CompTIA Storage+ Course Content

Exploring Storage and Networking Fundamentals

» Storage Basics
» Describe Network Basics
» Identify Network Data Delivery Techniques

Describing Physical Networking Hardware

» Describe Networking Hardware
» Examine HBA/NIC/PCI Technology

Examining Disk Technologies

» Examine Disk Fundamentals
» Describe SATA Technology
» Technologies
» Describe SAS Technology
» Describe the Fibre Channel Architecture
» Describe the RAID System

Identifying Removable Media Technologies

» Describe Tape Technologies
» Describe Optical Disc and SSD Technologies

Describing Modular Storage Arrays and Disk Enclosures

» Describe Modular Storage Array Technologies
» Describe Disk Enclosures

Examining Storage Network Connectors and Cabling

» Describe Copper Cable Connectivity
» Describe Fiber Cable Connectivity

Describing Storage Architectures

» Describe the DAS Architecture
» Describe the NAS Architecture
» Describe the SAN Architecture
» Describe Content Addressable Storage Technologies

Describing Ethernet Network Technologies

» Describe Ethernet Networks
» Multipath over Ethernet Networks
» Protocols on Ethernet Networks

Describing an FC SAN

» Describe the FC SAN Architecture
» Describe Zones
» Describe Fabric Services and Extension Technologies
» Describe Converged Storage Network Technologies
» Describe Multipathing Issues

Describing Storage Management

» Execute Storage Provisioning
» Describe Volume Management
» Monitor Storage Networks
» Describe Storage De-duplication and Compression
» Describe Management Protocols and Interfaces
» Examine ILM

Describing Storage Network Implementation

» Identify Implementation Parameters of SAS/SATA
» Describe Storage Networks That Use Switch Technology
» Describe Storage Networks That Use HBA Technology
» Describe Storage Layouts
» Examine Storage Network Implementation Environmental Concerns
» Examine Implementation and Maintenance Factors of Storage Equipment

Introducing Storage Virtualization

» Describe Storage Virtualization
» Describe Storage Virtualization Implementation
» Describe the SNIA Shared Storage Model

Examining Storage Network Management

» Describe Storage Network Management
» Describe SAN Management
» Troubleshoot Common Network Problems
» Troubleshoot Common FC Problems

Evaluating Storage Performance

» Identify Storage Latency and Throughput
» Examine Tuning and Workload Balance
» Evaluate Storage Device Bandwidth
» Evaluate Network Device Bandwidth
» Evaluate Storage and Host Tools

Securing Storage Networks

» Describe Storage Security
» Manage Storage Redundancy
» Examine Backup and Recovery Technologies
» Describe Business Continuity

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