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Best Training institutes ,Computer education and Coaching classes in Sector 15 as of July 19, 2018



Best training institute
Tech Altum Development and Training at Sector 15 - placement department photo_451 Tech Altum Development and Training at Sector 15 - computer lab photo_449 Tech Altum Development and Training at Sector 15 - mock interview photo_448 
Address: 501, Fifth Floor, Om Complex, Sec 15, Noida-201301 google map of 6937

Tech Altum, a Team Lead By IIT / NIT Alumni for quality IT Training & Services. We are a ISO 9001 2008 Certified Institute and Microsoft Registered Training Partner. Tech Altum Development and Training conducts Python, Software Testing, PHP, Web Designing, Oracle training classes at Sector 15 in Noida.
training institutes Antrix Academy of Data Science
Sector 15, Noida
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Best training institute
Antrix Academy of Data Science at Sector 15 - class room	 photo_18011 Antrix Academy of Data Science at Sector 15 - class room	 photo_18010 Antrix Academy of Data Science at Sector 15 - class room	 photo_18009 
Address: Bhagmal Complex, 110, 1st Floor, Captain Vijyant Thapar Marg, Naya Bans, Naya Bans Village, Sector 15,Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301, India

Antrix Academy of Data Science conducts JAVA J2EE, Oracle, PHP, C C++, Python training classes at Sector 15 in Noida.
training institutes Feel IT Infotech
Sector 15, Noida
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Best training institute
Feel IT Infotech at Sector 15 -  photo_18265 Feel IT Infotech at Sector 15 -  photo_18266 Feel IT Infotech at Sector 15 - institute name board	 photo_12336 
Address: Horam Singh Complex Sector 15 First Floor Noida-201301

Feel IT Infotech conducts Linux, Data Warehousing, Bigdata, MS Office, Informatica training classes at Sector 15 in Noida.
training institutes P2P Systems
Sector 15, Noida
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Best training institute
P2P Systems at Sector 15 - class room	 photo_18486 

P2P Systems conducts Oracle Certification, Oracle, JAVA J2EE training classes at Sector 15 in Noida.
training institutes Techavera Solutions Pvt. Ltd
Sector 15, Noida


Best training institute
Techavera Solutions Pvt. Ltd at Sector 15 - class room photo_15261 Techavera Solutions Pvt. Ltd at Sector 15 -  photo_18401 
Address: 3rd Floor, Om Complex Sector-15 Noida-201301

An educational venture by corporate professionals to transform professional education. We have Already trained and placed more than 1700+ students.
Techavera Solutions Pvt. Ltd conducts Embedded Systems, HR Course, Accounting & Finance, IT Automation, C C++ training classes at Sector 15 in Noida.
training institutes 7 Network Service (Networking)
Sector 15, Noida


Best training institute
7 Network Service (Networking) at Sector 15 - training room photo_15281 7 Network Service (Networking) at Sector 15 -  photo_18415 
Address: C-78, Sector-2 Noida, (Near Sector-15 Metro Station Lane of Priyagold Building) - 201301

7NetworksServices has emerged as one of the best networking training institute in Noida (Delhi NCR) for Cisco, Juniper, BIG IP F5 and Bluecoat Certifications courses. 7 Network Service (Networking) conducts RHCE, CCNA, CCNP, MCITP, Microsoft Certifications training classes at Sector 15 in Noida.
training institutes TechiesEra
Sector 15, Noida


Best training institute
Address: C33 Sector 2 Noida Sector 15 Noida-201301

TechiesEra conducts C C++, .Net, JAVA J2EE, Android training classes at Sector 15 in Noida.
training institutes Oratree solutions pvt ltd.
Sector 15, Noida
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Best training institute
Address: C-24,sec-2, Noida-201301

Oratree solutions pvt ltd. conducts Hadoop, Python, C C++, Web Designing, Oracle training classes at Sector 15 in Noida.
training institutes Designate the CAD institute
Sector 15, Noida


training institute
Designate the CAD institute at Sector 15 - interview sessions photo_14830 Designate the CAD institute at Sector 15 - training pamphlets photo_14831 
Address: b-5 bhagmal complex noida sec. 15 noida 201301

Designate the CAD institute was established in the year 2014 for fulfillment of the need of Mechanical industry and the growing need of IT Consultants . We are exceptional. Designate the CAD institute conducts CAD CAM CAE training classes at Sector 15 in Noida.
training institutes Insider Academy
Sector 15, Noida
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training institute

