Product Information The HD-Live-View iPhone Station Hidden Camera avenues dwell, secured video in 720P highdefinition to any computer, Smartphone, or tablet everywhere with an web connection. Plug and Play P2P auto web connection makes it possible to permit live-streaming online with little if any knowledge that is marketing. This is the ideal rapid implementation technique for anyone requiring covert surveillance that is skilled with features that are viewing that are live. Store Concealed Movie Domestically View Reside Slightly NO PC REQUIRED TO DOCUMENT An inside memory-card 32GB (Involved FREE) allows you to keep action-triggered movie locally removing the requirement for an additional Laptop for saving, unlike other remote-view systems. How Can It Work? The SecureShot HD iPhone Docking Station Hidden Camera appears and functions being a normal clock radio you’d acquire at the regional big box retailer having a few conditions. It hides DVR that is guaranteed to have you the video evidence you will need and a camera. Will it Assist my Iphone-4 / 5? We’ve two variations.

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Please select what type meets your requirements that are unique. View Remotely From Anywhere! We’ ve added a WIFI routine which allows if you would like to view live video slightly one to relate to your wireless Internet switch. Of course if you’re focused on it being specialized we ve cared for that also. The aspect uses P2P link technology that takes the uncertainty out-of what is generally an intricate procedure. Just How Cameras Can I Employ at One Time? You should use as much as 12 cameras on a single WIFI system concurrently.

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No part of workplace or your house will be quit in the dark. Nightvision Option Available a terrific increase to the program may be the night vision function. Allowing you report movie in darkness that is complete with no exterior lighting required. Your nightvision utilizes the 940NM IR array. This implies there is not simply no invisible IR lamps to give your key absent. It s entirely stealthy. 720P HD Movie at 1280 X 720 / 30FPS 3 History Settings: Motion-Activated, Scheduled, or Constant Time and time Press for Proof Positive Proof Automatic 100 Switching Power Email Announcements of Movement Recognized 12 Camera Service On A Single System 5 Consumer Remote Viewing FREE Live View Application for New iphone, iPad, iPod, and Android Infrared Night Option Available Supports a 32GB SD-Card for Over 100 Hours of Video Storage Plugnplay Computerized P2P Link With Your Wireless Router H.264 Video Compression 110 / 220 Powersupply – 12VDC Wireless WIFI 802.11B/ WEP, H/D, WPA, and WPA2 Encryption Up to 32GB SD Card Service Flexible Solution: 720P (1280 X 720), VGA (640 X 480), QVGA (320 X 240) 1 Megapixel Camera