SAP ALE Course Content

CA210 – EDI interface

» Explain IDoc types and use with EDI Interface
» Describe setup of EDI processing
» Define ports and partner profiles
» Explain application setup for EDI processing
» Contents IDoc Concepts
» Message Control as it Relates to EDI
» Partner Profiles
» Basic Configuration
» Application Configuration
» Outbound Processing
» Business Workflow for Error Processing
» Inbound Processing
» IDoc Monitoring Tools
» Testing Tools for IDocs
» Archiving of IDocs

BIT300 – Application Link Enabling (ALE) Technology

» Basic principles of ALE and IDocs
» Master data distribution using the material master as an example
» EDI using an order as an example
» Business processes (with a synchronous and asynchronous BAPI call) using the transfer of travel expenses from the travel expense management system to accounting
» Ensuring ongoing operation

BIT350 – ALE Enhancements

» ALE Process and Enhancement Possibilities
» IDOC Types: Technical Details
» ALE Process: Technical Details
» Field Conversions
» Adjusting a scenario without enhancing the IDOC Type (using Business Transaction Events or Business Add-Ins)
» Adjusting a scenario using an IDOC Type
» Optimizing ALE processes
» Overview of ALE scenario with BAPI technology

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