Insider Academy conducts SEO Training, Digital Marketing, Spoken English, Web Designing training classes at Sector 15 in Noida.
training institutes Radical BUSINESS SOLUTIONS
Sector 15, Noida


training institute
Address: A - 70 Noida sec 2 Delhi Sector 15 Noida-201301

Radical BUSINESS SOLUTIONS conducts WebSphere, Hindi Language Course, Teacher Training, Technical Writing, Bank PO exam training classes at Sector 15 in Noida.
training institutes Advance Innovaton Group
Sector 15, Noida
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training institute

Advance Innovaton Group conducts SAS, Hadoop, E-Learning training classes at Sector 15 in Noida.
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Training centers in sector-15, noida - Reviews & Complaints

List of training reviews for institutes located in and around sector-15 in noida location

Bhavek 5 Star Rating: Excellent Training (5-Excellent Training)
Radical business solutions is a perfect institute for digital marketing & seo. complete practical training by experts.
Institute reviewed : Radical BUSINESS SOLUTIONS in Noida for training in Noida
Gaurav Panwar 5 Star Rating: Excellent Training (5-Excellent Training)
TechiesEra provided me a platform, where I enhanced my skills and learned, how to work in professional environment!!
Institute reviewed : TechiesEra in Noida for training in Noida
Rajni Dusgotra 5 Star Rating: Excellent Training (5-Excellent Training)
Tech Altum is the best institute for Web and UI development. Just completed my training and got placed by tech Altum refrence. Will recommend Tech Altum in future.
Institute reviewed : Tech Altum Development and Training in Noida for training in Noida
neelam 4 Star Rating: Best Training (4-Best Training)
Tech Altum helped me to get my first job. They arranged interview, interview preparation and training an all. I am extremely happy and thankful to them. For me they are honest and very committed institute. Highly preferred.
Institute reviewed : Tech Altum Development and Training in Noida for training in Noida
Madhu Kulla 5 Star Rating: Excellent Training (5-Excellent Training)
Mr Avinash is the best faculty that one can ever have. Immense knowledge as a web designer.
For anyone interested in Web Designing, Tech Altum is worth giving a shot.
Institute reviewed : Tech Altum Development and Training in Noida for training in Noida
Vaibhav 5 Star Rating: Excellent Training (5-Excellent Training)
I had completed web designing and AngularJS course.Team over there was very helpful during my training.They provided a practical approach and Interview preparation as well.I recommend Tech Altum.
Institute reviewed : Tech Altum Development and Training in Noida for training in Noida
Navneet 5 Star Rating: Excellent Training (5-Excellent Training)
It has been a great learning experience at Techies Era. I have attended the MVC Development course. I gained much more knowledge in the topic of study, design, and architecture level. I can assure that Dot Net Tricks provides the Top Quality Training both in Teaching and Course Material or Content. The teaching techniques of Mr. Vijay Rana is very Simple, Easy and Unique. Highly recommended to all who are looking for MVC with AngularJS training from Techies Era.
Institute reviewed : TechiesEra in Noida for training in Noida


Training with placement, Course fees and Trainer Profiles in sector-15, noida

Tech Altum Development and Training institute located at sector-15 in noida offers 120 Day(s) of Web Designing training course in Noida with 100% Placement Assistance.

An IIT Kgpian Pass out and 5 Years Exp Corporate Trainer currently working on HTML5 Designing and Development. Working as a freelancer for both Indian and US Based Projects for web and Mobile based.

Web Designing Introduction Frontend Vs Backend Html-4/XHTML CSS-2 Photoshop CC Dreamweaver CS-6 SEO-Intro Web Hosting javascript, JQuery HTML-5 CSS-3 Responsive Layouts Bootstrap Framework UI Testing W3C Validations Projects(Students can even opt for live project.) Resume and Interview Preparation Interview Scheduling
Way2Automation institute located at sector-15 in noida offers 6 Weeks of Selenium training course in Noida with Basic Placement Support.

Trainer is having 10+ years of experience in Software Testing. He has worked with various MNCs in NCR. His last designation was Test Manager. Handled many automation projects and created advance frame

