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Best Training institutes ,Computer education and Coaching classes in Sri Krishnapuri as of July 16, 2018



training institutes Furtherance Academy
Sri Krishnapuri, Patna
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training institute

Furtherance Academy conducts GMAT Exam, Spoken English, Soft Skills, Personality Development, IELTS training classes at Sri Krishnapuri in Patna.
training institutes Planet Success
Sri Krishnapuri, Patna
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training institute

Planet Success conducts IIT-JEE training classes at Sri Krishnapuri in Patna.
training institutes SMV Academy
Sri Krishnapuri, Patna
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training institute
Address: Shyama Niwas East Boring Canal Road Sri Krishnapuri Patna-800001

SMV Academy conducts JAVA J2EE, C C++, Basic Computer training, Android, .Net training classes at Sri Krishnapuri in Patna.
training institutes Allen Classes
Sri Krishnapuri, Patna
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training institute
Address: Bhagwati Complex Boring Road Sri Krishnapuri Patna-800001

Allen Classes conducts IIT-JEE, Medical Entrance, NEET Exam training classes at Sri Krishnapuri in Patna.
training institutes PIVOT IT SOLUTION
Sri Krishnapuri, Patna
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training institute
Address: 36, RAJENDRA PATH NORTH S. K. PURI, BORING ROAD Sri Krishnapuri Patna-800013

PIVOT IT SOLUTION conducts Final Year Projects, Database Management, C C++, Basic Computer training, .Net training classes at Sri Krishnapuri in Patna.
training institutes IT-Ocean
Sri Krishnapuri, Patna
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training institute

IT-Ocean conducts JAVA J2EE, C C++, Basic Computer training, Android, .Net training classes at Sri Krishnapuri in Patna.
training institutes CSDT IT Solution
Sri Krishnapuri, Patna
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training institute

CSDT IT Solution conducts Web Designing, XML, .Net, Android, Computer Hardware training classes at Sri Krishnapuri in Patna.
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Training with placement, Course fees and Trainer Profiles in sri-krishnapuri, patna

CSDT IT Solution institute located at sri-krishnapuri in patna offers 6 Months of Advanced JAVA training course in Patna with 100% Placement Assistance.

Experience Summary Total Teaching Experience: 3 years+ Teaching as Guest Faculty at NIMATS,Shadev Mahto Marg Boring road Patna from feb 2010 to 2011. Sub: Fund.Math,DM,NM,Computer Fund.,DB

