays
b.Associative Arrays
i.Initializing Associative Arrays
ii.Reading from Associative Arrays
iii.Looping through Associative Arrays
iv.Superglobal Arrays
c.Two-dimensional Arrays
i.leading from Two dimensional Arrays
ii.Looping through Two dimensional Arrays
d.Array Manipulation Functions

4.PHP and HTML Forms
a.HTML Forms
i.How HTML Forms Work
ii.A Sample HTML Form
iii.Form Variables

5.String Manipulation
a.Formatting Strings
ii.String Manipulation Functions
iii.Examples of String Functions
b.Magic Quotes
i.magic quotes gpc
ii.magic quotes runtime
iii.Recommendation on Magic Quotes

6.Reusing Code and Writing Functions
a.Including Files
ii.require once prepend file and auto append file
b.User Functions
i.Defining and Calling Functions
ii.Default Values
iii.Variable Scope
iv.By Reference vs. By Value
c.Form Processing
i.Code Organization

7.Simple SELECTs
a.Introduction to the Northwind Database
b.Some Basics
ii.Whitespace and Semi colons
iii.Case Sensitivity
c.SELECTing All Columns in All Rows
d.SELECTing Specific Columns
e.Sorting Records
i.Sorting By a Single Column
ii.Sorting By Multiple Columns
iii.Sorting By Column Position
iv.Ascending and Descending Sorts
f.The WHERE Clause and Operator Symbols
i.Checking for Equality
ii.Checking for Inequality
iii.Checking for Greater or Less Than
iv.Checking for NULL
g.The WHERE Clause and Operator Words
i.The BETWEEN Operator
ii.The IN Operator
iii.The LIKE Operator
iv.The NOT Operator
h.Checking Multiple Conditions
iii.Order of Evaluation

8.Subqueries, Joins and Unions
i.Table Aliases
ii.Multi table Joins
c.Outer Joins
ii.UNION Rules

9.Inserting, Updating and Deleting Records

10.Managing Data
a.Querying a Database
i.mysqli Overview
ii.mysqli Methods and Properties
iii.Inserting and Updating Records
iv.mysqli Prepared Statements

a.Advantages and Disadvantages of MDB2
i.Why use a database abstraction layer
ii.When not to use a database abstraction layer
b.Using MDB2

12.Authentication with PHP and SQL
a.A Database less Login Form

13.Regular Expressions
a.Perl-compatible Regular Expression Functions
iii.Regular Expression Tester
b.Regular Expression Syntax
i.Start and End
ii.Number of Occurrences
iii.Common Characters
viii.Escape Character
c.Form Validation Functions with Regular Expressions

14.Session Control and Cookies
i.Configuring Sessions
ii.Session Functions

15.Sending Email with PHP
i.Shortcomings of mail

16.File System Management
a.Opening a File
b.Reading from a File
c.Writing to a File
d.File Locking
e.Uploading Files via an HTML Form
f.Getting File Information
g.More File Functions
h.Directory Functions
i.Getting a Directory Listing



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