1. Download Eclispe 2. Creating a new Java Project 3. If else statements 4. Loops � For & While 5. Arrays 6. Collections � ArrayList, Set, Iterators etc. 7. Classes & Objects 8. Interface 9. Inheritance 10. Polymorphism 11. Constructors 12. Exception Handing 13. Static & Non Static members 14. Access Modifiers 15. Excel Reading through POI API 16. JDBC connectivity using MySQL server 17. Mail API 18. Apache log4J 19. Batch file creation through ANT Selenium WebDriver 1. Architecture of selenium webdriver 2. Drivers for Firefox, IE, chrome, Iphone, Android etc 3. Working with chrome and IE 4. Concept of Firefox profile 5. What is Firefox profile 6. Why we need Firefox Profile 7. Close and Quit -Difference 8. Importing web driver documentation in eclipse 9. Web Driver DesiredCapabilities Class 10. Proxy settings with webdriver/Working with proxy Servers 11. HTMLUnit driver and desired capabilities 12. Firepath and firebug Add-ons installation in Mozilla 13. Inspecting elements in Mozilla, Chrome and IE 14. HTML language tags and attributes 15. Various locator strategies 16. WebDriver Interface 17. WebElement Interface 18. Identifying WebElements using id, name, class 19. Finding Xpaths to identify 20. Absolute and complete Xpaths 21. Creating customized Xpaths without firebug 22. Css Selectors 23. Generating own CssSelectors 24. Performance of CssSelectors as compared to Xpaths 25. Finding xpaths/cssselectors in different browsers - Mozilla, Chrome and IE 26. Objects with same id/xpath/cssSelector 27. What is class attribute? 28. Handling Dynamic objects/ids on the page 29. Working with different browsers without changing code 30. Managing Input fields, Buttons and creating custom xpaths 31. Managing/Identifying Links with xpaths/css selectors 32. Extracting More than one object from a page 33. Extracting all links of a page/Bulk extraction of objects 34. Extracting Objects from a specific area of a web page 35. Various strategies to test Links on a page by clicking on them one by one 36. Finding response Headers/ response code  37. Finding whether object is present on page or not 38. Handling drop down list 39. Select Class in Selenium API 40. Managing radio buttons and Checkboxes 41. Hidden components 42. isDisplayed function 43. Taking Screenshots of the web pages 44. How to Google out errors-Self sufficiency 45. Implicit and Explicit waits 46. PageLoadTimeout Property 47. WebDriverWait Class 48. WebDriver.Timeout Interface 49. ExpectedCondition interface and ExpectedConditions class 50. WaitUntil Condition 51. Fluent Wait 52. Managing Ajax based components 53. Concepts of Set Interface in Java 54. Window Handles 55. Managing tabbed windows in IE, Chrome and Mozilla 56. Managing popups in IE, Chrome and Mozilla 57. Closing windows 58. Default Popups 59. Testing https websites / Managing certificate errors in https websites in IE, Chrome and Mozilla 60. Extracting Data From WebTable 61. Dynamic WebTable Handling 62. Attaching files with Selenium 63. Mouse movement with Selenium- Mouse Interface 64. Handling Ajax Autosuggests 65. Handling Google Ajax Autosuggests 66. Handling Frames in Web Page 67. Handling cookies 68. More Examples on Webtables 69. Webtables and css Selectors - NEW 70. Building custom functions for Webtables - NEW 71. Managing Javascript alerts � NEW 72. Simulaing front and back buton click on Browser using selenium 73. Assigning Firefox profile parameters 74. Downloading files using selenium 75. Selenium Javadocs 76. Listeners- Using WebDriverEventListener 77. Practical usage of Listeners in Selenium 78. Moving a mouse on a Object and right clicking on it 79. Finding Coordinates of a Web Object 80. Actions class in Webdriver- - NEW 81. Handling CSS menu with Action class- - NEW 82. Handling CSS menu with JavaScriptExecutor- - NEW 83. JavaScriptExecutor example- - NEW 84. Drag, drop, native events- - NEW  85. Datadriven/ Hybrid Testing using TestNG 86. Running Webdriver script in Grid (overview) - Remote WebDriver JUNIT JAVA FRAMEWORK, ANT & REPORTS Generation 1. About JUnit and TestNG 2. What is a Java framework 3. Test Annotations 4. Executing the tests in sequence 5. Assertions 6. Error Collectors 7. How to parameterized our test case 8. Reading and writing in Excel 9. Using POI api for calling various excel operations 10. What is Ant 11. Configuring Ant 12. Running Selenium tests through Ant 13. Creating batch scripts for Ant execution 14. Report Generation TestNG 1. What is TestNg 2. Installing TestNg in Eclipse 3. TestNg annotations 4. Understanding usage of annotations 5. Running a Test in TestNg 6. Batch Running of tests in TestNg 7. Skipping Tests 8. parameterizing Tests - DataProvider 9. Assertions/Reporting Errors 10. TestNg Reports 11. Using TestNg in Selenium 12. XSLT report generation using TestNg  Automation Framework Implementation on a Live Project Using Data Driven techniques Covers complete implementation of Data Driven Framework in WebDriver using TestNG: 1. Test data files 2. TestCore class which loads Xls file, run selenium server through code 3. and do other initialization 4. file to store Xpaths 5. Configuration files 6. Skipping test cases 7. Screenshot capturing 8. Emailing test results 9. Generating Reports 10. Generating Application and Selenium logs 11. Running framework automation through ANT Automation Framework Implementation on a Live Project Using Page Object Model & Page Factories techniques on a Live Project Covers complete implementation of Page Object Model Framework in WebDriver using TestNG: 1. What is Page Object Model Framework? 2. When to use POM 3. Designing POM classes & Navigational structure 4. Designing a Page class 5. Building generic utility functions 6. Creating Properties file 7. Adding logs through Log4j API 8. Batch running the test cases 9. Using junit/testng to execute test cases 10. Parameterizing tests using XL Files 11. Taking screenshots 12. Generating reports and reporting errors 13. Test data files 14. TestCore class which loads Xls file, run selenium server through code and do other initialization 15. file to store Xpaths 16. Configuration files 17. Skipping test cases 18. Screenshot capturing 19. Emailing test results 20. Generating Reports 21. Generating Application and Selenium logs 22. Running framework automation through ANT Selenium 3.0 � Mobile Automation APIs (Appium, Selendroid, IOS Driver) � If time permits 1. Introduction to Mobile App testing through Selenium 2. Automating Native App 3. Automating Hybrid App 4. Automating WebApp of Android & IOS Other materials provided along with the Selenium training � PDF Files & Other study materials � Life time access to 100 + videos & Online meeting recordings � Complete Module & Frameworks Code
Tech Altum Development and Training institute located at sector-15 in noida offers 3 Months of Magento eCommerce training course in Noida with 100% Placement Assistance.