Introduction to Java programming The Java Virtual Machine, Variables and data types, Conditional and looping constructs , Arrays Object-oriented programming with Java Classes and Objects Fields and Methods, Constructors, Overloading methods, Garbage collection , Nested classes Inheritance Overriding methods, Polymorphism, Making methods and classes final, Abstract classes and methods, Interfaces Exception handling with try-throw-catch-finally construct (The Exception class) The Object class (Cloning objects,The JDK LinkedList class, Strings , String conversions) Working with types: Wrapper classes ( Enumeration interface) Packages (Package access ,Documentation comments) Applets ( Configuring applets,Applet capabilities and restrictions) Basics of AWT and Swing (Layout Managers, Event Handling,The Action Listener interface,Panels,Classes for various controls, such as label, choice, list,Checkbox,etc.,Dialogs and frames ,Using menus) Threads ( Synchronisation) The I/O Package (InputStream and OutputStream classes, Reader andWriter classes) Basic concepts of networking ( Working with URLs,Concepts of URLs , Socket) Database connectivity with JDBC ( Java security) Java/J2ee SYLLABUS Introduction to Enterprise Edition , Distributed Multitier Applications , J2EE Containers, Web Services Support , Packaging Applications , J2EE 1.4 APIs) Web Designing:-(HTML 5, CSS3 , JavaScript, JQuery,AJAX,XML,Photoshop) SQL(DDL ,DML,DCL,TCL) JDBC What Is the JDBC API?, Driver Types , Two-tier and Three-tier Models ,Connection Overview, Transactions, DriverManager Overview ,Statement Overview ,Sending Batch Updates ,ResultSet Overview , Types of Result Sets , Concurrency Types , PreparedStatement Overview ,CallableStatement Overview Java Servlet Technology What is Web Application? What Is a Servlet ? Servlet Life Cycle, Sharing Information, Using Scope Objects ,Controlling Concurrent Access, Getting Information from Requests, Constructing Responses, Filtering Requests and Responses, Programming Filters, Customized Requests and Responses, Specifying Filter Mappings, Invoking Other Web Resources, Including Other Resources in, the Response, Transferring Control ,Accessing the Web Context, Maintaining Client State, Session Management, Session Tracking, Tracking Service Requests, Notifying Methods to Shut Down, Creating Polite Long-Running Methods. JSP Technology Java Server Pages Technology, The Life Cycle of a JSP Page, Translation and Compilation, Creating Static Content, Response and Page Encoding, Creating Dynamic Content, Using Objects within JSP Pages, Expression Language, Deactivating Expression Evaluation, Implicit Objects, Literals & Operators, Reserved Words, JavaBeans Components, Reusing Content in JSP Pages, Transferring Control ,jsp:param Element, Including an Applet, Setting Properties for, Groups of JSP Pages. Custom Tags in JSP Pages (What Is a Custom Tag? Types of Tags ,Tags with Attributes ,Tags with Bodies , Tags That Define Variables , Communication between Tags , Tag Library Descriptors ,Declaring Tag Files Declaring Tag Handlers , Declaring Tag Attributes for , Tag Handlers , Declaring Tag Variables for Tag Handlers Programming Simple Tag Handlers , Including Tag Handlers in ,Web Applications ,Cooperating Tags) Enterprise Beans What Is an Enterprise Bean? ,What Is a Session Bean? ,What Is an Entity Bean? , What Is a MessageDriven Bean? ,Client Access with Interfaces ,The Contents of an Enterprise Bean Naming Conventions for Enterprise Beans , The Life Cycles of Enterprise Beans) Session Bean (Session Bean Class , Home Interface , Remote Interface , Helper Classes , Creating the Application , Stateless Session Bean , Implementation Class) Bean Managed Persistence ( Entity Bean Class , Home Interface ,Remote Interface , Mapping Table Relationships for BMP , One-to-One Relationships , One-to-Many Relationships , Many-to-Many Relationships , Primary Keys for BMP) Container Managed Persistence (Method Invocations ,Building and Running ,Creating the Database Tables , Creating the Data Source, Capturing the Table Schema ,Building the Enterprise Beans , Primary Keys for CMP , Finder and Selector Methods) Message Driven Bean (The Application Client,The Message-Driven Bean Class,The onMessage Method, The ejbCreate and ejb, Remove Methods, Advanced Enterprise Beans, EJB: Query Language) Java Message Service API Overview,What Is Messaging? ,When Can You Use the JMS API? ,Basic JMS API Concepts ,JMS API Architecture , The JMS API Programming Model , Administered Objects , Connections , Sessions, Message Producers, Message Consumers , Writing Simple JMS Client Applications STRUTS Introduction, The MVC Design Pattern , System State and Business Logic , JSP Pages and Presentation, Components, ActionServlet and ActionMapping, Struts Control Flow, Building Model Components, ActionForm Beans, Forms and FormBean Interactions, Automatic Form Validation, Building Controller Components, The ActionServlet, ActionForm Classes & Action Classes, The ActionMapping Implementation, The Struts Configuration File, Controller Configuration, Module Configuration Files, Add Struts Components To, Your Application, Logging in Struts Applications Java Server Faces Introduction to JSF, JSF Features , JSF for Web Application , JSF components , JSF Tags, Life Cycle & Architecture , JSF Renderers , JSF HTML Tag Reference , JSF Core Tag Reference , JSF Facelet Tag Reference , JSF Navigation, JSF with Ajax. Hibernate Introduction to O-R Mapping , Hibernate Basics, Object Identifier , One-to-One Association , One-to-Many Association , Many-to-One Association , Many-to-Many Association , Collection Mapping, Component Mapping, Inheritance Mapping ,Hibernate Query Language , Hibernate in Web Application Spring Spring Core, Dependency Injuction , Aspect Oriented Programming, Major concepts in Spring, Spring Architecture, Installation Procedure, Spring in Web Application, Bean descriptor, Spring and Struts, Spring data access, Spring using Hibernate
IT-Ocean institute located at sri-krishnapuri in patna offers 45 Day(s) of .Net training course in Patna with 100% Placement Assistance.

Our trainer having 3 year experience in teaching of DOS, C, C++, Java, C, Visual Basic, C++, Oracle , SQL Server , .Net etc . for SMU University and Aptech.  Part Time Trainer for Appin Tec

