Python Course content

Getting Started

» History
» A Python Q&A Session
» How Python Runs Programs
» How You Run Programs

Types and Operations

» Introducing Python Object Types
» Numeric Types
» The Dynamic Typing Interlude
» Strings
» Lists and Dictionaries
» Tuples, Files and Everything Else

Statements and Syntax

» Introducing Python Statements
» Assignments, Expressions, and Prints
» if Tests and Syntax Rules
» while and for Loops
» Iterations and Comprehensions – I
» The Documentation Interlude


» Function Basics
» Scopes
» Arguments
» Advance Function Topics
» Iterations and Comprehensions – II


» Modules : The Big Picture
» Module Coding Basics
» Module Package
» Advance Module Topics

Classes and OOP

» OOP : The Big Picture
» Class Coding Basics
» A More Realistic Example
» Class Coding Details
» Operator Overloading
» Designing with Classes
» Advanced Class Topics

Exceptions and Tools

» Exception Basics
» Exception Coding Detail
» Exception Objects
» Designing With Exceptions

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