Trainer is working as Software Developer in MNC 6+ Years’ Experience in Software development in PHP. 4+ Years’ Experience separately in Zend and Magento. Involved in Corporate Training from last 4

Module1: . Ecommerce Concept and Introduction to Magento . What is e-commerce? . Ecommerce is a concept where online monetary transactions involved. People can buy or sell goods through internet. Module2: . Introduction of Magento . What is Magento ? . At this moment Magento is a top e-commerce site used worldwide. It has all the basic and advance features which an e- commerce package should have. . How to install Magento . Steps to install Magento and Minimum requirement of Installation . Front end over view . Home page, category listing, product listing, product details, cart page, checkout page, my account section, Guest and registered user . Backend Over view . Magneto backend catalog, category, shopping cart rules, order, customer manage, configuration etc Module3: . In depth knowledge of magento back end and front end features . Catalog Concept, Category Creation . Different types of product in Magento . Category � product configuration . How to create tax rules . Shopping cart price rules, Product price rules . Import/export . Configuration like country set, currency set, locale set, url set etc. . Static blocks, Cms pages . Multiple Website, store, store view concept Module4: . Magneto design Terminologies . Website and stores, Interface, themes and block . Working with Magento themes . Building your theme and Intro to Layout Module5: . Concept of MVC and Database modeling . Magento Architecture Model, View, Controller concept . Database structure . Concept of Framework Magento Core modules overview . Different modules and there uses e.g. Catalog, Checkout, Sales etc. Magento Architecture . Code pools, Module packages, Controller, model, block . Helpers concept. Magento request cycle. Front controller, Routers and actions Module6: Database Design . Resource and database connection . EAV model . Entities and Entity Attributes . Collections . Why need custom module . Custom module creation and integration Module7: . Building a Custom module (Brand Add) . Featured Product Module Module8: . Building new Payment gateway module . Banner Management module Module9: . Controller,Model,Block override using custom module . Ajax add to cart module Module10: Real Life Projects
Tech Altum Development and Training institute located at sector-15 in noida offers 3 Months of Selenium training course in Noida with 100% Placement Assistance.

We have 7 Years Experienced Faculty for Selenium having hands on experience on Cross Browser Testing, Parallel Testing, Sequential test case execution, HTML report generation, Verification and Validat

