Selenium Course content

Introduction of Automation

» Why Automation
» When to start Automation
» Where to use Automation
» Scope of Automation in future
» What is an Automated tool
» How to learn any Automated tool
» Types of Automated tools

Selenium Components

» Selenium IDE
» Selenium RC
» Selenium Web Driver
» Selenium GRID


» Installing Java
» What is Eclipse
» How to install Eclipse
» What is the need of Eclipse
» Why we use Eclipse and Selenium together

Starting with Eclipse

» How to create a project
» How to create a package
» How to create a class (.java file)
» How to create a file
(properties file)

Classes and Interfaces

» How to create an object
(call by reference, call by value)
» Data types
» How to access the nonstatic functions

using objects reference

» How to use Static Global variables

through class name

» How to use Static Global functions

through class name

» How to create constructor
» What is the use of constructor
» Inheritance
» How to access classes across packages
» Accessing modifiers (Public, Private, Default, Protected)
» String Class, Object class
» What is an interface
» How to create and use interface

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Selenium training institutes in Mumbai
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