C#.NET CONCEPTS 1.INTRODUCION TO .NET � Net Frame Work � Features of Net � Common Type System (CTS) � Common Language Specifications(CLS) � Common Language Runtime(CLR) � Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL) � Garbage Collection 2.C#.Net BASICS � Data Types � Type Conversions � Methods in C# � Structures, Enumerations � Strings 3.Branching & Flow Control � Looping � Conditional Branching � Repeating Code Blocks � Unconditional Branching 4.Object Oriented Programming � OOPS Concepts � Constructor and Destructor � Method Overloading and Overriding � Abstract Classes and Methods � Name Spaces � Working with Arrays 5.Exception Handling � Structured Error Handling � System Defined Exceptions � Custom Exceptions � Try , Catch , Finally 6.Delegates and Events, Generics � Introducing delegates � Working with Events � Introducing Generics � Generics and Arrays 7.Database Programming (ADO.NET)A Review of Classic ASP � Introduction and Overview of ADO.Net � Data Providers in .Net � Data Reader and Data List � Retrieve Data Using Data Set � Connection Pooling � Data Grid View with DML operations 8.GUI Application Development � Windows forms and Controls � Creating Menus � Toolbars � Tree view, List view � Programming with Adv. Controls Note: Complete Duration: 40 Sessions. Session means �One and Half an Hour�. 1. INTRO TO WEB TECHNOLOGIES � A Review of classic ASP � Client Side Scripting Languages � IIS Architecture � Server Side Scripting Languages � Web Development using Visual Studio 2. ASP.NET INTRO � What is ASP.Net � Moving from ASP to ASP.Net � Name Spaces and New Scenario � In Page Techniques and Code Behind Techniques � Web Pages to Web Forms 3. SERVER SIDE (ASP) CONTROLS � Client Side vs. Server Side Controls � HTML Server Controls � Web Server Controls � ASP.Net Page Execution Architecture � Rich Controls & Controlling Focus 4. Validating User Input � Overview of Asp.Net Validation Controls � Using Simple & Complex validations � Summarizing Results with ValidationSummaryControl 5. ASP.NET WEBFORMS � Introduction to Web Forms � Applying Styles to Controls,Themes,Skins � Page Directives � Using CSS Master pages Design 6. STATE MANAGEMENT � Preserving State in Web Applications � Page Submission & Cookies � Session States & Tracking � Application State 7. ADO.NET and Bound Controls in ASP.NET � Introduction and Overview of ADO.Net � Data Reader � Data List � Retrieve Data Using Data Set � Repeater � Data Source Controls � SQL Data Source � Bind Data to Drop Down List � Form View and Details View � Grid View � Paging, Sorting, Editing, Deleting etc. 8. Data Connections with Various Databases � Connection with MS Access � Oracle Connections � SQL Server Connections � Database Creation & Linking with UI 9. Data Binding � Introducing Data Source Controls � Reading and write Data using SqlDataSource Control � ObjectDataSource Control Usage � Displaying XML data using XmlDataSource Control 10. ASP.NET Error Handling & Debug � Page Level Error Handling � Application level Error Handling � Debugging & Tracing 11. SECURITY IN ASP.NET � Authentication & Authorization � Windows,Forms,Password Authentication � Authoring Users and Roles 12. SITE NAVIGATION � Asp.Net Website Navigation � Site Navigation Controls Usage � Using Site Navigation API 13. AJAX Intro � Introduction to AJAX � Explaining Controls in Ajax Tool Kit. 14. WEB PARTS � Web Part Manager � Zone Types � Content Web part � Catalog Web parts � Personalization Features using Web parts 15. ASP.NET Additional Concepts � Web Services Intro. and XML Services � Working with Master Pages � Crystal Reports Introduction.


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Pummy (sri-krishnapuri Patna on 15-Jul-2018 )
MS Excel peofessional training duration - please inform. - basic-computer-training training in patna (sri-krishnapuri)
Priyanshu Kumar (sri-krishnapuri Patna on 02-May-2018 )
Final Year Projects training cost with job assurance support - final-year-projects training in patna (sri-krishnapuri)
Rahul kumar raj (sri-krishnapuri Patna on 06-Sep-2017 )
course photography in 6 month less fees Photography (photography) - photography training in patna (sri-krishnapuri)
Anwar Ali (sri-krishnapuri Patna on 16-Aug-2017 )
I want to get complete knowledge correctly. CCNA (ccna) - ccna training in patna (sri-krishnapuri)
Santosh Kumar (sri-krishnapuri Patna on 02-Aug-2017 )
Advanced Web Designing peofessional training duration - please inform. - web-designing training in patna (sri-krishnapuri)
Shaily kyal (sri-krishnapuri Patna on 28-Jul-2017 )
Tally ERP 9 peofessional training duration - please inform. - tally training in patna (sri-krishnapuri)
Amitabh (sri-krishnapuri Patna on 16-Jul-2017 )
To be stockists or to run medicine shop PMP Certification training for PMI RMP course - pmp-certification training in patna (sri-krishnapuri)
Skhi (sri-krishnapuri Patna on 10-Jul-2017 )
SAP ERP peofessional training duration - please inform. - erp-crm training in patna (sri-krishnapuri)
Nitin Kumar (sri-krishnapuri Patna on 08-Jun-2017 )
made for professional Animation Multimedia training for Adobe Photoshop course - animation-multimedia training in patna (sri-krishnapuri)
Amitesh Srivastava (sri-krishnapuri Patna on 06-Jun-2017 )
Accounting & Finance training for IFRS-International Financial Reporting Standards course - accounting--finance training in patna (sri-krishnapuri)




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