Selenium IDE Basic � Selenium features and IDE overview � Record and Run � Understand IDE � Command, Target, Value � Verifying Page Elements � Assertion or Verification � Matching Text Patterns � Locating Elements � Installing & using Firebug to inspect elements � Understand ID, Name, xPath, CSS-Attribute, Text and Dynamic Object WebDriver [PART -I] � Setup Eclipse, Selenium Server & Batch file � Create new Eclipse projects and Java Class � Move IDE code to JUnit code in Eclipse � Basics of JUnit & JUnit Annotations � Setup Apache Ant and Build.xml � Run JUnit Tests with Ant � Understanding JUnit Results and Ant Results WebDriver [PART -II] � � � � � � Create Manual Test Scenario & sample Test Data Parameterizing Selenium Tests in JUnit Understanding Selenese commands Java DataTypes, Conditions, Loops Java Methods, Classes and Global Variables Execute Selenium Test Cases and get Test results Data-Driven Framework-1 � Write JUnit code for new Test Scenario � Learn to Read Test Data from Excel � Initialize Test Parameters and feed data to AUT � Obtain Test Results from AUT � Learn to Write Results into Excel � Read/Write from Excel using Apache POI Keyword-Driven Framework-1 [Using Selenium Server with JUnit & Web Driver and Java] � Create re-usable methods (Keywords) for various web commands. � Write Test Cases and Test Steps with Keywords � Build a Java Driver code to read Keywords from the Excel. � Read/Write from Excel using Apache POI � Powerful Script-Free Framework. Manual Test Scenario & sample Test Data Overview -Hybrid Framework � Create Manual Test Scenario & sample Test Data � Powerful Driver Script � Read Test Cases, Test Steps and Test Data from Excel � Export Test Results into an Excel Selenium Grid � Installing Grid on your local machine. � Configuring Grid Build.xml for your Tests � Run Tests through Grid in sequence on local machine. � Run Tests through Grid in parallel on local machine. Overview -TestNG Dataprovider � Move IDE code to TestNG code in Eclipse � Basics of TestNG & TestNG Annotations � Run TestNG Tests with Ant � A simple DataProvider through TestNG. � Understanding TestNG Results and Ant Results SVN and Apache Maven � Getting SVN and Maven Loaded � Code Checin-Checkout � POM.xml, Archetypes, Repositories � Running through Ant � Version Management using SVN and Maven AJAX and dynamic web Apps � Handling pop-ups, multi-browsers � Handling AJAX Drop-Downs � Handling Calendar pop-ups � Customizing our xPath to recognize Dynamic Elements Database Testing in Selenium [�Using MySQL and JDBC�] � DB Connections and ResultSets � Running SQL queries � Apply on TestNG and JUnit Interview/Work Preparation
Tech Altum Development and Training institute located at sector-15 in noida offers 120 Day(s) of PHP training course in Noida with 100% Placement Assistance.

Ex IIT Alumni with 5+ experience in Web Development. Till now trained 50+ Candidates at Tech Altum Noida Scored AIR 120 in GATE 2011. M Tech Scholar at IIT Kharagpur. 4+ Experience in Web Designi

PHP with My SQL HTML Markup Languages Structure of HTML Basic HTML Tags HTML Elements HTML Attributes HTML Headings HTML Paragraphs HTML Links HTML Images HTML Tables HTML Lists HTML Forms HTML Iframes HTML Quick List Difference between HTML & XHTML XHTML Basics HTML Advanced HTML Layout HTML Doctypes HTML CSS HTML Head HTML Meta HTML Entities HTML URLs HTML Web Design with CSS Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets Types of Style Sheets Types of CSS Selectors CSS properties CSS Styling Styling Backgrounds Styling Text Styling Fonts Styling Links Styling Lists Styling Tables Creating simple and dropdown menus Creating Appealing forms using CSS CSS Tips and Optimization Techniques PHP Installation PHP Introduction PHP installation First Program on PHP Echo and Print command PHP Fundamentals PHP Variables with program Conditional Statement If-else Switch Looping For Loop While Loop  Do-While Loop  Foreach loop Functions in PHP Arrays in PHP  Single Array  Associative Array  Array Traversal using loop  Arrays system defined function PHP with HTML  Integration of HTML Form with PHP Form  Integration of HTML on PHP Form  Fetching Data using GET and Post Request  Fetching Data using Request Object Control Statement  Include  Require  Include_once  Require_once Error Reporting String Functions Date and Time Functions File Handling  Reading and Writing Files  Reading Data from a File  Writing Data to a File Downloading files Uploading files State Management  Sessions (Store, Retrieve and Delete)  Cookies (Store, Retrieve and Delete) Registration Forms Mailing in php Web Hosting MySQL and SQL Server Introduction of Database Create and use database datatype Create table Data integrity Ddl statement Dml statement Insert update Delete Query Simple insert query Update query Delete query Selection of Data(using select query) Select all data Select specific column Customize the display (change the col name in display) Concatenate the text value in the output Calculating the column User of where clause Using arithmetic operation Using comparisons operator Using and/or operator Range In and not in Like operator Null value Use of order by Functions in MySql Use of string function Use of date function Use of mathematical function Aggregate and Group by Min Max Sum Count Group by Joins Inner join Outer join and its type Cross join Self join Subqueries Nested subqueries Constraints Primary key constraint Unique key constraint Foreign key constraint Alter Add column Dropping table Using PHP with MySQL Managing Database Connections Performing Queries Data handling in Grid Processing Result Sets Queries Which Return Data Queries That Alter Data Java Script Client and Server side scripting Introduction to Java Script Programming Concepts Objects and Events JS Comments JS Variables JS Operators JS Comparisons JS If...Else JS Switch JS Popup Boxes JS Functions JS For Loop JS While Loop JS Break Loops JS For...In JS Events JS Try...Catch JS Throw JS Special Text JS Objects JS Objects Intro JS String JS Date JS Array JS Boolean JS RegExp JS Advanced JS Browser JS Cookies JS Validation JS Timing Common Functions Java Script Validations JQUERY Jquery Syntax Jquery Selectors Jquery Events Jquery HTML Jquery CSS Conflict with jquery Customized Jquery Apps User Interface Designing using jQuery. AJAX Introduction to AJAX Introduction to XMLHttpRequest Object Method and Properties of XMLHttpRequest Introducing HTML5 and CSS3 Why do we need HTML5? The New and the Old New structural tags New content tags New attributes Deprecated elements Semantic tagging Document Structure Structuring top-level elements Structuring interior content Building headers Navigation elements New Form Controls New input types Setting form autofocus Using placeholder data Marking required fields Working with number inputs Validate Form using Html5 Video and Audio Video overview Audio and video containers Audio and video codecs Supported formats Bootstrap Framework Twitter Bootstrap Introduction and use Installation of Bootstrap Bootstrap CSS & JS Bootstrap Image Slider Bootstrap Menus Bootstrap Components ( Model Form) Bootstrap Project Compatibility Testing Various Browser Versions W3C Validations and Standards. Classes And Objects in PHP 5 Objects oriented programming Define a class An Object Creating an object Object properties Object methods Object constructors and destructors Class constants Class inheritance Abstract classes and methods Interface and implementation Checking for class and method existence Joomla Introduction and Installation of Joomla Configuration setting of Joomla Creating web page in joomla(Category, Article) Add images in joomla Create hyperlink in joomla Embedded video and Flash in joomla Banner Rotator in Joomla Installing Extensions in Joomla Adding a blog in Joomla WORDPRESS Introduction to Wordpress Basics of the WordPress Installation of Wordpress Finding and Using WordPress Plugins using different wordpress Themes WordPress Content Management Creating and Managing Content Create your own Website(Project) Requirement Understanding Start Designing the Website
SYS APP PRO institute located at sector-15 in noida offers 2 Months of SAP CRM training course in Noida with 100% Placement Assistance.

The Trainer Provides skills for CRM introduction, Client Administration, Load balancing, Transport Management, Alert Monitoring, Note Assistant, and support package Etc., training at live project unde

SAP CRM Course Customer Relationship Management is a set of rules and tools that help an organization to manage customer relations in a better way. Career Opportunities of SAP CRM Course: • It enables organizations to improve their interactions with customers and ensures each of the interactions remains relevant and consistent. • It creates a unique customer experience and enables you to address various business processes in order to improve a wide range of sales and services and all the marketing situations. • Implement SAP CRM software is a sure way of interacting with every potential customer in a personal way. • It improves the functionality and is easily adaptable to enhance the consumer experience. It is indeed a great way to retain loyal customers and attract potential customers as well. • SAP CRM Course also improves consistency and allows you to relevancy interact with your customers. • With breakthrough information about the specific situation, history, productivity and estimation of every customer. • If you wish to build loyal and profitable relations with your consumers, it is important to understand their needs. • It improves sales effectiveness and efficiency and it is the only matter of time, not to mention that the students will enjoy the superior service and Customers loyalty. • While there is any consumer related software coming up, none can help you improve customer loyalty like SAP CRM. • Another benefit of SAP CRM Certification Course in Noida is that it is very easy to use. You can use it right away since it has interactive web features.
SYS APP PRO institute located at sector-15 in noida offers 2 Months of SAP training course in Noida with 100% Placement Assistance.

The Trainer for SAP has the real-time expertise and skill has executed a variety of real time-based projects, our customized training enhances the skills of the student, we provide the newest coaching

ERP SAP Training in Noida provided by SYS APP PRO. We help provide advanced training in some of the most popular and upcoming technologies. Having spent a large part of our career in training institute we are committed to our student’s development, we know exactly what you are looking for. The SAP training institute in Noida is one of the best results oriented SAP training institute in Noida, offers best practices, experimental knowledge in SAP training in Noida. Our diverse experience in this area and our large network of associates who include the best in the industry ensures high-quality professionalism. SAP is the number one providers of business software solutions towards better work and data management in organizations across industries. Some facts on the effectiveness of IT education: • 80% of IT managers believe effective training is critical to the success of a project • IT managers believe, 75% of training increases the chances of a project meeting its deadline • Most of the objectives provided by users are increased with 40% more training than projects that failed or only partly succeeded in IT projects.
SYS APP PRO institute located at sector-15 in noida offers 2 Weeks of SAS training course in Noida with 100% Placement Assistance.

SAP Training Institute in Noida Provides Best SAP Trainers with Excellence Knowledge. They Provide you the Real-time Project to our Students. Any Graduate Student Can Apply for the Course and Get high

SAP Certified training with SYS APP PRO gives you the best Training in Noida. Sap training institute in Noida, sap training center in Noida, sap training institutes in Noida, sap training course in Noida. SAP Certification Course in Noida. We believe in delivering Customize training course in Noida. We are leading in SAP Course. SAP FICO Certification Course in Noida will be helpful for experts who tries you to take in the ropes of SAP FICO and execute it. It is surely going to help the students who are responsible for implementing Financial Accounting and Cost Accounting with SAP ERP. We provide experts Professionals who will make it easy to understand the important and critical concepts explained here with a basic knowledge of how an organization deals with the finances. And it will help if you have any prior explanation and exposure to accounting and how to deal with financial data. SAP FICO Training in Noida stands for Financial Accounting and Controlling. It is an important module in ERP SAP that stores financial transaction data. SAP FICO training offers student’s an easy and understandable method with step by step methods, the SAP FICO Training tutorial is designed for SAP beginners and SAP professionals so that students can configure and implement SAP Fico step by step.
Advance Innovaton Group institute located at sector-15 in noida offers 3 Day(s) of SAS Certification training course in Noida with 100% Placement Assistance.

Neha Sharma As a Consultant I work closely with Customers to setup and framework on Process Excellence and improvement & work with/guide/mentor customers to complete lean six sigma initiatives. Al

The course has been designed to cover more case studies for better understanding of students. Advance Innovation Group has been an industry leader in the consulting and training space in areas of Lean Six Sigma Consulting, Management System implementations. Our niche comes from closely working with industry and devising more innovative and cost effective methods and tools to make business more successful, predictable and profitable. We have, over the past few years been able to help several very talented people get to their logical success path which has been an emotional high for us. Many still call us the Manager’s factory. Having been able to touch 100s of lives, we have been successful in making our small contribution to huge Data industry. Hadoop Training 20 Hours SAS Training 40 Hours R Training 30 Hours Minitab Training 20 Hours Why Advance Innovation Group? Extensive Hands on experience on data analysis tools Industries Interface Life Long Relationship Accountable System Flexibility Value Training Faculty
Antrix Academy of Data Science institute located at sector-15 in noida offers 8 Day(s) of MS Excel 2007 training course in Noida with No Placement Support.

Professional with over 14 years of career reflecting Corporate Training qualifications and hands-on experience in Microsoft Technologies. Also good in Data Analytics Tools like SAS, Big Data & Hadoop

Excel - Basic • Introduction to Excel • Working with Formulas and functions • Formating & Conditional Formating • Filtering, sorting, paste special etc • Functions (Logical & Text, Mathematical, Statistical etc) • Data Manipulation & Data Aggregation • Data Analysis using functions Excel - Advanced • Analyzing Data using Pivots • Descriptive Statistics • Creating Charts & Graphics • Data analytics tool (What -if analysis, Goal seek, Data Table, Solver) • Protecting Workbooks, worksheets and formulas Introduction to VBA • Working with VBE (Visual Basic Editor) • Introduction to Excel Object Model • Understanding of Sub and Function Procedures • Key Component of Programming Language • Understanding of If, Select Case, With End With Statements • Looping with VBA • User Defined Function • Some Commonly Used Macro Examples • Error Handling • Object and Memory Management in VBA • User Form Controls • ActiveX Controls • Communicating with Database MS Access through ADO - Exporting/Importing Data
Antrix Academy of Data Science institute located at sector-15 in noida offers 20 Day(s) of SAS training course in Noida with Basic Placement Support.

A Technical Trainer, having above 15 years experience in the industry in IT training, consulting, and resource development. Delivered IT infrastructure & Data Analytics projects to several corporat

SAS - Introduction - Data importing Introduction to SAS, GUI Concepts of Libraries, PDV, data execution etc Building blocks of SAS (Data & Proc Steps - Statements & options) Debugging SAS Codes Importing different types of data & connecting to data bases Data Understanding(Meta data, variable attributes(format, informat, length, label etc)) SAS Procedures for data import /export / understanding(Proc import/Proc contents/Proc print/Proc means/Proc feq) SAS - Data Manipulation Data Manipulation steps(Sorting, filtering, duplicates, merging, appending, subsetting, derived variables, sampling, Data type converstions, renaming, formatting, etc) Data manipulation tools (Operators, Functions, Procedures, control structures, Loops, arrays etc) SAS Functions (Text, numeric, date, utility functions) SAS Procedures for data manipulation (Proc sort, proc format etc) SAS Options (System Level, procedure level) SAS - Exploratory Data Analysis & Data visualization Introduction exploratory data analysis Descriptive statistics, Frequency Tables and summarization Univariate Analysis (Distribution of data & Graphical Analysis) Bivariate Analysis(Cross Tabs, Distributions & Relationships, Graphical Analysis) SAS Procedures for Data Analysis(proc freq/Proc means/proc summary/proc tabulate/Proc univariate etc) SAS Procedures for Graphical Analysis (Proc Sgplot, proc gplot etc) SAS - Reporting - Output Exporting Introduction to Reporting SAS Reporting Procedures (Proc print, Proc Report, Proc Tabulate etc) Exporting data sets into different formats (Using proc export) Concept of ODS (output delivery system) ODS System - Exporting output into different formats Advanced SAS (Proc SQL - Macros) - Optimizing SAS Introduction to Advnaced SAS - Proc SQL & Macros Understanding select statement (From, where, group by, having, order by etc) Proc SQL - Data creation/extraction Proc SQL - Data Manipulation steps Proc SQL - Summarizing Data Proc SQL - Concept of sub queries, indexes etc SAS Macros - Creating/defining macro variables SAS Macros - Defining/calling macros SAS Macros- Concept of local/global variables SAS Macros - Debugging techniques Know How of Statistic Concepts Introduction of Statistics Descriptive and inferential statistics Explanatory Versus Predictive Modeling Population and samples Uses of variable independent and dependent Types of variables quantitative and categorical Descriptive Statistics Introduction Descriptive Statistics Introduction Histogram Measures of shape skewness Box Plots Univariante Procedure Statistical graphics procedures The SGPLOT Procedure ODS Graphics Output Using SAS to picture your data Confidence Intervals for the Mean Introduction Distribution of sample means Normality and the central limit theorem Calculation of 95% confidence interval Hypothesis Testing introduction Decision Making Process Steps in Hypothesis Testing Types of error and power The p value effect size and sample size Statistical Hypothesis Test the t statistic t distribution and two sided t test Using proc univariate to generate a t statistic
Radical BUSINESS SOLUTIONS institute located at sector-15 in noida offers 2 Months of Web Designing training course in Noida with 100% Placement Assistance.

Choose our institute if you are searching for digital marketing training Institute in Laxmi Nagar , our real time trainers have lot of experience in all the segments.Do you want to work as a freelance

if you are looking for a good digital marketing training institute in Noida Sec 2. which helps to upgrade your skills in search engine optimization, Google Ad Words, search engine marketing or other online marketing domains. Very sooner we can expect digital marketing among the list of high paying jobs across the world, various multinational companies and startups are recruiting candidates with good skills set in digital marketing. We offer real time training to the candidates with live projects. Immediately step into our institute which is located in Noida sec -16 for joining in a new batch which is about to start in a couple of days. There are many domains in this field .Businesses are giving lot of importance to content marketing and blog postings , so the demand of SEO will never go down. DIGITAL MARKETING TRAINING INSTITUTE IN LAXMI NAGAR, DELHI Choose our institute if you are searching for digital marketing training Institute in Laxmi Nagar , our real time trainers have lot of experience in all the segments.Do you want to work as a freelancer or looking for some help to boost your business website’s ranking? Our instructors will assist you by taking live sessions. Please feel free to contact us for more information.


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Raj Kumar (sector-15 Noida on 14-Jul-2018 )
AngularJS peofessional training duration - please inform. - java-j2ee training in noida (sector-15)
Ajin Zachariah (sector-15 Noida on 13-Jul-2018 )
ITIL V3 Intermediate Service Operations training cost with job assurance support - itil-foundations training in noida (sector-15)
aswin (sector-15 Noida on 09-Jul-2018 )
looking sein course (network security)Network Security - it-security--ethical-hacking training in noida (sector-15)
Faisal Khan (sector-15 Noida on 08-Jul-2018 )
Advanced JAVA peofessional training duration - please inform. - java-j2ee training in noida (sector-15)
Akash (sector-15 Noida on 02-Jul-2018 )
Video Editing training cost with job assurance support - animation-multimedia training in noida (sector-15)
Pulkit Thapan (sector-15 Noida on 30-Jun-2018 )
Aptitude training cost with job assurance support - soft-skills training in noida (sector-15)
Pradeep kumar (sector-15 Noida on 30-Jun-2018 )
Desktop Publishing (DTP) training class timings needed. - basic-computer-training training in noida (sector-15)
Ajay kumar choudhary (sector-15 Noida on 29-Jun-2018 )
CCNA Routing & Switching training with placement wanted. - ccna training in noida (sector-15)
Varsha (sector-15 Noida on 28-Jun-2018 )
$M looking for job in counselling profile if u hv any vacancy then contact me - sap training in noida (sector-15)
Sanjay (sector-15 Noida on 22-Jun-2018 )
He is Looking CAD CAM & WEB Designing course.Web Designing - web-designing training in noida (sector-15)




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